Thursday, January 19, 2012

Columbia Plans to Pack the House vs. Cornell

Columbia Athletics has announced that this Saturday's Columbia basketball doubleheader vs. Cornell is designated as "Pack the House Night" as Cornell women's basketball takes on Columbia in New York at 4:30 p.m. and the men's basketball team faces Columbia at 7 p.m. Both games will be played in Columbia's Levien Gymnasium. Every fan in attendance will receive coupons from Bed Bath & Beyond. For the second consecutive year, the first 200 Columbia students in attendance in Levien Gymnasium will get free "Beat Cornell" t-shirts.


Anonymous said...

Per your commentary on Ivy gyms, Lavietes does look like a bathroom because all the concrete blocks painted white from a distance look like shower tiles.

Levien looks like a basement because, well, it *is* a basement.

Not sure how you get a garage out of Jadwin. From the outside, it looks like a spaceship. From the inside, it looks like the Pantheon in Rome, if you've ever looked up at the main dome from the floor.

Newman looks like somebody's brand new den from the 1970's, clean and functional but with no ambience whatsoever. It has got to be the brightest lit gym in America. That's great for photography but a bit spare and Spartan for atmosphere, like Mike and Carol Brady's den with Alice having done an especially enthusiastic job cleaning up after the kids.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Newman is definitely way too brightly lit and has that office/hospital type feel. It is an easy issue to address with a change in the lighting system. You'd be surprised how a tinkering with lights can totally change an atmosphere of an arena.

But Newman is my second favorite Ivy gym behind the John Lee at Yale which needs a bit of a facelift in paint, but could be a terrific venue.

I like the Palestra's dramatic lighting, but I don't think it is very comfortable place to watch a game. And when it is empty (which is often), it looks terrible because it is simply too big for Penn's smallish fan base.

Lavietes should have urinals along each baseline. Along with Levien, they are the two ugliest gyms in the Ivy.

Brown's and Dartmouth's gyms like Lavietes look like middle school facilities.

Anonymous said...

I like John J. Lee as well, especially for the steep upward slope of its bleachers. When the place is full, with fans crowded into the standing room only space along one end line, it's very loud and frenetic despite its small size. I get a kick out of the fact that the greatest game in the history of John J. Lee did not include a team from Yale. Bonus trivia: the Ivy school flags along the wall are not arranged alphabetically but by the date each university was founded -- quirky touch seen nowhere else, right?

It wasn't too long ago that a visit from the Tigers guaranteed a full house at the Palestra. With 8,722 rabid Princeton-haters screaming at the top of their lungs, there was no better place to watch a basketball game. The annual match-up in Philly between the P's is no longer the 100-decibel hate-fest that it used to be. Part of it is that the P's don't dominate the League any more. But I think that at least a little bit of the toning down in volume results from the fact that Penn fills so much of its student body via early decision today. In the good old days, each of those 8,722 kids had been rejected from Princeton. THAT makes a loud sports venue.

Anonymous said...

With its archives spread around walkway on the main floor, the Palestra is hard to beat for tradition and atmosphere. In fact, just Saturday night, a capacity crowd saw the Penn W over St. Joe's.

Penn (2-0 league) is playing their best ball in five years, has a road sweep of the NY schools in hand, and will host the hated and defending champion Tigers Tuesday.

The students are back. It's no stretch to believe that the Palestra will also be packed Tuesday night.

After last year, you can also bet the farm that the John J. Lee will be packed Friday night, too.