Wednesday, May 30, 2012

News and Notes: Wednesday Edition

Above, the 2012 Ivy League Rookie of the Year, Cornell's Shonn Miller.  Below, some news and notes for Wednesday...

  • Jeff Aubry (Cornell '99) scored 2 points, blocked 2 shots and collected 8 rebounds in Puerto Rico's BSN as his Arecibo Capitanes defeated San German last night, 91-79.  With the win, Arecibo wins the semifinals playoff series 4-1 and advances to the league finals.
  • Nets Daily provides an offseason report of the Brooklyn Nets and discusses Jeff Foote (Cornell '10). Nets Daily writes, "We hear that the four former lottery picks shined at the [Nets' free agent] camp, along with Jeff Foote... This week, the Nets confirmed invitations to Dennis Horner and Jeff Foote for the summer league in Orlando six weeks from now. Not such a big deal considering Horner and Jerry Smith moved back and forth to Springfield this season and that they and JamesOn Curry were in training camp last December.  What does make it interesting and positive is the manner in which the Armor/Nets found them...Foote had banged around Israel, Spain and Poland before winding up in Portland's training camp. He hadn't even been draft[ed] in the D-League. He wound up with the Hornets after they beat the Nets to a call-up....Horner and Foote's stories are more encouraging for the Nets. They were relative nobodies (more Horner than Foote) who the Nets gave a chance to, based purely on their scouting."

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