Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Foote Goes for Nike Pro City League Championship

Harvard Crimson beat writer, Martin Kessler, in contributing for Dime Magazine Online, notes that Jeff Foote's ('10) New York Athletic Club team will compete for the Nike Pro City championship Thursday evening at Baruch College in Manhattan. Tip-off is scheduled for 7 p.m. at ARC Arena.

Below, some nine minutes of raw video from last night's semifinals action during which Foote scores 4 points, grabs a rebound, dishes 4 assists and blocks a shot.


Anonymous said...

Foote's excellent ability to pass out of the double team to an open man is a wonderful asset.

Anonymous said...

I was at the game, he had to have had almost a triple double. His passing makes him really stand out amongst the big men there. Any word on his plans for next year?

Anonymous said...

they called him "the foot doctor." I like that.

Anonymous said...

Blog, game is at 7pm tonight at Baruch main gym? Just want to double check that this info is current so I can check it out.


The Cornell Basketball Blog said...


Anonymous said...

Went to the game last night and I must say it was a lot of fun. Really great atmosphere, fun people, good players and for the most part exciting action.

Foote's team won in a blowout towards the end. I felt like Foote has really grown on the defensive end and is actually pretty good. And, I think he'll continue to improve there as well.

Offensively I think he's better, but he is still soft around the rim. He tries a lot harder now and even if he gets blocked he'll go right back at you, but he still needs increased strength. Overall, I feel like his offensive game is also improved.

Foote guarded Roy Hibbert a lot and did decently there once he got into his rhythm. Hibbert did stuff Foote twice and after the 2nd time waved the Mutombo finger at him.

I'm definitely going to go next year again regardless of whether Foote is playing (I do wish I would have gotten to see Dale this year). If you're in the NYC area and can attend a game it's worth it in my opinion.