Friday, September 2, 2011

News and Notes: Friday Edition

Below, some news and notes for Friday...

  • Following the news of Harvard losing two more players, the program's 15th and 16th cuts from the roster in the last 3 seasons, the worst attrition rate by a wide margin in the Ivy League, we have updated our league roster report. Dartmouth and Penn join Harvard among Ivy schools which have lost 10 or more players to reasons other than medical/health conditions or graduation. Instead, these roster losses are attributed to involuntary player cuts or players leaving the program due to dissatisfaction with the experience.

  • Cornell Athletics published a photo album of the Friedman Strength & Conditioning Center, which serves as the training facility for some of Cornell's athletic teams, including men's basketball. Several of Cornell's teams have their own separate fitness facilities, such as Cornell's ice hockey and wrestling teams. Above, Cornell basketball players, Jon Gray and Miles Asafo-Adjei make the "Wall of Honor" for their accomplishments in the training room.
  • As more and more Ivy League teams roll out their 2011-2012 schedules and as opinions are voiced on the level of difficulty and challenge of those schedules, below we take a look back at the results of Cornell's five games against Top 25 opponents during the 2009-2010 season. Cornell ultimately finished 2-3 on the year against Top 25 teams (losing to three teams ranked in the top 10) with the Big Red finishing as No. 17 in the country.

PVI Junior Recruited to Ivy League, Tim Higgins will attend Cornell University in 2013

Tim Higgins is 6'10'', a junior at Paul VI Catholic High School and the youngest ever basketball recruit to the Ivy League. Higgins confirmed his verbal acceptance to Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y. this week.

According to Paul VI Coach Glenn Farello, “Tim is one of those rare players who combines work ethic, intelligence and respect for
all, in an unassuming way. Tim is as focused on academics as he is basketball. Going to Cornell will give him the best of both. We are expecting great success for Tim when he suits up for games in the Ivy League, as well as in the classrooms on the Cornell campus.”

In the midst of this exciting news, Tim took time to answer a few questions for Patch.

Patch: Why did you choose Cornell? Were other schools recruiting you?

Tim: I chose Cornell because of its academic opportunities, the coaching staff, the campus and how I fit into their basketball program. I did have other schools within the Ivy, Patriot and Colonial leagues recruiting me.

Patch: Have you visited Cornell? If so, what did you like about the school?

Tim: Yes, I have visited Cornell twice. I like its variety of schools and courses within the university. I also liked the size of the campus and its multitude of libraries and buildings.

Patch: Most high school seniors would envy your position - you've already got the whole college thing figured out! But you're only a junior - what's that feeling like?

Tim: It is a good feeling that all my prior work and efforts have helped me achieve this goal. Now I will have extra time to focus on my academic work and basketball at Paul VI.

Above, a pair of Cornell basketball related tweets from the twittersphere in the last 24 hours.


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clay wilson decomitted from princeton months ago

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Clay Wilson recommitted to Princeton months ago.

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