Monday, January 30, 2012

Ivy Awards

The Ivy League Office named Chris Wroblewski to the weekly honor roll for the second consecutive week and notes of his play last week:
Chris Wroblewski, Cornell, Senior, Guard (Highland Park, Ill.)
19 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists vs. Columbia

Week 1 November 14-Zack Rosen, Penn/Greg Mangano, Yale
Week 2 November 21-Zack Rose, Penn
Week 3 November 28-Keith Wright, Harvard
Week 4 December 5-Meiko Lyles, Columbia
Week 5 December 12-Kyle Casey, Harvard (Cornell not eligible)
Week 6 December 19-Ian Hummer, Princeton
Week 7 December 26-Tyler Bernardini, Penn
Week 8 January 2-Greg Mangano, Yale
Week 9 January 9-Greg Mangano, Yale
Week 10 January 16-Keith Wright, Harvard
Week 11 January 23-Mark Cisco, Columbia
Week 12 January 30-Andrew McCarthy, Brown

Week 1 November 14-Shonn Miller, Cornell/Jvonte Brooks, Dartmouth
Week 2 November 21-Shonn Miller, Cornell/Gabas Maldunas, Dartmouth
Week 3 November 28-Shonn Miller, Cornell/Alex Rosenberg, Columbia
Week 4 December 5-Jonah Travis, Harvard
Week 5 December 12-Gabas Maldunas, Dartmouth (Cornell not eligible)
Week 6 December 19-Galal Cancer, Cornell/John Golden, Dartmouth
Week 7 December 26-Jvonte Brooks, Dartmouth
Week 8 January 2-Denton Koon, Princeton
Week 9 January 9-Gabas Maldunas, Dartmouth
Week 10 January 16-Shonn Miller, Cornell
Week 11 January 23-Corbin Miller, Harvard
Week 12 January 30-Steve Moundou-Missi, Harvard


Anonymous said...

Is it possible to post a video of wrobo's "toss" just before half time?

Anonymous said...

Who would you all rather see win tonight, Penn or Princeton?

If Penn wins, they put themselves in insanely great positions to contend with Harvard.

If Princeton wins, it sets both teams slightly back and gives Harvard a better chance of escaping.

This might be the first time I kinda hope Penn wins something. I say this while resisting the urge to vomit, and while feeling particularly bitter because I feel like it's all Cornell's fault.

Penn typically comes away from their NY-state swing winless. Every sim in the world gave them the greatest likelihood to go winless that weekend. They come into Ithaca after having narrowly escaped so-so Lafayette and Columbia teams. But Shonn brings his A game, Eitan brings his B- game, nobody else really shows up, and a game Cornell was favored to win turns into a double-digit win for Penn. They go from being 5 spots ahead of us in KenPom to 43 spots ahead the next morning. With one of their biggest obstacle road trips being overcome, they couldn't possibly be more motivated -- making them harder for everybody down the road.

Penn didn't change the race, IMHO; Cornell did.

But of course it all depends on if they get the W tonite.

If they win this game (Princeton is still kinda close to the pack and beatable), the road swing through Brown/Yale is typically a sweep for Penn while the P/P trip is killer hard for the C's.... Cornell has helped out hobbled Princeton for them so if the win tonite Prin would be 2 spots behind & needing to face Harvard also, and Dartmouth is Dartmouth, so the only challenge is beating Harvard. And Harvard, I don't think they're BCS level.

For the sake of excitement it might actually be good for Penn to win tonite.

Anonymous said...

Well, "for the sake of excitement," you should root for whichever of Penn or Princeton you think has the better chance of beating Harvard.

The easy call is to say root for Penn to keep them undefeated, to keep them highly motivated when they take on the Crimson. There's nothing wrong with that logic.

But Princeton has unusually high variance this year with some terrible losses but also wins AT Rutgers and AT Florida State. Combined with Harvard's win over FSU on a neutral court, those are probably the Ivy League's three best wins this season.

So there's some logic to say keep Princeton motivated and mathematically alive until the Tigers play the Crimson. Princeton might have more upside on any given night, which is what we're really rooting for: anybody to get hot on the night they play the Harvard.

Anonymous said...

Penn is really the only Ivy team that is playing on the court at a level that says they can challenge Hahvahd.

I will root for Penn tonight.

Coach Allen's frontcourt-by- committee should be enough to stop all those big Tigers.

Anonymous said...

Wow... I checked the score with 3 minutes left and Penn was only up 5 pts; then I checked the final score and they won by about 15.

Right before the Ithaca game, Penn was projected to be in a 4-way tie w/ Y, Pr, & Cornell; the next morning they were projected 2nd. The 2-0 road wins start was definitely a huge game-changer, switching things in Penn's favor; now the win over Princeton has solidified it. Harvard is their only real obstacle now.

Anonymous said...

A5:56- I think you have to seriously consider that Hahvahd and Penn's homecourt W's over Top50 St. Joe's might be better than the Tigers' win @Rutgers.

OK, time to cheer for a Penn sweep in Southern New England this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Actually, St. Joe's has lost five of their last seven are are no longer in the top 50.

But Rutgers still isn't that great; don't forget even Dartmouth was within three of them in the final minute.