Monday, November 7, 2011

Holt Harmon Highlights

Above, a new highlight video package of committed Cornell recruit, Holt Harmon (Plano West HS), Plano, TX, 6-9, 245, PF.


Anonymous said...

i see kreef

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Bad comparison.

While Kreefer was a good passer, he was not a good shooter. The numbers don't lie.

Harmon's more like a John Baumann from Columbia or Mike Sands from Yale. He projects as an All Ivy player early in his career.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

For what its worth, Harmon likes to model his game after Larry Bird.

Anonymous said...

Is he a 6'9'" guy who can't dunk?

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

There are a lot of big guys out there that rarely dunk... and Keith Wright is one of them. He is a 6'9" "power player" and had just 16 dunks all season last year.

Anonymous said...

Kreef was a decent shooter coming out of high school. Key words: high school. Not as effective once he started playing in college. Problem was he still liked to jack up 3s. First two years of his career I distinctly remember him shooting us out of several close games.

I don't know what Donahue told him, but his last two years he stayed in the paint and shot almost no jumpers and became an extremely effective player.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Correct on all accounts.

Donahue asked him to stop shooting from the perimeter and he did so.

He was also lights out in practice, but in game situations, just not good.

Harmon is a great shooter, but he is also very, very physical and gritty inside.

He's not very athletic, but he is a very fundamentally sound basketball player (in all aspects), and he will be an All Ivy caliber power forward paired with someone else in the middle.

Anonymous said...

I could be wrong, but wasn't Kreef 6'8" 215-220 or so? It's hard for any coach to make a "4" out of that size body, even in our league.

Here we have Holt Harmon at 6'9" 245. The extra inch plus 25-30lbs makes all the difference in the world in being able to play a true "4," particularly in the Ivy League.

There are fewer than a half dozen guys on current Ivy rosters with this kind of size... and it looks like he already has a fairly good idea how to use it!

They say that you can't teach athleticism and size, but having a knack for being where you are supposed to be when you are supposed to be there, makes up for alot, too.

I think I see a big Mark Zoller.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

2 Division I (non-Cornell affiliated coaches) have compared him to John Bauman and Mike Sands.

He is not as athletic as Sands (who could jump out of the building), but he is more skilled than Sands. He is very comparable to Bauman.

Harmon definitely should be a future Player of the Year watch list.

Any Ivy fan (regardless of your school affiliation) has to admit that he is highly skilled.

Obviously he is not an uber athlete, but he has all the tools to be a stud in the Ivy League and he has played high school and AAU basketball at the highest levels.

One last point: Harmon plays power forward in high school as well.

Last year at Plano West, the starting center was Geoff Groeselle, now a 6'11" freshman for Creighton. Harmon was the 4-man on his high school team. He knows the position.