Thursday, May 3, 2012

News and Notes: Thursday Edition

Below, some news and notes for Thursday...


Anonymous said...

You tweeted that Brown received about one-third the number of applications for their head coaching search as other recent Ivy searches have. That makes sense in the following context: When Donahue left, Cornell was on top; it was and had the opportunity to continue to be a winning program. When Joe Jones left, Columbia was down but so were Princeton and Penn, on a historic relative basis.

Today, Brown is looking for a new coach but Princeton and Penn are both back to full strength or thereabouts. More importantly, Harvard has arrived on the scene and seems committed to doing everything within the rules and a few things outside of the rules to win championships.

So the top of the league is exceptionally crowded right now. Can Brown win in this environment? Should an amibitious young coach view Brown as a vehicle to further his career or as a potential dead end?

If the Ivies institute a season-end conference tournament, three out of the four spots will probably go to Harvard, Princeton and Penn almost every single year. That leaves five schools fighting for the last spot. Not very promising.

So comparing the response to Brown's solicitation of resumes may be unfair. The only apples to apples standard of comparison might be how many inquiries did Dartmouth received when they replaced Terry Dunn in 2010.

Perhaps a better question is how Princeton attracted so much interest to replace Johnson when it was highly likely that the Tigers would hire an alumnus of the program.

Anonymous said...

you downplay the impact that cornell can have in near future...IF they find legitimate strength underneath

Anonymous said...

you may be downplaying cornell ability to be a power IF they find some real big men from its incoming 2 classes