Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Recruiting News

In this post, some recruiting updates from around the Ivy League.

For a list of recruits committed to attending Ivy League schools, including detailed profiles of the committed Cornell recruits, and a listing of Cornell's prospective recruiting targets, click here. For a separate general list of Ivy League prospective recruiting targets, click here. Please note that we update these lists regularly.

Class of 2012 Recruiting News

Jeff Coby (Sagemont School) Westmont, FL, 6-6, F, committed to Columbia per The "tweener" forward was hearing varying levels of interest from Brown, Columbia, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Holy Cross and Santa Clara.

Isaiah Ivey (Scott County HS) Georgetown, KY, 6-2, G, who had been reportedly considering Princeton has pledged to Gardner-Webb.

Jon Ross Glover (University School) Jackson, TN, 6-4, G, who had heard from Princeton, Lehigh and Davidson made the call for Lipscomb.

From a few different and unrelated sources, we were told that Trey Guidry (St. Pius X HS) Houston, TX, 6-6, F, was reportedly favoring Cornell for much of his recruitment process. However, after a change of circumstances, Guidry gave a verbal commitment to the University of San Diego per the San Diego Tribune. He canceled his planned visits to Cornell, Stanford, Princeton and Pepperdine all of which offered, along with offers from Texas A&M, Marquette, Tennessee, and South Florida.

Ed Lawrence (Canterbury Scool) New Milford, CT, 7-0, C is considering Princeton, Davidson, Yale, Lafayette, Fairfield, Holy Cross, and Fordham according to the New England Recruiting Report and recently visited Princeton.

Justin Sears (Plainfield HS) Plainfield, NJ, 6-7, F, is reportedly focusing in on the Ivy schools recruiting him, with leaders potentially being Princeton and Yale.

This upcoming weekend, Harvard is expected to host Zena Edosomwan (Harvard Westlake HS) 6-8, F (class of 2012); Mike Hall (Woodward Academy) College Park, GA, 6-10, F (class of 2012); Siyani Chambers (Hopkins HS) Minneapolis, MN 5-11, G (class of 2012); Brannen Greene (Mary Persons HS), Monroe, GA, 6-7, F (class of 2013); Stephen Domingo (St. Ignatius HS) San Francisco, CA, 6-5, G (class of 2013); Austin Colbert (St. Patrick's HS) Elizabeth, NJ, 6-8 (class of 2013); Alex Foster (De La Salle HS) Chicago, IL, 6-7, F (class of 2013) and Davon Reed (Princeton Day School) Princeton, NJ, 6-4, G (2013). In an article with this week, Domingo told the site of the schools he is visiting, "These schools are getting visits for a reason; not necessarily because they stick out but because I want to learn more about them.” Domingo also lists Penn among his suitors. Hall visited Penn last week along with Darien Nelson-Henry (Lake Washington HS) Kirkland, WA, 6-10, C. Separately, Harvard's other top widely reported 2012 targets are Xavier Johnson (Mater Dei HS) Temecula, CA, 6-6, F and Christian Sanders (St. Thomas HS) Houston, TX, 6-3, G. Johnson however recently visited Colorado and told that he had no additional planned visits. Although he listed several schools recruiting him, he did not mention Harvard.

Class of 2013 Recruiting News

The Washington Post reports that Joe McDonald (Landon School) Washington, D.C., 6-1, G is considering Princeton, Harvard, George Washington and Boston College. He has offers from each of them except Boston College.

Brandon Miller (Brighton HS) Salt Lake City, UT, G, has heard from Virginia Tech, Arizona State, Stanford, Colorado, Arizona, Washington, Washington State, BYU, Utah, Utah State, Weber State and Harvard.


Anonymous said...

Actually, the report has him at 6'8" and with offers from at least Pr and Holy Cross:

Florida Hoops article:

Sagemont Senior to Ivy League

Sagemont senior Jeff Coby committed to Columbia University of the Ivy League on Monday night. The 6'8 forward chose the Lions over Princeton and Holy Cross in addition to offers and interest from dozens of Division I programs.


The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

He is closer to 6'6" and is trying to learn to play small forward because he is too undersized to play power forward or center. Further, the list of offers on the Florida Hoops site is inaccurate.

They were several programs very interested in him and were evaluating, but Columbia was the first and only offer.

He could be good though if he makes the successful transition to the perimeter.

Cornell's Errick Peck was presented some of the same challenges when he arrived at Cornell.

Anonymous said...

