Monday, July 25, 2011

Schedule Update: Cornell at Illinois

The University of Illinois has announced its 2011-2012 schedule which includes a December 19 homecoming game for Chris Wroblewski (Highland Park, IL) and the Cornell Big Red.

While we are still unable to release Cornell's full nonconference schedule, below is a listing of the games already publicly announced or which are commonly known "return" games from a year ago.
11/22/11 at Delaware
12/19/11 at Illinois
12/31/11 at Bucknell
at St. Bonaventure
at Stony Brook
at Buffalo
vs Boston U.
vs Lehigh
vs Albany
vs Binghamton


Anonymous said...

Nice. At least we're facing some variety of BCS orange next year.

Of course, anticipate ugliness. Fresh off beating Boston College, Yale was massacred by Illinois last year.

Anonymous said...

U of I is being hit heavily by graduation losses. However, it is safe to say that these programs and coaches like Weber, reload, rather than rebuild each year. With almost half-a-new-team on board, it is not clear that they will be a Top 40 Team again this year, particularly by the holiday break.

Any chance that the trip will include a visit to rebuilding DePaul or more than respectable UW-Milaukee?

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

No other games in the region. This is a 1 game deal, then fly back home.

The Big Red do have multiple games in the Mid-Atlantic region (i.e. south of New York City).

Anonymous said...

Thought they were considering a game around there for ferry ??
N. Illinois, Marquette ??

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Tranfers like Ferry (Milwaukee, WI), Groebe (Miami, FL) and Gatlin (Pearland, TX) are not made promises as high school seniors that they will get hometown games. This is usually something done for the 4-year guys like Naeve, Gore, Wittman, Dale, Reeves etc.

q'nis said...

Conor Mullen also got the U dub game. Is the home town game something typical of other schools or is Cornell relatively unique? The only other team I follow is Cuse and they don't see to do that.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

It is not just at Cornell. HOWEVER, Cornell is really the only Ivy to do it consistently and regularly in the Ivy League. A tradition Donahue started and that Bill Courtney likes, and is keeping alive.

And along with Penn, Cornell is really the only Ivy that consistently and regularly plays at least three (3) BCS teams each year.

Anonymous said...

The U-dub trip let Ryan Rourke and Jason Hartford, two of Cornell's most productive transfers of the past decade, visit close to home, too.

Cornell basketball families travel well.
It would not be surprising to see the Ferrys, Figinis, and Pecks (and maybe the LaMores) sitting with the Wroblewskis in prime seats at Assembly Hall in Urbana-Champaign for an early holiday party this year.