Tuesday, February 7, 2012

News and Notes: Tuesday Edition

(Photo Cornell Athletics)
Below, some news and notes for Tuesday...

  • Both the Boston Celtics and the Atlanta Hawks blogs on SB Nation speculate whether their teams could sign Jeff Foote ('10) of the Springfield Armor (NBA D-League) to a 10-day contract.
  • The Pioneer Press' (St. Paul, Minnesota) Charley Walters writes, "Former Gophers guard Ryan Saunders will remain as an assistant this season with the Washington Wizards, who last week fired his father, Flip, as coach. Ryan Wittman, the former Eden Prairie and Cornell star who is the son of former Timberwolves coach and current Wizards interim coach Randy Wittman, has taken a job in Bloomington with Morgan Stanley." LibertyBallers.com referred to Randy Wittman as "father of Ryan Wittman, who starred on the Cornell team that beat Temple in the NCAA Tourney a few years back."
  • Providing a history of Vanderbilt basketball in the modern era, Anchor of Gold notes that in 1993 Vanderbilt, "hired Jan Van Breda Kolff who had done a decent job at Cornell but had been there for only two seasons. "
  • Game Recaps-Below are links to our game recap sections from each of Cornell's games this season.
  1. November 11, 2011 at St. Bonaventure L 58-79
  2. November 14, 2011 vs. Binghamton W 76-61
  3. November 16, 2011 at Buffalo L 59-68
  4. November 20, 2011 vs. Boston University W 71-66
  5. November 22, 2011 at Delaware L 68-76
  6. November 27, 2011 vs. American L 63-65
  7. December 3, 2011 vs. Lehigh W 81-79 (OT)
  8. December 17, 2011 vs. Albany W 85-82 (OT)
  9. December 19, 2011 at Illinois L 60-64
  10. December 21, 2011 at Penn State L 67-74
  11. December 28, 2011 at Stony Brook L 58-69 (OT)
  12. December 31, 2011 at Bucknell L 60-63
  13. January 3, 2012 at Maryland L 62-70
  14. January 7, 2012 vs. Albright W 78-60
  15. January 13, 2012 vs. Princeton W 67-59
  16. January 14, 2012 vs. Penn L 52-64
  17. January 21, 2012 at Columbia L 56-61
  18. January 28, 2012 vs. Columbia W 65-60
  19. February 3, 2012 at Harvard L 60-71
  20. February 4, 2012 at Dartmouth W 68-59
  • Cornell RPI Watch: The RPI (Rating Percentage Index) is a measure of strength of schedule and how a team does against that schedule. It does not consider the margin of victory, but only whether or not a team won and where the game was played (home/away/neutral court). The formula is 25% team winning percentage (WP), 50% opponents' average winning percentage (OWP), and 25% opponents' opponents' average winning percentage (OOWP). (See: CollegeRPI.com for a further explanation of the formula.) The RPI may be the most influential factor in NCAA Tournament seeding. Cornell's RPI rank as of February 7 is No. 185 out of 344 total Division I teams. While neither the Ken Pomeroy or Jeff Sagarin rankings are used by the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee, the KenPom.com site ranks Cornell No. 182 in the nation, while the USA Today Sagarin rankings have Cornell at No. 194. Both sites are predominantly used by fans and the media.

Friday, November 11
Johnson & Wales 66 Brown 86 (Box Score - Recap)
Columbia 57 Connecticut 70[ESPNU] (Box Score - Recap)
Cornell 58 St. Bonaventure 79 (Box Score - Recap)
MIT 49 Harvard 76 (Box Score - Recap)
Dartmouth 56 Rutgers 62 (Box Score - Recap)
Penn 59 Maryland-Baltimore County 45 (Box Score - Recap)
Yale 73 Central Connecticut State 69 (Box Score - Recap)

Saturday, November 12
Wagner 73 Princeton 57 (Box Score - Recap)

Monday, November 14
Albany 77 Brown 68 (NIT Tip-Off-1st Round@Syracuse, N.Y.)[ESPN3] (Box Score - Recap)
Temple 73 Penn 67 OT (Box Score - Recap)
Furman 58 Columbia 62 (Box Score - Recap)
Binghamton 61 Cornell 76 (Box Score - Recap)

