Friday, March 16, 2012

News and Notes for the Late Morning

Below, some late morning news and notes...


Anonymous said...

Lehigh knocks off Duke.. they were a top 100 team, seeded way too low.

(Cornell was the only non-conference or non-BCS team that defeated Lehigh this year, by the way. And they played well in that game, and it was amazing that Cornell pulled it off.)

Anonymous said...

Naaah! Lehigh's RPI was ~90; they were correctly seeded. They almost lost @Army! When a team has that one really good player like McCollum, amidst a bunch of well-coached role players, he can make all the difference in the world... like he just did.

Extra congratulations to Cornell for their OT wins over Lehigh, Albany, and Yale. Shows alot of poise to be able to do that.

IMO, somethin' was going on with Duke this year. They lost five times at Cameron and got pounded in Columbus. That's just not the usual Duke. The Devils were seeded too high.