Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekly Ivy Awards

(Photo Cornell Daily Sun)

Cornell's Chris Wroblewski was named to the Ivy League's Weekly Honor Roll. The League Office notes with respect to Wroblewski:
Chris Wroblewski, Cornell, Senior, Guard (Highland Park, Ill.)
24 points, 11 rebounds, 3 assists at Brown
10 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists at Yale


Week 1 November 14-Zack Rosen, Penn/Greg Mangano, Yale
Week 2 November 21-Zack Rose, Penn
Week 3 November 28-Keith Wright, Harvard
Week 4 December 5-Meiko Lyles, Columbia
Week 5 December 12-Kyle Casey, Harvard (Cornell not eligible)
Week 6 December 19-Ian Hummer, Princeton
Week 7 December 26-Tyler Bernardini, Penn
Week 8 January 2-Greg Mangano, Yale
Week 9 January 9-Greg Mangano, Yale
Week 10 January 16-Keith Wright, Harvard
Week 11 January 23-Mark Cisco, Columbia
Week 12 January 30-Andrew McCarthy, Brown
Week 13 February 6-Greg Mangano, Yale
Week 14 February 13-Chris Wroblewski, Cornell
Week 15 February 20-Zack Rosen, Penn
Week 16 February 27-Zack Rosen, Penn

Week 1 November 14-Shonn Miller, Cornell/Jvonte Brooks, Dartmouth
Week 2 November 21-Shonn Miller, Cornell/Gabas Maldunas, Dartmouth
Week 3 November 28-Shonn Miller, Cornell/Alex Rosenberg, Columbia
Week 4 December 5-Jonah Travis, Harvard
Week 5 December 12-Gabas Maldunas, Dartmouth (Cornell not eligible)
Week 6 December 19-Galal Cancer, Cornell/John Golden, Dartmouth
Week 7 December 26-Jvonte Brooks, Dartmouth
Week 8 January 2-Denton Koon, Princeton
Week 9 January 9-Gabas Maldunas, Dartmouth
Week 10 January 16-Shonn Miller, Cornell
Week 11 January 23-Corbin Miller, Harvard
Week 12 January 30-Steve Moundou-Missi, Harvard
Week 13 February 6-Shonn Miller, Cornell
Week 14 February 13-Jvonte Brooks, Dartmouth
Week 20 February 20-Gabas Maldunas, Dartmouth
Week 21 February 27-John Golden, Dartmouth


Anonymous said...

I don't think that was a charge at the end of the Harvard and Penn game. In real speed, I can see how the ref called it, but I think the player snuck underneath the offensive player and flopped. I think the right call would have been a block or a no-call. That being said, I am glad Harvard lost, which will make this weekend much more interesting for the Big Red.

Anonymous said...

You can't go with a no-call between Casey and Bernardini. There was too much contact.

It was a bang-bang call for sure and could have gone either way. I'll bet if you had 100 refs standing right there, 70 would have called charging and 30 would have said blocking. The ESPN color analyst was emphatic that it was a charge.

In real time, I thought for sure that it was a charge but, even then, I was surprised at the call because Harvard had been getting more than its share of calls all night. Exhibit A was the out-of-bounds call immediately prior to the charge/block when the ball seemed to go off Casey.

Later, I checked out the formal definition of charging. Did you know that it's not enough for the defender to get set in "a legal defensive position" before the offensive player initiates contact? The defender must be in a legal defensive position BEFORE the offensive player begins any UPWARD movement toward the basket.

Given that specific definition, it's even more difficult to make a determination on the play in question. Bernardini is absolutely set with both feet outside the restricted area, but Casey is already gliding toward the basket with a slight upward angle to his movement when he collides with Bernardini.

Like I said first off, that's a bang-bang call which could have gone either way. I think charging was appropriate, but I definitely see the other side of the argument.

Anonymous said...

All that having been said, Harvard should never have allowed the game to hinge on such a call.

The Crimson collapsed down the stretch with their best player and senior leader having his fanny securely planted on the bench. Yeah, "coach's decision."

Coming off such a game, you have to wonder what Amaker is really thinking about his last weekend roadie that his team must sweep to guarantee them no worse than a second straight playoff for the title.