Tuesday, November 15
Harvard 73 Holy Cross 64 (Box Score - Recap)
Yale 62 Quinnipiac 68 [SNY] (Box Score - Recap)
Brown 52 Manhattan 54 NIT Tip Consolation@Syracuse, N.Y. [ESPN3] (Box Score - Recap)

Wednesday, November 16
Cornell 59 Buffalo 68 (Box Score - Recap)
Vermont 65 Dartmouth 53 (Box Score - Recap)
Princeton 58 North Carolina State 60 [ESPNU] (Box Score - Recap)

Thursday, November 17
Penn 78 Rider 72 OT (Box Score - Recap)
Lyndon State 37 Yale 101 (Box Score - Recap)

Saturday, November 19
Buffalo 53 Princeton 61 (Box Score - Recap)
Hartford 52 Brown 59 (Box Score - Recap)
American 66 Columbia 58 (Box Score - Recap)
Bryant 62 Dartmouth 66 (Box Score - Recap)
Robert Morris 60 Penn 66 (Box Score - Recap)
Harvard 77 Loyola Marymount 67 (Box Score - Recap)

Sunday, November 20
Boston University 66 Cornell 71 (Box Score - Recap)

Sunday, November 20
Boston University 66 Cornell 71 (Box Score - Recap)

Monday, November 21
Brown 48 George Mason 74 (NIT Consolation Fairfax, VA) (Box Score - Recap)

Tuesday, November 22
Brown 79 Monmouth 71 (NIT Consolation Fairfax, VA) (Box Score - Recap)
Columbia 53 Stony Brook 67 (Box Score - Recap)
Cornell 64 Delaware 72 (Box Score - Recap)
Wagner 71 Penn 65 (Box Score - Recap)
Elon 56 Princeton 55 (Box Score - Recap)
Yale 62 Seton Hall 73 (Box Score - Recap)

Thursday, November 24
Dartmouth 69 San Francisco 71 (Great Alaska Shootout) (Box Score - Recap)
Harvard 75 Utah 47 [HDNet] (Battle 4 Atlantis Bahamas) (Box Score - Recap)

Friday, November 25
Dartmouth 64 vs. Alaska-Anchorage 52(Great Alaska Shootout) (Box Score - Recap)
Harvard 46 Florida State 41 [VERSUS] (Battle 4 Atlantis Bahamas) (Box Score - Recap)
Princeton 56 Bucknell 62 (Legends Classic, Lewisberg, PA) (Box Score - Recap)
Pittsburgh 78 Penn 58 [TCN] (Box Score - Recap)

Saturday, November 26
Yale 84 Army 75 (Box Score - Recap)
Columbia 59 Manhattan 41 (Box Score - Recap)
Princeton 56 Morehead State 68 (Legends Classic, Lewisberg, PA) (Box Score - Recap)
James Madison 60 Penn 58 [TCN] (Philly Hoop Group Classic) (Box Score - Recap)
Dartmouth 48 Western Michigan 65 (Great Alaska Shootout) (Box Score - Recap)
Harvard 59 Central Florida 49 [VERSUS] (Battle 4 Atlantis Bahamas) (Box Score - Recap)

Sunday, November 27
Brown 64 Sacred Heart 77 (Box Score - Recap)
Princeton 66 West Alabama 66 (Legends Classic, Lewisberg, PA) (Box Score - Recap)
American 65 Cornell 63 (Box Score - Recap)

Monday, November 28
Swarthmore 42 Columbia 104 (Box Score - Recap)

Tuesday, November 29
Manhattan 72 Penn 75 (Box Score - Recap)
Yale 74 Hartford 69 (Box Score - Recap)

Wednesday, November 30
Dartmouth 50 New Hampshire 53 (Box Score - Recap)
Lafayette 69 Princeton 54 (Box Score - Recap)
Rhode Island 56 Brown 65 [myRITV] (Box Score - Recap)

Thursday, December 1
Harvard 55 Vermont 48 (Box Score - Recap)

Friday, December 2
Columbia 69 Loyola Marymount 61 (LA Westside Centennial Classic) (Box Score - Recap)

Saturday, December 3
Vermont 52 Yale 68 (Box Score - Recap)
Brown 54 Iowa 75 (Box Score - Recap)
Lehigh 79 Cornell 81 (OT) (Box Score - Recap)
Penn 65 Villanova 73 [ESPN3] (Box Score - Recap)
Columbia 72 North Texas 57 (Box Score - Recap) (LA Westside Centennial Classic)

