Monday, July 30, 2012

News and Notes for Monday

Above and below, Dates in Cornell Basketball History... from 75 years ago, the cover of the January 23, 1938 issue of the Cornell Daily Sun recapping Cornell's win at Yale on January 22, 1938.  Also above, the game program from New Haven.  Below, an image from the Cornell Daily Sun from January 10, 1938 which profiles the Big Red's star players before the conference home opener of the '37-'38 season against Dartmouth.  

 Below, some news and notes for Monday...
  • On the Brooklyn Nets' final open roster spot, Nets Daily writes, "The Nets could just wait till training camp to decide on the 14th and 15th men. Al Thornton played well in Orlando. Jeff Foote showed some promise there, but he's still a work in progress. You'd assume both players will get camp invites. In the past, the Nets have brought in as many as 20 players. Still, if the Nets were really interested, you'd think they would have offered Thornton and Foote partial guarantees on vets minimum deals. They did that two years ago. Doesn't seem like they want to do that with them."
Ned Tomic-Cleveland AmPro
Shonn Miller-Cleveland AmPro
Galal Cancer-Capital District Basketball Association Summer League
Josh Figini-Howard Pulley Summer Pro League (St. Paul, MN)
Jake Mattthews-Pittsburgh Basketball Club Summer Pro League
  • The Cornell Basketball program is holding another session of its camp for youngsters.


    Harry '59 said...

    These old excerpts from the Sun are great, but, with the exception of the headlines, almost completely illegible. Is it possible to blow them up before they are posted? I note the reference to Dartmouth. I believe that team went to the NCAA finals the next season ('38-'39).

    The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

    Not sure how computer-savvy your are Harry, but did you try hitting the control and + buttons? This will zoom your screen images. Control and the - button will decrease image sizes.

    Anonymous said...

    Hey, CU basket ball fans! Let's hear it for the Tarwater family!

    Dwight's older brother, Davis, is swimming in London for the US Men!

    Let's cheer them on, along with Morgan Uceny '05 who will run in the women's 1500m.