From a few different and unrelated sources, we were told that Trey Guidry (St. Pius X HS) Houston, TX, 6-6, F, was reportedly favoring Cornell for much of his recruitment process. However, after a change of circumstances, Guidry gave a verbal commitment to the University of San Diego per the San Diego Tribune. He canceled his planned visits to Cornell, Stanford, Princeton and Pepperdine all of which offered, along with offers from Texas A&M, Marquette, Tennessee, and South Florida.

Looks like a big loss...

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

He is very good, but because of his position, was not a primary area of concern. Big men are the primary focus. All other positions are gravy.

Anonymous said...

OK, I'll bite. How do you know that all of the written accounts of his height as being 6'7" or now 6'8" are inaccurate? And, how do you know that the FL Hoops article is inaccurate as to offers, given that various other sources have reported similar and additional offers?

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

First off, we talk to coaches and all of the Ivies knew of Jeff because he plays for a well known high school.

It is public knowledge that he is trying to become a small forward in college. The reason for this transition is his lack of size to play the 4 in division I.

He is a legit 6'6" and maybe 200 lbs (he's pretty thin). If he were 6'8"--- it would not be such an issue for him (he would just add muscle) to play at his current 4 spot in high school. But he is 6'6" (6'7" is a stretch) and he is going to have to be a guard/forward at the next level.

I don't know where Florida Hoops got its information, but he did not have any other offers. He had about a dozen or so academic type schools that were interested.

He's a pretty good athlete and brings energy.

None of this is a knock on Coby. He's a good ball player. And Cornell has taken plenty of kids with no offers in the past and they turned out pretty damn good.

Anonymous said...

It seems possible that Brandon Miller is Corbin Miller's younger brother. Corbin Miller is an official member of Harvard's Class of 2015, but may be taking time off to complete a two-year church mission.

Any further word on this?

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

I believe that is the case, same high school. But not positive.

Corbin is doing his LDS mission AFTER his freshman year.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Just got an email, yes, it is his brother, and they played AAU for their father.

Thomas said...

good shooter also

Anonymous said...

You simply repeat what you had earlier written about Coby and ignore my questions. Have you spoken with someone from Princeton and someone from Holy Cross who can say authoritatively that those schools didn't offer? If not, you're just making things up. Sagemont's press release as well as several articles during the summer wrote that the kid had a number of offers, including those identified above. And, have you measured him or spoken to someone who has this summer? If not, how do you know that he's 6'6" rather than 6'7" or 6'8" as reported?

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Dr. V:

I can't answer your questions because coaches never let us identify them.

That said, I have absolutely no stake or vested interest in the recruiting war between Princeton and Columbia. I am a Cornell man.

So, with that said and no bias in this particular discussion, just letting you know we have what we believe to be sound information and that information is Princeton did not offer and his height is 6'6". And our source is more reliable than the source you cited.

Our position is also more consistent with what anyone would expect of Columbia.

Nevertheless, feel free to believe whatever you want to believe. When he arrives at Columbia, you will see your recruit first hand.

The fact of the matter is, Columbia has subpar facilities, no recent winning tradition and a pretty apathetic fan base.

Not saying Columbia is the worst of the Ivy in any of those categories, but definitely in the bottom 3.

Lions fans need patience.

Expectations that you are going to be out Cornell, Penn, Princeton or Harvard for recruits THIS YEAR are unrealistic. Columbia just not at that level right now.

Columbia needs to find the hidden gems, the overlooked kids, then build something from the ground up, much like what Donahue did.

Any other belief, is pure fantasy world.

Anonymous said...

No need to condescend towards Columbia basketball from a Cornell perspective. Over the last hundred or so games, we're even. Yes, you had some great recent success that we all cheered, but let's not get silly.

Your hiding behind "I can't reveal my source" is a dodge. If your source makes claims that are inconsistent with everything that has been written about Coby in FL, then it's one thing to say that there may be some questions about the offers or his actual height, but it's ridiculous to claim that your unnamed "source" is more authoritive than everything that has been written in FL.

And your suggestion that if Coby was recruited by Columbia then he couln't be that good is even more ridiculous. A recruit is what he is, he isn't better or worse because he is or is not being recruited by school x. In Coby's case, he's rated as the 33d best kid in his class in FL. That's a pretty highly rated recruit.


The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

What we've been told is that Coby had about dozen schools interested and talking to him.

He visited Columbia, the Lions offered, were the first and only to offer, and he took it.

He is rated by just one recruiting website that highly. This was the same site which also ranked another Sagemont player who landed in the Ivy extremely high, Garvin Hunt. Of Course, Hunt was not very good and could never crack a bad Penn team's rotation.