Sunday, December 4
Columbia 78 La Sierra 56 (Box Score - Recap) (LA Westside Centennial Classic)
Seattle 70 Harvard 80 (Box Score - Recap)

Monday, December 5
Brown 49 Providence 80 [ESPN3/SNY] (Box Score - Recap)
Yale 73 Sacred Heart 71 (Box Score - Recap)

Tuesday, December 6
Holy Cross 45 Columbia 46 (Box Score - Recap)

Wednesday, December 7
Delaware 60 Penn 69 (Box Score - Recap)
New Hampshire 69 Brown 56 (Box Score - Recap)
Princeton 59 Rutgers 57 (Box Score - Recap)
Bryant 59 Yale 76 (Box Score - Recap)

Thursday, December 8
Harvard 53 Connecticut 67 [ESPN2] (Box Score - Recap)

Saturday, December 10
Central Connecticut State 80 Brown 90 (Box Score - Recap)
Long Island 53 Columbia 63 (Box Score - Recap)
Harvard 76 Boston University 52 (Box Score - Recap)
Princeton 60 Drexel 64 (Box Score - Recap)
Penn 73 UCLA 77 [DirecTV] (Box Score - Recap)
Dartmouth 47 Notre Dame 65 [ESPN3] (Box Score - Recap)

Tuesday, December 13
Dartmouth 51 IPFW 56 (Box Score - Recap)

Wednesday, December 14
Princeton 72 Rider 71 OT (Box Score - Recap)

Saturday, December 17
Elon 54 Dartmouth 62 (Box Score - Recap)
Albany 82 Cornell 85 OT (Box Score - Recap)

Sunday, December 18
Princeton 71 Northeastern 62 (Box Score - Recap)
Yale 68 Rhode Island 65 [COX RI] (Box Score - Recap)

Monday, December 19
Cornell 60 Illinois 64 [ESPN3] (Box Score - Recap)
Dartmouth 55 Colgate 61 OT (Box Score - Recap)

Wednesday, December 21
Dartmouth 64 Army 67 (Box Score - Recap)
Cornell 67 Penn State 74 [Big Ten Network] (Box Score - Recap)

Thursday, December 22
Florida Atlantic 51 Harvard 63 (Box Score - Recap)
Princeton 59 Siena 63 (Box Score - Recap)

Friday, December 23
Maine 71 Brown 58 (Box Score - Recap)
Dartmouth 74 Albany 82 (Box Score - Recap)
Marist 71 Penn 84 (Box Score - Recap)

Wednesday, December 28
Columbia 59 Marist 79 (Box Score - Recap)
Cornell 59 Stony Brook 68 OT [Cablevision] (Box Score - Recap)

Thursday, December 29
Brown 49 St. Francis (N.Y.) 66 (Box Score - Recap)
Harvard 67 Boston College 46 [ESPN3] (Box Score - Recap)
Penn 70 Davidson 75 (Box Score - Recap)
Yale 71 Wake Forest 72 (Box Score - Recap)

Friday, December 30
Princeton 75 Florida State 73 (3OT) [ESPN3] (Box Score - Recap)
Lafayette 67 Columbia 77 (Box Score - Recap)

Saturday, December 31
Cornell 60 Bucknell 63 (Box Score - Recap)
Holy Cross 65 Dartmouth 61 (Box Score - Recap)
Yale 70 Florida 90 [ESPNU] (Box Score - Recap)
Saint Joseph’s 69 Harvard 74 (Box Score - Recap)

Sunday, January 1
Princeton 76 Florida A&M 61 (Box Score - Recap)
Penn 55 Duke 85 [ESPNU] (Box Score - Recap)

Monday, January 2
American 70 Brown 61 (Box Score - Recap)
Fairleigh Dickinson 52 Columbia 67 (Box Score - Recap)

Tuesday, January 3
Bucknell 67 Dartmouth 59 (Box Score - Recap)
Harvard 54 Fordham 60 (Box Score - Recap)
Holy Cross 67 Yale 82 (Box Score - Recap)
Cornell 62 Maryland 70 [ESPN3] (Box Score - Recap)

