Wednesday, November 2, 2011

News and Notes: Wednesday Edition

Below, some news and notes for Wednesday...
  • Cornell is scheduled to scrimmage Siena this Saturday in Albany, New York. The scrimmage is not open to the public per NCAA Rules.
  • The Observer newspaper of Boston College writes, "Anyone who has watched a Steve Donahue-coached team knows the three-point shot will appear early and often on offense; and anyone who has heard his interviews knows that he gets more upset at players who are scared to shoot than players who let the ball fly. That run-n-gun attitude served Coach Donahue well at Cornell as it created an exciting style of basketball, and gave Cornell a chance to upset almost any team they played, provided they got hot from beyond the arc. This is the nature of the jump shot: when the shots fall, a team looks unbeatable, but when the shots aren’t going down, a college team could lose to a collection of middle school kids."
  • Above, our Tweets of the Day from the world of Cornell Basketball on the twittersphere.

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