Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Recruiting News

In this post, some recruiting updates from around the Ivy League.

For a list of recruits committed to attending Ivy League schools, including detailed profiles of the committed Cornell recruits, and a listing of Cornell's prospective recruiting targets, click here. For a separate general list of Ivy League prospective recruiting targets, click here. Please note that we update these lists regularly.

Class of 2012 Recruiting News

There have been several recent commitments in the Ivy League for the class of 2012. For a complete list of committed Ivy League recruits, click here.

We hear from several sources that Princeton and Yale remain in a somewhat tight recruiting war for a pair of New Jersey prospects, Justin Sears (Plainfield HS) Plainfield, NJ, 6-7, F and Carson Puriefoy (Bishop Eustace HS) Pennsauken, NJ, 6-0, G. Sears just finished campus visits to both Princeton and Yale as well as Boston University. He is expected to visit Stanford this weekend. He is reportedly the highest priority prospect remaining right now for Yale and possibly Princeton. Apparently sensing that Yale led for Sears, Princeton took a commitment last week from Hans Brase (Hill School) Pottstown, PA, 6-8, F. Our sources tell us that while Yale leads for his services (and wants him badly), Stanford (which has not yet offered), may offer him a spot in the class of 2013 after a postgrad season. Sears is projected as an undersized center in the Ivy League or potentially a power forward.

Puriefoy visits Stony Brook this weekend, followed by a visit to Princeton the following weekend. Others which have been in the mix at various points include Dartmouth, Bucknell, Davidson, and Vermont. While Carson is a terrific student, admissions might be a hurdle in his way of playing in the Ivy League, a very common issue for many Ivy prospects who still happen to be very good students.

Both Yale and Princeton are expected to close their 2012 classes if they land one or more of Sears and Puriefoy. We also hear that Harvard and Penn are effectively closed recruiting for their 2012 classes. Both are in somewhat "opportunistic mode," only taking a player if he is an extraordinary talent. In the case of Harvard, this would mean taking Zena Edosomwan (Harvard Westlake HS) 6-8, F, who may also may face significant admissions hurdles despite being a solid student from an elite academic high school. Aside from Edosmwan, Harvard could also feasibly add its annual "academic booster player" to help raise the academic profile (SAT/GPA average) of its incoming class. This future player, however, would be a long shot to earn playing time or to even remain in the program beyond a season.

Brown continues involvement with Brian Pegg (Oldsmar Christian) Oldsmar, FL, 6-5, G, Texas native, Nick Victor (Winchendon School) Wichendon, MA, 6-5, F, as well as Spike Albrecht (Northfield Mt. Hermon School) Northfield, MA, 5-11, G (younger brother of Brown guard, Stephen Albrecht). We hear that Victor remains wide open in his recruitment, even after visiting Brown previously. He was previously recruited by Penn, but the Quakers have taken themselves out of the picture.

For a listing of Ivy League roster sizes and losses of player personnel in recent years, visit our updated Roster Report page.

Also in class of 2012 news, reports that aspiring computer science major, Jeff Raines (Coppell HS) Coppell, TX, 6-8, F, has interest from Yale, SMU, and Air Force among others.

The Fresno Bee notes that Cornell and Harvard were hoping to land the services of Grant Verhoeven (Central Valley HS) Visalia, CA, 6-10, F, but he has narrowed his choices to Stanford, Cal and Saint Mary's.

Class of 2013 Recruiting News reports that Tyler Ennis (St. Benedict's HS) Newark, NJ, 6-3, has interest from Princeton, but already boasts offers from Kansas, Louisville, Georgetown, Villanova, Arizona, Seton Hall, and West Virginia.

TheRecruit Scoop reports on several Ivy prospects: James Ziemba (St. Joseph's HS) Metuchen, NJ, 6-7, F, has interest from Princeton and Bucknell; Major Canady (Kiski HS) Kiski, PA, 6-3, G, has interest from Cornell, LSU, Stanford, Navy, Duquesne, Tulane, VCU, St. Joseph's, St. Bonaventure and Robert Morris. Nick Prince (Hilton HS), Hilton, NY, 6-1, G lists Cornell, Buffalo, Canisus, Niagara, Colgate, Marist, Iona, Siena, Albany and Binghamton among early suitors.

Live Recruit Academic notes that Brandon Federici (Colts Neck HS) Colts Neck, NJ, 6-3, G is drawing attention from Princeton and Colgate. notes that Sam Signer (Ransom Everglades HS) Miami, Fl, 6-3, G, has offers from FIU, Florida Gulf Coast, Miami, Jacksonville, UCF and is hearing from Harvard.

Karron Davis (Friends Central) Philadephia, PA, 6-2, G, has an offer from Albany and is hearing from Yale and Penn per

Per, Kevin Johnson (Summit Country Day School) Cincinnati, OH, 6-2, G, is considering an offer from Cornell alongside offers from Wisconsin, Xavier, Seton Hall, Illinois, Cincinnati and Davidson. reports that D'Erryl Williams (Sheldon HS) Sacramento, CA, 6-4, G, has an offer from San Francisco and is also considering interest from Columbia, Stanford, UC Davis and UCSB among many others. reports David Onuorah (Marist HS) Atlanta, GA, 6-8, F, has offers from Georgia State and Gardner Webb and is fielding interest from Cornell, Bucknell, Georgia, Tennessee, and Oklahoma among others.

