Wednesday, June 27, 2012

News and Notes: Wednesday Edition

Above (left to right), Cornell's Shonn Miller (sophomore) and Harvard's Kyle Casey (senior), arguably the Ivy League's top pair of power forwards, if not the Leauge's best pair of players regardless of position. Below, some news and notes for Wednesday...

  • It is very rare that current Ivy League players comment about other teams on Twitter, but Harvard star, Kyle Casey tweeted today about Cornell.
  • Nets Daily lists some upcoming pertinent dates for the Brooklyn Nets and writes, "July 9-July 16 - Orlando Summer League. Who might be there? Draft picks? MarShon Brooks and Jordan Williams are expected to be there. Armor center Jeff Foote and former Hornet lottery pick Julian Wright have accepted invitations, as has D-League Rookie of the Year Edwin Ubiles. Expect roster to be D-League heavy. You don't play 50 games in the D-League without developing ideas on who's worth inviting. Expect LOTS of talk about Dwight Howard as Nets brass watch the D-Leaguers." Nets Daily also notes that Foote and the Nets will be practicing in Orlando next week.
  • The New York Post notes that Foote recorded 12 points and 11 rebounds last night in the Nike Pro City League in New York City.


Anonymous said...

It appears that, in Tommy Amaker's zeal to recruit low AI players to fill out his squad, he overlooked Kyle Casey's penchant for expressing the concept "taking the reins of" as "taking reign of things."

That is a delightful amalgam of an incorrect homonym and a mixed metaphor. In other news, Yogi Berra will be starting at point guard for the Crimson.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon 12:23: it's Twitter, not a dissertation. Unless you know something specific about Casey, let's avoid personal attacks.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a problem with anybody's fractured syntax on Twitter; I'm more concerned with Harvard pushing the low AI envelope to the max.