Thursday, September 22, 2011

News and Notes: Thursday Edition

Below, some news and notes for Thursday...
  • In exactly one month, on October 22, 2011, the Big Red take the court for the first time in front of their home fans, Newman Nation, for Cornell's annual Red-White Game, the traditional intersquad scrimmage. Above, Cornell's heralded freshmen class is led by "diaper dandies" Devin Cherry and Shonn Miller.
  • The Columbia Spectator writes, " If Columbia invested a little bit more in its major sports, the potential buzz that could surround the particular Columbia team would be unfathomable. Consider: when Cornell made a run in the NCAA basketball tournament in 2010, they became media darlings and drew a large contingent of support because of the extreme underdogs they were. And that is for a team in the middle of nowhere, not to mention a team that had already made the tournament in the two previous years."
  • In response to a message James Maye sent out on Twitter, The Polish newspaper, The Gazetta, speculates (and we stress "speculates") that the club, Zastal, might attempt to bring back its former player in Maye to replace Ryan Wittman ('10). See the Google translation of the article from the Gazetta. Maye, a 6'7" UNC Greensboro graduate and a D-League veteran, currently plays in the Dominican Republic. Maye averaged 14.6 points per game for Zastal last season. Below, video highlights of Zastal's home opening exhibition last weekend.

  • Cornell assistant coach Mike Blaine notes above via Twitter that Rob Hill ('91) stopped by to visit the basketball office this week. Hill, who is a senior vice president with the Nielsen Co. is one of many former players who still follow the program. Above, a photo Hill in action against Syracuse in 1989. Below, a photo from 2008 of Lee Morton '54, former Cornell head coach Steve Donahue, Hill and Eric Kates '78 at a Cornell Club event. Morton was the Cornell men's basketball co-captain in 1953-1954, when Cornell captured its first Ivy title in 30 years. At that point, Morton was Cornell's all-time high scorer and was named an All-American.

Below, Tweets of the Day from the world of Cornell Basketball...

Below, highlights produced by Slope Media from Cornell's Senior Night win last season in Ithaca over Yale.


Sinuk said...

What a highlight reel from Zastal. Highlights included kids mopping the floor, fans barely paying attention in the stands and fake cheering that sounded like it came from NBA live 1995.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

All true, but it was an exhibition game. Ever been to an exhibition in the NBA? Looks pretty much the same.