Thursday, July 28, 2011

News and Notes: Thursday Edition (UPDATED)

Above, Cornell's starting five from the No. 17 nationally ranked Sweet 16 team of 2010. Below, some news and notes for Thursday....
  • Jeff Foote ('10) has been known to have his fun with the media, but yesterday the seven-footer tweeted the above cryptic message. Could Foote be signing on a Euro club with one of his former Cornell teammates, perhaps one of the above?
  • Below is a listing of Cornell's games on the 2011-2012 schedule which are already publicly announced or which are commonly known "return" games from a year ago.
11/22/11 at Delaware
12/19/11 at Illinois
12/21/11 at Penn State
11/27/11 vs. American
12/31/11 at Bucknell
at St. Bonaventure
at Stony Brook
at Buffalo
vs Boston U.
vs Lehigh
vs Albany
vs Binghamton
2/10/12 vs Yale, 7:00 PM
2/11/12 vs Brown, 7:00 PM
2/24/12 at Brown, TBA
2/25/12 at Yale, 7:00 PM
  • Several websites have already started with the preseason national rankings. For example, College Sports Madness is counting down one day at a time and ranking the top 144 teams in the nation. Cornell opponents ranked thus far include Lehigh (No. 134) and Boston U. (No. 118). Similarly, The Hoops Report is counting down and ranking the nation's top 68 teams and has ranked thus far the following Cornell opponents: Princeton (No. 59).
Cornell - December 21. Most college basketball fans probably remember Cornell as one of the Cinderellas from the 2010 NCAA Tournament, but the Big Red has fallen a ways since then. Last season, the team went just 10-18 overall and 6-8 in the Ivy League, and though its top three scorers are all underclassmen, this is a game Penn State should win this deep into the season. It probably won't be like some of the other cupcakes on the non-conference slate, but if Penn State has any postseason aspirations, this is a game it has to have.

  • With the news yesterday of former Cornell assistant and current Hobart head coach, Izzi Metz joining the staff of Boston College with Steve Donahue, it is time we update our tree of coaches with connections to Cornell. Accordingly, below is a list of currently employed NCAA basketball coaches with past connections to Cornell University.
Jeff Jackson (Cornell Class of '84)-Head Coach of Furman University (Division I).

Kevin App (Cornell Class of '07)-Assistant coach at Army. Played for Cornell under Steve Donahue.

Yanni Hufnagel (Cornell Class of '06)-Assistant coach at Harvard. Served as student-manager at Cornell under Steve Donahue.

Steve Donahue-Head coach of Boston College. Served as head coach at Cornell between 2000-2010.

Mike Dement-Head coach of UNC-Greensboro (Division I). He served as head coach of Cornell between 1986-1991. In 1988 he led Cornell to the Ivy League title and the 1988 NCAA Tournament.

Zach Spiker-Head coach of Army. He served as an assistant coach at Cornell under Steve Donahue from 2004-2009.

Joe Burke-Head coach of Skidmore College (Division III). He was an assistant coach at Cornell under Steve Donahue between 2001-2004.

Izzi Metz-Former Head coach Hobart College (Division III). He served as a Cornell assistant coach for five seasons between 2001-2006 under Steve Donahue and is reportedly taking the basketball operations position at Boston College under Donahue.

Nat Graham-Associate Head Coach (assistant) at Boston College under Steve Donahue. Served as an assistant coach under Donahue at Cornell from 2007-2010.

Woody Kampmann-Assistant coach at Boston College under Steve Donahue. Served as an assistant coach under Donahue at Cornell from 2005-2010.

Steve Robinson-Assistant coach at North Carolina under Roy Williams. He was an assistant coach for Mike Dement at Cornell for two seasons, including on the 1988 Ivy League Championship team.

Paul Fortier-Assistant coach at Washington under Lorenzo Romar. He served as an assistant coach at Cornell during 2003-2005 under Steve Donahue.
Desmond Oliver-Assistant coach at Charlotte. He was an assistant coach at Cornell between 1998-2000 under Scott Thompson.

Ricky Yahn-Assistant coach at Longwood. He was an assistant coach at Cornell during 2010-2011 under Bill Courtney.
  • Finally, the blog Eagle in Atlanta, a Boston College fan site, weighs the pros and cons of Izzi Metz's hiring by Boston College. The Eagle writes:
Donahue fills out staff: "Meet the Metz"

Since Joe Jones took the BU job, Steve Donahue has been left with a opening on his staff. It looks like he will fill it with one of his former assistants Izzi Metz. Metz comes to BC after five seasons as the Head Coach at Hobart. Blaudschun speculates that Donahue might move Metz into an Ops position. I am not too concerned about which role he takes. My bigger issue is recruiting. Let's look at the Pros and Cons of Donahue hiring one of his own for the spot.

-- Metz already has a working relationship with Donahue. There is trust and an understanding of the systems. Metz will be familiar with how Donahue runs things around the program.
-- Metz has head coaching experience. It was at Hobart, but Metz still understands in game coaching.
-- Metz is the right age to make the jump to the big leagues. He's young enough to work hard and brings a young energy, but also has been around the block once. He won't get overwhelmed by the new level of competition.

-- Metz has never recruited at this level. He is filling the role left by our ace recruiter. Even if Donahue shifts duties a bit, Metz will have to recruit ACC talent for the first time. It is an entirely different process from Hobart or Cornell.
-- Doesn't have much experience outside of the Donahue environment. They haven't been together for a few years, but coaching Donahue's system at Hobart is not a huge career stretch from working for him at Cornell. One thing I liked about Jones is that he brought head coaching experience and the perspective of working as an assistant in an elite conference.

Donahue has been pretty solid in building the program so far, so Metz coming on board doesn't give me much pause. I just hope he can fill Jones's big shoes and keep up our momentum.


Anonymous said...

One can make a strong argument that Cornell is playing the Patriot League's three best teams in 2011-12.

All are likely to have RPI's in the top half of the nation, with Bucknell and possibly AU in double digits.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, outside of an underperforming Illinois team, it's not exactly a murderer's row.

Anonymous said...

Your point being?

At this juncture, Penn's pre-season slate, per usual, seems to be the hardest in the league. Cornell's schedule appears to be on par with that of the projected league champ, Harvard's, and much tougher than Yale's. The other four have not given clues.