Friday, July 15, 2011

Ivy League Roster Report

Below is an updated look at the projected roster sizes for the Ivy League teams.

Roster Sizes for the 2011-2012 Season

-Cornell (21 projected players including 4 seniors, 6 freshmen)
-Harvard (19 projected players including 3 seniors, 7 freshman)
-Columbia (18 projected players including 5 seniors, 6 freshmen)
-Penn (17 projected players including 5 seniors, 6 freshmen)
-Princeton (17 projected players including 3 seniors, 4 freshmen)
-Yale (17 projected players including 4 seniors, 5 freshmen)
-Brown (16 projected players including 1 senior, 5 freshmen)
-Dartmouth (13 projected players, including 3 seniors, 6 freshmen)

Projected Rosters for the 2012-2013 Season

-Cornell (21 projected players including 6 seniors, 4 freshmen)
-Harvard (18 projected players including 5 seniors, 4 freshmen)
-Penn (17 projected players including 1 senior, 4 freshmen)
-Princeton (17 projected players including 4 seniors, 4 freshmen)
-Columbia (17 projected players including 4 seniors, 5 freshmen, 1 transfer)
-Dartmouth (16 projected players including 2 seniors, 6 freshmen)
-Brown (16 projected players including 6 seniors, 1 freshman)
-Yale (16 projected players including 3 seniors, 3 freshmen)

A listing of the Ivy League's incoming freshmen may be found by clicking here. Additionally, below is also a list of players who were on Ivy League rosters, but left their respective programs since the 2008-2009 season due to reasons other than graduation and/or exhaustion of NCAA eligibility. This list could be considered as an indicator of Ivy League players' satisfaction with their respective programs or evidence of coaching staffs that force out and cut players from the program.

Ivy League Roster Departures

Hakeem Harris (left during '10-'11)
Colin Aldridge (left during '09-'10)
Sean Kane (left during '09-'10)
Stefan Kaluz (left during '09-'10)
Jean Herbert Harris (left during '09-'10)
Noel Hollingsworth (left during '08-'09)
Morgan Kelly (left during '08-'09)

Van Green (left during '11-'12)
Samer Ozeir (left during '11-'12)
Darrius Stevens (left during '11-'12)
Dyami Starks (left during '11-'12)
Dan Feldmann (left during '11-'12)
Sandeep Dhaliwal (left during '10-'11)
Tom Piscina (left during '10-'11)
Issa Masse (left during '10-'11)

Alex Hill (left during '09-'10)
Marc Van Burck (left during '09-'10)

Nick Jackson (left during '11-'12)
Jenieri Cyrus (left during '11-'12)
Gediminas Bertasius (left during '11-'12)
James Herring ((left during '11-'12)
Kevin Mulquin (left during '11-'12)
Mbiyimoh Ghogomu (left during '11-'12)
David Eads (left during '10-'11)
Josh Riddle (left during '10-'11)
Herve Kouna (left during '10-'11)
Josef Brown (left during '10-'11)
Garrett Brown (left during '09-'10)
Marlon Sanders (left during '09-'10)
Brandon Ware (left during '09-'10)
Elgin Fitzgerald (left during '09-'10)
Jarrett Mathis (left during '09-'10)

Max Hooper (left during '11-'12)
Jamie Moore (left during '11-'12)
Ernest Rouse (left during '11-'12)
Max Kenyi (left during '11-'12)
Pete Edelson (left during '10-'11)
Spencer de Mars (left during '10-'11)

Hugh Martin (left during '09-'10)
Peter Boehm (left during '09-'10)
Peter Swiatek (left during '09-'10)
Eric Groszyk (left during '08-'09)
T.J. Carey (left during '08-'09)
Kyle Fitzgerald (left during '08-'09)
Adam Demuyakor (left during '08-'09)
Ndu Okereke (left during '08-'09)
Darryl Finkton (left during '08-'09)
Cem Dinc (left during '08-'09)
Alex Blankenau (left during '08-'09)

Casey James (left during '11-'12)
Tommy Eggleston (left during '10-'11)

Sean Mullan (left during '10-'11)
Malcom Washington (left during '10-'11)
Carson Sullivan (left during '09-'10)
Brian Fitzpatrick (left during '09-'10)
Tommy McMahon (left during '08-'09)
Harrison Gaines (left during '08-'09)
Remy Cofield (left during '08-'09)
Garvin Hunt (left during '08-'09)

Zane Ma (left during '09-'10)
Max Huc (left during '09-'10)
Gus Gabel (left during '09-'10)

Michael Sands (left during '10-'11)
Garrett Fiddler (left during '09-'10)

(Updated 4.15.12)


Anonymous said...

Strange that Brown has such few players. This is probably why they can lead anybody at half time but can't last a full game.

Anonymous said...

