Thursday, April 26, 2012

News and Notes: Thursday Edition

Below, some news and notes for Thursday...
  • The Daily Pennsylvanian's Brian Kotloff writes, "Cornell’s Shonn Miller won the [Ivy League Rookie of the Year] award, proving you can’t predict performance based on ESPN’s scouting grades."
  • A graduating Cornell Daily Sun columnist recalls Cornell's run to the 2010 Sweet Sixteen.
  • With Seth Greenberg's ousting at Virginia Tech, due at least in part to his inability to retain assistant coaches (in addition to winning basketball games), notes, "Greenberg's assistant coaching staff became a revolving door. In 2009, Stacy Palmore left to join Mark Fox at Georgia. In 2010, Ryan Odom (a member of Greenberg's initial staff at Tech) took off for an assistant gig at Charlotte. Bill Courtney also took the head job at Cornell, but that is of course understandable. In 2011, Adrian Autry left for an assistant job at Dayton before being immediately plucked to join his alma mater at Syracuse."  The Washington Times made a similar observation.


Anonymous said...

VT is considering Courtney. Not sure if Courtney is considering VT. My guess would be yes.

Anonymous said...

Which news item will we see first?

a- ACC school hires as head basketball coach, an individual whose entire D-1 head coaching resume consists of a 21-34 record at a mid-major in a mid-level, non-scholarship conference; or
b- Pigs fly.

My guess is (b).