Tuesday, May 8, 2012

News and Notes: Tuesday Edition

Below, some news and notes for Tuesday...

  • CBS Sports' Matt Norlander comments on the Ivy League's new television deal with NBC and writes, "Recently, the Ivy's taken hit after hit for not having a TV deal in place. Cornell reached the Sweet 16 a few years ago...Unfortunately, all league games have been almost impossible to watch... But -- finally the good news! -- that's no longer the case. Hooray to the Ivy for taking advantage of a TV opportunity that existed. The league announced Monday it would partner with the NBC Sports Network for the next two years. It's not a long-term deal, but it's a start, and that time frame makes sense for both signers of the contract."
  • The Daily Illini recaps Illinois' 2011-2012 season which included a tumble following its defeat of Cornell in Champaign.
  • Reporting on a vulgar misprint appearing in the Cornell Daily Sun, The Huffington Post references the Cornell basketball team's recent involvement in the Cornell Daily Sun's LNOP tradition ("last night of publication").
  • Not many know or remember that Richard "Dick" Savitt, one of the all time great tennis players (ranked as high No. 2 in the world during 1951 and a former Wimbledon Champion), was a Cornell graduate and a member of the varsity basketball team as a freshman.  A highly recruited 6'3" forward out of high school in Texas, Savitt suffered a pair of injuries while at Cornell and opted to focus the remainder of his athletic career on tennis.  It worked out quite well for him.  He is a member of the Cornell Athletics Hall of Fame, the International Tennis Hall of Fame and the Collegiate Tennis Hall of Fame.  Below, Savitt's official career stat line for the Cornell men's basketball program and his appearance on the cover of Time Magazine.  Also a very rare photo of Savitt in a Cornell basketball uniform.

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Anonymous said...

I'm very pleased that the conference signed a new television deal. There is a very natural match between the Ivy League and a sports network for the simple reason that we are one of the very few sources of inventory for Friday night basketball.

Nobody else plays then. I know we're not the ACC or SEC, but we actually have a product in a seller's market when it comes to Friday night hoops.