Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Date in Cornell Basketball History: Civil Rights Struggle in '71-'72

Below, from our regular series, A Date in Cornell Basketball History, clippings of news articles from Cornell's highly tumultuous 1971-1972 season which experienced a civil rights boycott by members of the team. The Big Red finished the season 5-19 under head coach Jerry Lace (above). Lace was removed from his head coaching position following the season, but remained employed by the University in an administrative role.


Bob S. said...

Jerry Lace went on to become with the the United States Figure Skating Association

Bob S. said...

Jerry Lace went on to become Executive Director of the U.S. Figure Skating Association. I believe in the first picture that is Dave Bliss who left to assist Bob Knight at Indiana and then went to head coach at a number of other programs including of course Baylor.

BigRed1965 said...

That is indeed Dave Bliss in the first picture. He was one fine backcourt player at Cornell. He scored 28 points in his final game for the Big Red in the 64-65 season as Cornell went down at Princeton, 107-84.