Tevon Saddler (Aberdeen HS) Baltimore, MD, 6-3, G, told that he is hearing from Maryland, VCU, N.C. State, Oregon State, Oregon, Washington, St. Joseph, Delaware, Towson and Cornell.

Class of 2014 Recruiting News

HoopsWindow notes that Austin Mashburn (Okemos HS) Okemos, MI, 6-1, G, is gaining interest from Cornell.

Matt Farrell (Pt. Pleasant Beach HS) Pt. Pleasant, NJ, G (class of 2014) has interest from Harvard according to his high school coach Nick Catania.


Anonymous said...

Any recruiting news for Cornell for the 2012 class? Not much posted here...

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Plenty going on for Cornell in 2012. Will publish another Recruiting News post soon.

Anonymous said...

Your reporting has improved tremendously. And I'm not being patronizing. You have become a legitimate source for anything important in Ivy basketball without the understood Cornell bias getting in the way. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Not that it means anything but we seem to be listed on more of the prospects in your recruiting news posts. It always seems that the recruits we get never appear in "Recruiting News" until they already committed

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Our policy with recruiting news is the following:

(1) If the information is available in the public domain, we post it.

(2) If the information is given to us offline by a coach, we post it, but only if we are given permission to post it.

(3) If the information is given to us in confidence and off-the-record by a coach, we DO NOT post it.

Thus, in Cornell's case, we had substantial information on Holt Harmon, but held off publishing any news on him until he committed at the request of several sources. The opposite was true of Nolan Cressler. His name was well published in the public domain, so there was no harm in posting information about him prior to his commitment.

We are currently sitting on information with respect to several Cornell recruits, none of which we have discussed on the Blog because the information was given to us in confidence.

We apply these policies not just with respect to Cornell, but with respect to ANY school that gives us information.

Anonymous said...

We've all heard the rumors of alleged "academic boosting," namely, Ivy coaches who recruit a high school student with a strong AI in order to boost the team academic average. But academic boosting is mostly done for an internal audience; in other words, to show the school AD that academic standards are still being met. On a school-wide basis, adding one smart kid does not move the AI needle enough to be worth the bother of lugging around a weak athlete who does not contribute on the court.

Don't you think that Tommy Amaker is far past worrying about the cosmetics of his team's AI? It's apparent to all that AD Bob Scalise has given Amaker carte blanche to absorb as many of Harvard's low AI admissions spots as he wants. Why would Amaker bother to recruit one booster a year, as you believe, when the only relevant audience -- Scalise -- has already told him, in the words of Admiral Farragut, "Damn the torpedoes. Full speed ahead."

I think that Tommy Amaker is far beyond the point of worrying about academic boosters, if he ever was.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Cornell does not use Academic Boosters and could not use them even if it wanted to do so.

Cornell has 7 different admissions offices which each are independent. There is no process of class AI averaging at Cornell.

Anonymous said...

Your assertion may be true but, to be fair, Cornell has by a comfortable margin the lowest AI in the Ivy League. The Big Red by definition has less need to "boost" team AI scores for that simple reason.

Yale and Princeton, not so much.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

That is absolutely a false statement. Actually, right now, in men's basketball, the lowest AI is Harvard and the highest is Yale. Cornell is right in the middle.

The data that so many people rely on from Lincoln is 10 years old. A lot has changed.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:12 PM again here. I'm sorry if I was unclear. I was speaking about the minimum AI score above which each Ivy must keep its school-wide average. This minimum threshold is based upon the AI distribution of each Ivy's entire student body as the average of the athletes alone must be kept within one standard deviation of that of the overall student body. These numbers are publicly available and updated annually by sources such as US News.

You seem to be speaking of a different number, the mean or median score of the actual fourteen or fifteen members of each school's current team. That number of course is not publicly disclosed. I'm curious how you know the order of the eight schools. Perhaps it is from the detailed research that you do on recruiting.

Just out of curiosity, what is the order of the eight schools?

Anonymous said...

This is the current order of the minimum Academic Indices at each Ivy (average for all athletes, not individual teams).

1. Yale
2. Princeton
3. Harvard
4. Columbia
5. Dartmouth
6. Penn
7. Brown
8. Cornell

If Tommy Amaker's squad has the lowest AI of any Ivy basketball team, that would be consistent with suspicions he is taking the vast majority of Harvard's low AI spots, given that on a school-wide basis, Harvard has a relatively high minimum AI for athletes.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

That list is not accurate. And H/Y/P have the appearance of very high AIs because some of their minor sports (squash, fencing etc) raise the overall Athletics Dept AI.

Anonymous said...

The minimum Academic Indices listed two posts prior to this one are the overall minimums which athletes at each school must meet. These minimums are based upon the distribution of AI scores of the entire student body at each school. The information comes right off the US News dataset on their website and is easily verified.

It is not the order of the actual AI scores of current student-athletes.

Anonymous said...

CBB, I agree with you that fencers and squash players probably have higher AI scores on average than do basketball players.

But this does not explain away any differential between HYP and Cornell.

Cornell also offers squash (men's and women's) and fencing (women's). Are you suggesting that HYP fencers and squash players are differentially smarter than our fencers and squash players, more so than Tommy Amaker's basketball players are dumber than ours?

I would guess that Amaker's average team AI is further below ours than the Harvard squash team's is above ours. Nobody is reaching for marginal students to build a powerhouse squash dynasty that way Amaker is.

Furthermore, shouldn't our overall AI be propped up by the other country club sports of polo and equestrian, neither of which is offered by any other Ivy?