Monday, September 26, 2011

News and Notes: Monday Edition

Below, some news and notes for Monday...
  • A reminder, Cornell's Red-White Game, the annual open-to-the-public intersquad scrimmage is scheduled for October 22 at Newman Arena. Game time is TBA.
  • Cornell's 2011-2012 schedule will feature several televised games including at Illinois (ESPN3), at Penn State (Big Ten Network), and at Maryland on a to be determined network.
  • Harvard had a successful recruiting weekend with several top players visiting the campus. Although no commitments have surfaced yet, the Crimson feel good about the show they put on for their prospects. The Recruit Scoop has a good summary of what was well covered on the twittersphere over the weekend. The Recruit Scoop notes of Harvard's weekend, "Not since the 2009-2010 Cornell squad that made the sweet sixteen has there been a more interesting storyline in the Ivy League."
  • In alumni news, in South America, Jason Hartford ('08) and his club Cader (Uruguay) lost their regular season opener 80-79 to Bohemios on Saturday. "J-Hart" earned the start and finished with 16 points and 11 rebounds. Also starting their regular seasons and pro careers on Saturday, Adam Wire ('11) and Aaron Osgood ('11) both started for Vaerlose (Denmark premier league) in a 73-70 defeat to Aalborg. Osgood finished with 12 points and 5 rebounds while Adam Wire picked up 5 points, 3 assists and 9 rebounds. Also in Europe, Ryan Wittman ('10) did not make appearances in either of Zastal's (Poland, PLK League) tune-up exhibition games over the weekend. Fellow Cornellian and pro teammate, Jeff Foote ('10) notched 4 points for Zastal in the 88-87 exhibition win over PBG Basket PoznaƄ on Friday, then followed the performance with 7 points in a 78-69 exhibition loss to the same team on Saturday. Further below in this post, additional updates on Cornell alumni playing professionally overseas.
  • Speaking of Wittman, Jeff Potter, Owner and President of the Fort Wayne Mad Ants (NBA D-League), where Wittman played last season, writes on his personal blog, "Ryan Wittman: The aforementioned sharp shooter will be taking his talents to Poland this season. I really think Ryan is a talented player, and I am sure he will do very well over there. There are very few players in the world with his ability to knock down jumpers, and he will have a long, successful career because of it. I was really hoping we could get Ryan back, but I wish him well and will dream of Ryan in a Mad Ants jersey next season!"
  • On Cornell's 2011-2012 schedule, several websites have already started with daily countdowns of preseason national rankings. Below are the Cornell opponents ranked thus far:
The Sports Bank- Top 111
-Penn State (No. 109)
-Yale (No. 84)
-Maryland (No. 78)
- Top 144
-Lehigh (No. 134)
-Boston U. (No. 118)
-Maryland (No. 108)
-Bucknell (No. 91)
-Princeton (No. 89)
-Illinois (No. 63) Top 68
-Princeton (No. 59)
-Maryland (No. 58)
-Harvard (No. 41)
-Illinois (No. 35)
  • Below is an updated directory listing of some Twitter feeds associated with the Cornell basketball program. You can also follow The Cornell Basketball Blog on Twitter.
-Josh Wexler ('88)
-Steve Cobb ('05)
-Ryan Rourke ('06)
-Andrew Naeve ('07)
-Jason Canady ('08)
-Khaliq Gant ('09)
-Conor Mullen ('09)
-Ryan Wittman ('10)
-Pete Reynolds ('10)
-Jon Jaques ('10)
-Louis Dale ('10)
-Alex Tyler ('10)
-Geoff Reeves ('10)
-Jeff Foote ('10)
-Andre Wilkins ('10) (inactive)
-Aaron Osgood ('11)
-Adam Wire ('11)
-The Cornell Rebounders Club
-Max Groebe ()
-Andrew Ferry ()
-Peter McMillan ()
-Errick Peck ()
-Josh Figini ()
-Galal Cancer ()
-Ned Tomic ()
-Dominick Scelfo ()
-Jake Mathews ()
-Dwight Tarwater ()
-Manny Sahota ()
-Dave LaMore ()
-Shonn Miller ()
-Devin Cherry ()
-Nolan Cressler (committed recruit)
-Tim Higgins (committed recruit)
-Assistant Coach Mike Blaine ()
-Assistant Coach Marlon Sears ()
-Assistant Coach Arlen Galloway ()
-Brian Delaney, WPIE/ESPN Radio Ithaca ()
-Cornell Daily Sun Sports ()
-Slope Sports ()
-WVBR Sports ()
-Former assistant coach, Jay Larranaga ()
-Former head coach, Steve Donahue ()
-Former assistant coach, Nat Graham ()
-Former assistant coach, Woody Kampmann ()
-Former Assistant Coach Ricky Yahn ()
-Former Intern Assistant Ryan Woerner ()

