Friday, February 3, 2012

Harvard Crimson Checks in on Cornell

With the Harvard men’s basketball team hosting Cornell on Friday night, we caught up with The Cornell Daily Sun’s Scott Chiusano over email to get the inside scoop on Big Red basketball. Check out what Chiusano had to say below:

The Harvard Crimson: What can Harvard expect from Cornell on Friday?

Scott Chiusano: Coming off a big win at home against Columbia, I think we'll be coming in with some much-needed confidence, since we're finally playing good basketball after a tough five game losing streak.

THC: Harvard fans have yet to see Shonn Miller in person. What makes him dangerous?

SC: I watched him in our first home game of the season put up 19 points including two ridiculous dunks, and against Columbia on Saturday, he literally took the ball out of one of their guys' hands on a layup. He's good, don't take him lightly.

THC: How many times per day do you visit the Cornell Basketball Blog?

SC: Way too many, it'd be embarrassing to say.

THC: What's been going on with Chris Wroblewski this year?

SC: Yea, he's struggling a little from the field, not putting up the big numbers he has in the past, but he scored 19 points Saturday and is definitely about to turn it up. He hit a seventy five footer from the opposing three point line at the halftime buzzer on Saturday, and even though it didn't count, he knows and we all know that he's back and he's going to continue to lead the team.

THC: Who has a better mid-range jumper: Winthrop IM basketball star (and former Magazine chair) Mark Chiusano or Drew Ferry?

SC: Well, considering Winthrop IM basketball stud Mark Chiusano has struggled quite a bit beating his little brother in one-on-ones lately, I'm going to have to go with my man Drew on this one.

THC: When Harvard fans go up to Ithaca in a couple weeks, what should they order from the Hot Truck?

SC: If you're going to Louie's lunch truck (which despite the name, is open until like three in the morning), my favorite is a peanut butter milk shake and the buffalo chicken sandwich. If you're going to the hot truck grab a PMP.

THC: Final score prediction?

SC: Since our team tends to love either winning or losing by five points or less pretty much every game, I'm going to say 68-64 in Cornell's favor. I think it's going to be a great game either way, though.

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