Wednesday, January 4
Columbia 66 Colgate 59 (Box Score - Recap)
Penn 78 Lafayette 73 (Box Score - Recap)

Saturday, January 7
*Dartmouth 47 Harvard 63 (Box Score - Recap)
Albright 60 Cornell 78 (Box Score - Recap)

Sunday, January 8
Columbia 65 Elon 60 (Box Score - Recap)
The College of New Jersey 68 Princeton 79 (Box Score - Recap)
St. Joseph’s (N.Y.) 86 Yale 101 (Box Score)

Tuesday, January 10
Harvard 70 Monmouth 61 (Box Score - Recap)
La Salle 68 Penn 57 (Box Score - Recap)

Wednesday, January 11
Longwood 79 Brown 77 (Box Score - Recap)

Friday, January 13
*Penn 66 Columbia 64 (Box Score - Recap)
*Princeton 59 Cornell 67 (Box Score - Recap)

Saturday, January 14
*Brown 64 Yale 68 (Box Score - Recap)
Longwood 67 Dartmouth 83 (Box Score - Recap)
George Washington 48 Harvard 69 (Box Score - Recap)
*Princeton 62 Columbia 58 (Box Score - Recap)
*Penn 52 Cornell 64 (Box Score - Recap)

Saturday, January 21
*Yale 73 Brown 60 (Box Score - Recap)
*Cornell 56 Columbia 61 (Box Score - Recap)
*Harvard 54 Dartmouth 38 (Box Score - Recap)
Saint Joseph’s 80 Penn 84 (Box Score - Recap)

Monday, January 23
Brown 67 Bryant 60 (
Box Score - Recap)

Friday, January 27

*Dartmouth 59 Brown 66 (
Box Score - Recap)
*Harvard 65 Yale 35 (
Box Score - Recap)

Saturday, January 28

*Harvard 68 Brown 59 (
Box Score - Recap)
*Columbia 60
Cornell 65 (Box Score - Recap)
*Dartmouth 52 Yale 62 (
Box Score - Recap)

Monday, January 30
*Princeton 67 Penn 82 (Box Score - Recap)

Friday, February 3
*Princeton 77 Brown 63 (Box Score - Recap)
*Columbia 64 Dartmouth 62 (Box Score - Recap)
*Cornell 60 Harvard 71 (Box Score - Recap)
*Penn 53 Yale 60 (Box Score - Recap)

Saturday, February 4
*Penn 65 Brown 48 (Box Score - Recap)
*Columbia 52 Harvard 57 (Box Score - Recap)
*Cornell 68 Dartmouth 59 (Box Score - Recap)
*Princeton 54 Yale 58 (Box Score - Recap)

Friday, February 10
*Brown at Columbia, 7 pm
*Yale at Cornell, 7 pm
*Harvard at Penn, 7 pm
*Dartmouth at Princeton, 7 pm

Saturday, February 11
*Brown at Cornell, 7 pm
*Yale at Columbia, 7 pm
*Dartmouth at Penn, 7 pm
*Harvard at Princeton, 7 pm [ESPNU]


Anonymous said...

Lin is tearing things up in NYC, which might bode well for Foote. If an undrafted Ivy League guard can make this kind of an impact, why not an undrafted Ivy League center?

Anonymous said...

If Harvard (which has once again cracked the AP Top 25) emeges from the Penn/Princeton weekend without a loss, it could be all over. Let's hope Rosen has the game of his life and keeps things interesting.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Not sure if Lin's success this week helps Foote. The two situations are really not connected.

However, Lin's appearance in the NBA does help all eight Ivy League schools, just as Cornell's Sweet 16 appearance boosted recruiting across the league.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

As long as there is a team 1-game behind Harvard, it is not over. Right now, those two teams are Penn and Yale.

If Penn loses to Harvard, I'd say the Quakers are done. But Yale is still in the hunt.

Frankly, I'd be surprised if Yale sweeps this weekend. Columbia and Cornell are really dangerous at home.

Anonymous said...

Agree they're apples and oranges, but anytime you get someone to play better than expected, that opens eyes. I also think that Lin has a particular toughness that makes him particularly well suited for the NBA -- no one recruited him from high school despite being the CA POY, no one drafted him despite lighting up UConn and BC, and he's been cut multiple times by NBA teams without getting a real chance, until now. Also, as his former teammates have noted, he's faced a significant amount of racism on the court without taking the bait. That speaks quite a bit to character. A lot of sports, and life, is running through the door when it's open just a crack. Kudos to Lin for doing that.