  • Throughout the year we provide periodic updates on Cornell's alumni playing professionally. Below, some updates:
-Jeff Aubry ('99) (Halcones Rojos, LNBP Mexico premier league/Arecibo Capitanes, BSN Puerto Rico premier league)-Aubry, a 6'11" center, splits his time in both the Mexican and Puerto Rican professional leagues. Aubry, a well traveled pro player spent several seasons in the NBA D League in the early part of his career with the Fayetteville Patriots and Florida Flame and earned honorable mention all D-League in 2002. During his more than a decade of pro experience, Aubry has also played professionally in the ABA (Miami Tropics) and abroad in Puerto Rico (Arecibo, Leones de Ponce, and Santurce, BSN Puerto Rico), Spain (Tarragona, LEB Gold Spain 2nd Division), Mexico (Halcones Rojos and Chihuahua Dorados, LBBP Mexico premier league), Poland (Slask Wroclaw, PLK Poland premier league), Argentina (Libertad Sunchales, Liga A Argentina), Uruguay (Hebraica, LUB Uruguay )and Peru (Alas Peruanas, Peru).

-Cody Toppert ('05) (Ourense, LEB Silver Spain 3rd Division)-Toppert currently plays in Spain with Ourense. Like Aubry, Toppert, a 6'4" guard, is a veteran of the NBA D League, a former Albuquerque Thunderbird. During his pro career, Toppert has also played in England (Plymouth Raiders, British Basketball League), Italy (Forli, LegaDue Italy 2nd division), the CBA (Great Falls Explorers), as well as in Portugal (Barriernese, LCB Portugal premier league), Germany (Goettingen, BBK Bundesliga Germany premier league) and New Zealand (Taranaki Mountain Airs, NBL New Zealand premier league).

-Jason Hartford ('08) (Cader Rocha, LUB Uruguay premier league)-Hartford currently plays in Uruguay with Cader. The 6'9" Hartford also has played professionally in Portugal (Ginasio, LCB Portugal premier league), Finland (Huima, Korisliiga Finland premier league) and Mozambique (Maxaquene, D1 Mozambique premier league).

-Louis Dale ('10) (Goettingen, BBK Bundesliga Germany premier league)-Dale is in his second season in Germany with Goettingen.

-Ryan Wittman ('10) (Zastal, PLK Poland premier league)-Wittman currently plays in Poland with Zastal. He played the 2010-2011 season in Italy (Forli, LegaDue Italy 2nd division) and the United States (Fort Wayne Mad Ants, NBA D-League).

-Jeff Foote ('10) (Zastal, PLK Poland premier league/Maccabi Tel Aviv, Loto League Israel premier league)-Foote currently plays in Poland wth Zastal. He played the 2010-2011 season in Spain (Melilla, LEB Gold Spain 2nd division) while on loan from Euro League powerhouse Maccabi Tel Aviv of Israel.

-Adam Wire ('11) (Vaerlose, Denmark BBK premier league)-The 2011-2012 season is his rookie year with Vaerlose of Denmark.

-Aaron Osgood ('11) (Vaerlose, Denmark BBK premier league)-The 2011-2012 season is his rookie year with Vaerlose of Denmark.

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Anonymous said...

Harvard is creating something not seen in the Ivy League for some time. If they land a plurality of these guys to go along with their ridiculous freshman class, it's gonna bad for the rest of the Ivies.

Please stop the hating on Amaker. Yes, he hasn't won anything yet. But as this blog constantly points out, it took Donahue almost a decade to get things going at Cornell. If he pulls this out, it could be something to watch.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

We've said nothing negative about Amaker or Harvard with respect to the class of 2013.

That said, let's just bear in mind that none of these kids have committed. They were just visitors. And visitors don't give you wins.

