Thursday, November 3, 2011

Brian Delaney Reports from Practices

Read Brian Delaney's (1160 ESPN Radio Ithaca) Twitter posts from the bottom up as he reports from Cornell's practice last night.


Anonymous said...

Groebe, Gatlin, Peck, Miller, Sahota, Matthews, Miles, Gray, Figini, J Cherry all injured to some extent.

That's ten. That doesn't include Lamore and McMillen who had been injured and missed red/white scrimmage.

First game is next week. Wow. Ugh. Get healthy guys.

Anonymous said...

we can't afford to lose Big Fruit. somebody tell him to ditch the Scalabrine look

Anonymous said...

At least Courtney won't have any questions about his rotation!

Anonymous said...

well if there is anytime to be injured it is now, hopefully they will be good to go for the season opener