I would love to see Foote in the NBA, which would also be a nice recruiting pitch for Top 100 guys. Would love to see Dale get a shot as well, but that's unfortunately unlikely.

Anonymous said...

Agree. Cornell is more than capable of beating Yale if they play well, especially at home.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Lin was barely recruited by colleges with only Harvard going after him hard. Tommy Amaker certainly passed on him when he was coaching at Michigan. Frank Sullivan gave Lin his chance.

But his success in the NBA certainly makes all Ivy League prospects believe they can do the same, and they should believe as much. Just as all Ivy teams should believe reaching the Sweet 16 (or further) is a realistic goal.

On a side note, I know Jeremy has said he has faced "racism" on the court, but I have never heard of any specific alleged incidents.

Anonymous said...

From Time -- a quote from current Harvard player McNally:

"Lin is reluctant to mention the specific nature of such insults, but according to Harvard teammate Oliver McNally, another Ivy League player called him a C word that rhymes with ink during a game last season. On Dec. 23, during Harvard's 86-70 loss to Georgetown in Washington, McNally says, one spectator yelled "Sweet-and-sour pork!" from the stands.

Read more: http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1953708,00.html#ixzz1liRLHDj8

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Hmmm, unless a school is named or the opposing Ivy League player is named, it is impossible for anyone to respond to the credibility of these allegations, which are quite serious in nature.

If the described incidents did in fact occur, the player in question could have been ejected from the game and possibly suspended by the League Office.

The fact that no identities were provided does an injustice to the League and leaves these statements by Lin and/or McNally as mere allegations.

The Harvard kids really should have raised this issue with the referees and Reggie Greenwood, as well as the League Office.

Anonymous said...

CBB: I assume you're not saying McNally and Lin are lying (which would be outlandish), just that no official sanctions were meted out because no one complained about them (which is true). Unfortunately, crap like this happens all the time, whether it's true bigotry or to get into someone's head.

Anonymous said...

Interesting discussion. Despite any difference in opinion on Lin, I think it's pretty clear that this is an exciting moment for Ivy basketball. He's the only Ivy player in the NBA -- I'd love to see everyone rally around him, rather than undercut him.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

I have no clue if Lin/McNally are telling the truth, if they are lying, or if they are describing events from their own particular perspective which could have alternative/counter perpspectives.

What I do know is the allegations are the most serious I have seen in Ivy League basketball in several years and they should have been raised with the appropriate authorities at the time the events happened.

To our knowledge, the allegations were never raised.

Anonymous said...

CBB, isn't it time to take back your ridiculous statements that Lin isn't in the NBA because of talent but merely as a "circus act" to sell tickets?

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

No, I wouldn't take it back quite yet.

First, we know what Paul Cormier said. So, we do know the Warriors were motivated by ticket sales.

And second, I am not going to rush to any judgments based on two midseason games. I prefer to let the whole season play out then evaluate.

Anonymous said...

"Circus acts" don't outplay Deron Williams and score 20+ points, dish out assists, and revamp a moribund and ineffective offense. Even if it's only two games, maintaining that Lin is a "circus act" strains your credibility. We're all entitled to some homerism, but this is a bit much. But, of course, your entitled to your opinion. If Lin continues to play meaningful minutes for the rest of the season and gets the Knicks into the playoffs, a retraction is in order.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

A retraction would be in order from the Warriors, the Rockets, the Knicks (for sending him down 2 weeks ago), and all of the 300+ Divison I coaches/programs that never recruited him, including Tommy Amaker when he was at Michigan. But sure, yeah, if all of those "Ifs" happen, a retraction is in order from CBB.

Anonymous said...

The Knicks in the playoffs? Ha! Ain't gonna happen, not with a short season and Melo now hurt for at least a couple of weeks. But, if Lin gets the hapless Knicks into the playoffs, he deserves the freaking MVP, not a retraction from a relatively meaningless blog.

Anonymous said...

This blog is so good at delivering relevant information but I gotta agree that your unapologetic homerism is a huge turnoff and ding on your credibility. And this is coming from a Cornellian.