Sunday, December 25, 2011

News and Notes: Holiday Edition

Below, some holiday news and notes...
  • A guest blogger for gives his recap of the Cornell-Penn State game as part of the website's 800 Games Project.
  • The New York Times published this week a pair of interesting and somewhat controversial articles on Ivy League financial aid and admissions. Both are must read articles for fans of Ivy Leauge athletics.

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Anonymous said...

The premise of the two New York Times articles is that, because of more generous financial aid to athletes, the Ivy League is enjoying a renaissance in sports success.

But the Times' hypothesis of the impact of more financial aid may be trying to explain a phenomenon which itself is not even true. The article mentions our wrestling team and the Yale men's hockey team as its primary documentation that Ivy sports are flourishing now as never before.

But while Cornell wrestling and Yale men's hockey are indeed national powerhouses, neither has ever even won a national championship. Meanwhile, there are a number of previous juggernaut programs which have: Cornell men's hockey, Cornell men's lacrosse, Harvard men's hockey, Harvard women's lacrosse, Princeton men's lacrosse, Princeton women's lacrosse, etc.

Sure, it's possible to point to one or two Ivy programs which are doing very well right now. But the conference has usually had a couple which are national contenders and occasionally won a title outright. Being ranked #1 (Yale men's hockey for a while last year) or finishing #2 (Cornell wrestling) is, by itself, no big deal.