Monday, March 5, 2012

Ivy Awards

(Photo Cornell Daily Sun)
Cornell's Chris Wroblewski was named to the Ivy League's Weekly Honor Roll. The League Office notes with respect to Wroblewski:
Chris Wroblewski, Cornell, Senior, Guard (Highland Park, Ill.)
19 points, 4 rebounds, 7 assists vs. Harvard
12 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists vs. Dartmouth


Week 1 November 14-Zack Rosen, Penn/Greg Mangano, Yale
Week 2 November 21-Zack Rosen, Penn
Week 3 November 28-Keith Wright, Harvard
Week 4 December 5-Meiko Lyles, Columbia
Week 5 December 12-Kyle Casey, Harvard (Cornell not eligible)
Week 6 December 19-Ian Hummer, Princeton
Week 7 December 26-Tyler Bernardini, Penn
Week 8 January 2-Greg Mangano, Yale
Week 9 January 9-Greg Mangano, Yale
Week 10 January 16-Keith Wright, Harvard
Week 11 January 23-Mark Cisco, Columbia
Week 12 January 30-Andrew McCarthy, Brown
Week 13 February 6-Greg Mangano, Yale
Week 14 February 13-Chris Wroblewski, Cornell
Week 15 February 20-Zack Rosen, Penn
Week 16 February 27-Zack Rosen, Penn
Week 17 March 5-Zack Rosen, Penn/Kyle Casey, Harvard

Week 1 November 14-Shonn Miller, Cornell/Jvonte Brooks, Dartmouth
Week 2 November 21-Shonn Miller, Cornell/Gabas Maldunas, Dartmouth
Week 3 November 28-Shonn Miller, Cornell/Alex Rosenberg, Columbia
Week 4 December 5-Jonah Travis, Harvard
Week 5 December 12-Gabas Maldunas, Dartmouth (Cornell not eligible)
Week 6 December 19-Galal Cancer, Cornell/John Golden, Dartmouth
Week 7 December 26-Jvonte Brooks, Dartmouth
Week 8 January 2-Denton Koon, Princeton
Week 9 January 9-Gabas Maldunas, Dartmouth
Week 10 January 16-Shonn Miller, Cornell
Week 11 January 23-Corbin Miller, Harvard
Week 12 January 30-Steve Moundou-Missi, Harvard
Week 13 February 6-Shonn Miller, Cornell
Week 14 February 13-Jvonte Brooks, Dartmouth
Week 15 February 20-Gabas Maldunas, Dartmouth
Week 16 February 27-John Golden, Dartmouth
Week 17 March 5-Jvonte Brooks, Dartmouth

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