21 players is god damn ridiculous.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

21 is ridiculous, but Cornell has 2 walk-ons, and additionally, Cornell doesn't cut players and push them off the team like the other Ivies. Just look at the retention rates. Teams like Harvard and Penn lose and cut players as fast as they add them.

Anonymous said...

In fairness, at least the kids cut from Penn and Harvard gain admission and a diploma from top ten universities.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Well, some of the kids that were cut or constructively forced out ended up transferring elsewhere.

Further, the kids choose to attend Harvard, Penn, and Cornell not just for the educations, but to play basketball as well. So, when a coach takes away one of of those aspects of the experience, he is depriving the kid.

Cornell has the Ivy's best record of retaining players. Other schools are quite lacking in this area.

Anonymous said...

i think we are going to lose several players to transfers for basketball playing time reasons in the next season.

Anonymous said...

CBB, don't you mean that "Cornell and Yale have the Ivy's best record of retaining players, with Princeton very close behind."

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Some outsiders said that a year ago, and it just did not happen. Also did not happen during this offseason. And those close to the program know that these kids really like each other and have great chemistry. The team will stay together.

Anonymous said...

The problem isn't the roster size per se, it's that the roster consists heavily of guards and and small forwards.

Anonymous said...

it's ok when you are winning. But when the L's start piling up, people are going to transfer or else they aren't going to sniff the court their entire career at Cornell.

Anonymous said...

Not quite sure what you mean by walkons. I am sure other programs have guys that they would consider so called "walk-ons". With no scholarships it is hard to say who is a walk on and who is not from each program.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Walk-ons are players that were not admitted to the University through the Athletics Department's AI calculator and were not announced as part of any incoming recruiting class.

Cornell is in fact the ONLY Ivy with walk-ons (two of them).

Yale had one last season, but he graduated and was a 1-year deal.

Anonymous said...

Cornell WILL lose at least one possibly 3 players if they do not receive playing time. Do not be deceived into believing that these kids are grateful to be let into Cornell because of it's academic reputation and basketball is an added bonus to attend.

I know for sure these new kids want to play basketball and if they received as many offers to play elsewhere as CBB has indicated, then I would bet my last dollar that if they are not pleased with their playing situation, they will definitely transfer.

The coaching staff may want to bring a little real world reality to the basketball team and get out of the "everyone makes the team" mentality. It is not productive.

Anonymous said...

Tom Hamel at Harvard is a walk-on.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Hamel is NOT a walk-on. He was recruited, he was part of the program and a member of the junior varsity team and was promoted to varsity due to openings created in the roster by Spencer de Mars', Pete Edelson's and Max Kenyi's departures.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Also should note for what it is worth, Hamel was added to the Harvard roster during October 2010. In other words, he was with the Harvard varsity team from the very beginning, one month before practices started.

The two Cornell players were mid-year additions. Prior to their additions to the varsity roster, they did not have uniforms and did not play competitively for Cornell in any capacity (JV or otherwise).

Anonymous said...

Is there really such a looming crisis? The only position that's saturated are the guards. One or two underclassmen guards can enter the lineup immediately if they prove themselves stronger performers than Miles and Jonny, who had their chance last year but showed mixed results. As for the rest, three primary guards are graduating next year so they'll get their shot if they're patient.

Anonymous said...

Columbia has six incoming freshmen, not seven. Jamal Sims is not part of the new class. Also, it's Scrivano, not Scrivan. Otherwise your info is correct.

Anonymous said...

A recruited roster of 16 to 20 players seems to be a league-wide practice. With no scholarship cap, coaches are simply recruiting within the non-scholarship system they have. They are recruiting quantity and then separating wheat from chaffe to get to a solid playing rotation of 8-10.

As long as the coaches make this clear to recruited players up front, and they are honest with players after their freshman or sophomore years if their prospects for future playing time are dim, so be it.

As a competitor, if you are complaining that a coach is bringing in too much competition for you, you might be at the wrong level. Get better and separate yourself from the rest.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

The current roster sizes are only PART OF THE PROBLEM. Go look further down below and see how many kids Dartmouth, Harvard and Penn as well as other Ivies pushed out of the program.

So while Cornell has roughly 20 kids, at least there were very, very few casualties over the past couple seasons. We can't make the same statement about Dartmouth, Harvard and Penn, among others, which cut as many as a dozen players.

Anonymous said...

Jamie Moore was never on the Harvard Team in 2010/2011 season. He was in the program, but never on the bench in any fashion.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Jamie Moore was on the 2010-2011 roster the ENTIRE season.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Jamie Moore:

Harvard game notes, final game of the season vs. Oklahoma State.

On the team and in the program.

Anonymous said...

Jamie Moore was never on the bench. I saw every game last year.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

He was on the team ALL SEASON, end of story. The Harvard SID verified the information in the Game Notes all season.

J. talarigo said...

Jamie Moore had mono and was never on the Harvard bench all season; in fact he went back to California!

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

His name dropped off the roster and never reappeared. It was not just an injury.