Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Schedule Update: Gray to Discuss Big Red Opponents

Brian Delaney of ESPN Radio 1160 announced via Twitter that Jon Gray will be a guest on the Between the Lines Show to discuss Cornell's 2011-2012 schedule.

On the topic of Cornell's schedule, a pair of websites have already started with daily countdowns of preseason national rankings. Below are the Cornell opponents ranked thus far: Top 144
-Lehigh (No. 134)
-Boston U. (No. 118)
-Maryland (No. 108) Top 68
-Princeton (No. 59)
-Maryland (No. 58)


TJ said...

So is Brian D going to write for the Ithaca Journal anymore, or just do the radio thing? I really liked his coverage in the paper. He writes well and digs deep. Now his contributions really are the only reason to buy one, since the quality has gone down and the price up. But if he is out, then so am I.

Anonymous said...

Thank God. This schedule should give us a good W-L record and hopefully encourage recruits to choose Cornell/Ithaca.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Brian is done with the Journal, but he does have a Blog on ESPN 1160's website.

Anonymous said...

I mourn Delaney's departure from the Ithaca Journal and Mastbaum/Aleinikoff's graduation. Really hope quality from IJ/Slope does not decline. Was unimpressed with IJ's writeup on the schedule; got more insight from Delaney's tweets. Delaney should consider maintaining a blog at least.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Slope is in great shape. Per Sam and Jake, the new generation of reporters are way ahead of where Sam and Jake were as sophomore reporters.

Slope has come a long, long way, and will stick around.

The Journal is a solid regional publication and will do a nice job covering Cornell hoops, along with Slope, this Blog, ESPN Radio and the Cornell Daily Sun.

In short, Cornell gets more media than any other Ivy.

Anonymous said...

slope is great.... kudos to those kids for building something special and hopefully lasting