Thursday, November 3, 2011

News and Notes: Thursday Edition

Below, some news and notes...
  • Cornell Athletics updated the 2011-2012 roster with adjusted heights and weights for each of the players. Below is the 2011-2012 roster with notes indicating the changes in heights and weights from a year ago. Eitan Chemerinski led all players with the biggest increase, adding 13 pounds. He was followed by impressive summers from Josh Figini (plus 10 pounds), Errick Peck (plus 9 pounds) and Dwight Tarwater (plus 8 pounds). Other notable changes included Drew Ferry's height reduced from the misleading 6'4" to his actual 6'2". Jake Matthews also was listed as losing 10 lbs. from his frame.
  • In an interview with Around the Res, Steve Donahue talks about his Boston College offense and makes a comparison back to Cornell:
Q: What about your offense in the paint? A lot of times your offense is characterized as shooting a lot of threes but will you work to do more in the paint this year with the big guys coming in?

A: No doubt. I think last year it even surprised me that we were able to get as many open shots, and I thought they were good shots, but a lot of open threes. I think when we switch from Joe at the 5 and Cori at the 4, and then John Cahill or Danny Rubin, and Reggie and Biko you had five guys out there that really shot it. I think that was our strength in a lot of ways, putting people out, especially with Reggie's ability to get to the rim and then kick it to a kid whose feet are set ready to shoot a three, and we did that to a point at Cornell in different years but we also had a 7 foot kid in Jeff Foote, and Jeff was a big part of our success there too, making people guard us in the low block.
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