Yes, the Harvard 2011 class was very (VERY) good for them (namely Kenyatta Smith and Wesley Saunders), but the 2012 class has not be so special. They have one recruit on board. But Cornell's 2012 class could be the best in the Ivy League. Nolan Cressler is an explosive scorer and pure shooter while Holt Harmon is about as talented a "4" man as you will ever find in the Ivy League.

Cornell also still has other top targets in play.

Anonymous said...

I love the recruiting talk, but I'm also getting sick of this who's better than who and what have you done for me lately dialogue.

You know what matters?
W's and L's.

Stepping on campus doesn't get you a W. A verbal commitment from 10 top 100 players don't get you a W.

You get the W's and the L's on the court; it's as simple as that. Let's see how good ours are, and how good theirs are in 2 months.

Anonymous said...

Any hints who these top targets may be and when they may pull the trigger on deciding?

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

We have no idea on the timetables for some of these top targets. Not even the coaches know. Sometimes it just depends on the recruit considering their options then making a selection when the time is right for them. Guess its a personal process.

Our hunch is we hear a decision on a few of them before November 1.

Anonymous said...

What's the real story with wittman not getting any playing time in Poland? Is it about this other player trying to get back onto the team??

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

We can only speculate just as the Polish media is speculating.

Anonymous said...

Any reports back from this weekend from a recruiting perspective?

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:29pm, isn't it perfectly rational to confidently predict the future contributions of freshmen recruits, including which freshmen will most likely start or be in the regular rotation, based on high school and AAU highlight tapes, recruiting hype and total scholarship offers? Does it really make sense to defer such discussions until after you see how the recruits perform during actual intrasquad competition and practice? :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with the first poster here. Harvard is doing something very bad and very dangerous to the principles upon which the Ivy League was founded.

The Academic Index system leaves each school plenty of discretion to spread their low AI admits across many sports or to load up one anointed team with all of the marginal students each year.

That's what AD Bob Scalise at Harvard has done. He's given Amaker carte blanche to recruit Harvard's full school-wide allotment of low AI admittees every cycle.

I love CBB's optimism but there is so much evidence to support my interpretation of Harvard's strategy that CBB's optimism has crossed the line into denial.

The only question this upcoming season is whether Harvard finishes the conference season 14-0 or not. There is no chance -- NO CHANCE -- that they don't win the title. And next year, assuming Amaker stays, the difference in talent will be even greater. Likewise in future seasons.

Why do you think Sydney Johnson left his dream job? He could see the writing on the wall. He was lucky that, with less talent on his roster, he out-coached Amaker last season. But he knew that, this upcoming year, Amaker's advantage would be so great as to be insurmountable. And Johnson was right.

Anonymous said...

ANON 2:52PM:
I agree with everything you have said, except "Johnson was right."

I really think we should wait until 9:15PM Sat 3-Mar-2012 to see what is in the books regarding Harvard's 2011-12 Ivy Basketball season, before we say that SJ was right.

Check it. Coach Amaker has loaded up on talented recruits at all his D-1 coaching stops and never been able to establish the necessary talent disparity to win his team and school a league title. When he wins any D-1 league, it will be a first. Until then, he's just another coach.

You have to give Scalise credit for finding an opportunity. As I understand things, football stands alone and is not part of the all-sports AI pool. With that precedent set, the question looms whether the Ivy presidents will, at some point, segregate basketball from the other "minor" sports in a similar fashion.

Anonymous said...

ANON 4:43 PM:

I agree with you that Amaker was a great recruiter at both Seton Hall and Michigan but could never create such a sufficiently large talent advantage to offset his deficiencies as a game coach. Hence, great players but no conference championships and, indeed, only one NCAA appearance.

But, at Seton Hall and Michigan, he was competing against Big East and Big Ten coaches on a relatively even playing field. In the Ivy League, the other seven coaches only receive a small fraction of their school's total low AI slots while Amaker is getting significantly more of Harvard's.

Because of the Ivy League's AI restrictions, it is much more likely that Amaker can create an enormous talent advantage at Harvard than in the Big East or Big Ten. He will finally be able to make up for his other weaknesses as a head coach with his genuinely excellent capabilities as a recruiter.

By the way, I also agree with you in terms of where this is headed long-term. First, the League raised the minimum AI. Next, they'll segregate men's basketball from the general AI pool and institute a basketball-specific banding system as in football.