Tuesday, May 22, 2012

News and Notes: Tuesday Edition

Below, some news and notes for Tuesday...

  • Jeff Foote (Cornell '10) was interviewed yesterday at the Brooklyn Nets' Free Agent Mini Camp.  The interview is available to watch on NBA.com.  The blog, Nets Daily, tweeted today, "Hear Jeff Foote of [the NBA D-League's Springfield] Armor played well at yesterday's free agent mini camp. #Nets like him as a backup."
  • Several veteran players returning to the Cornell roster during 2012-2013 missed significant time this season due to injury.  These players include:
Errick Peck-Missed entire 2011-2012 season (28 games).  Appeared in 27 games as a freshman in 2009-2010 during Cornell's Sweet 16 season.  Has 24 total career starts for Cornell.
Manny Sahota-Missed entire 2011-2012 season (28 games).  Appeared in 14 games during 2010-2011, started 1 game.
Jake Matthews-Missed entire 2011-2012 season (28 games).  Appeared in 21 games during 2010-2011, started 11 games.
Miles Asafo Adjei-Missed 15 games during 2011-2012.  Appeared in 20 games as a freshman in 2009-2010 during Cornell's Sweet 16 season.  Has 20 career starts for Cornell. 
Three other returning players missed substantial time to injury: Dave Lamore (3 games), Devin Cherry (4 games), Domnick Scelfo (3 games)
  • Several returning Cornell players are expected to be in summer leagues during the offseason with most leagues commencing play in June.  Below is a list of players who potentially could be among those involved in summer leagues.
Errick Peck-Indy Pro Am
Jake Matthews-Pittsburgh Basketball Club/Pro Am
Nolan Cressler-Pittsburgh Basketball Club/Pro Am
Josh Figini-Howard Pulley Summer Pro League (St. Paul, MN)
Dwight Tarwater-Rocky Top League (Knoxville, TN)
Shonn Miller-Cleveland Pro Am
Ned Tomic-Cleveland Pro Am
Galal Cancer-CDBA Summer League (Rensselear, NY)

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