Wednesday, September 12, 2012

News and Notes: Wednesday Edition

Below, some news and notes...

  • Rant Sports discusses who can now challenge for the Ivy League title with mention of Cornell and writes, "As for Cornell, Chris Wroblewski and Drew Ferry are gone, but the Big Red had a deep rotation in 2011-12, making it more likely for replacements to fill the voids."


Anonymous said...

Why do you keep tweeting that somebody, either the NCAA or Ivy League, has to approve of any Harvard athletes coming back to school in 2013-14 and playing their sport? Why would either the NCAA or the Ivy League have any jurisdiction over this issue? I'm not disagreeing with you because I certainly don't know, but this would seem to be solely an internal Harvard issue.

Separately, you mentioned that Cornell is the only Ivy which is top ranked in both undergraduate engineering and business. Which other Ivies even have undergraduate business programs? Wharton is at Penn -- anybody else?

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Cornell and Penn are the only Ivies with business programs for undergrads.

You cannot obtain a business education at the other Ivies as an undergrad. Yes, you can take theoretical economics. But economics is not a business major.

Business programs involve areas such as finance, marketing, public relations, applied economics and regulatory classes. This is an education you can only get at Cornell and Penn.

If you want a theoretical economics program, there are other Ivies to choose from. But an economics major is not a business education, just as political science is not a legal education.

As for the cheating issue, the Ivy has academic and athletic eligibility requirements and the Ivy League determines which student athletes may or may not play in a 5th or 6th year from their commencement of college.

All 5th years are processed through the Ivy League and the NCAA.

Anonymous said...

Conferences and the NCAA only care when athletes take five or six academic years to compete in four athletic seasons. Casey, Curry and the other Harvard athletes would only be taking four academic years to play four. No review necessary, any more than they would review the Mormon point guard Miller for taking six calendar years to play four seasons.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

NCAA has a specific carve out for religious observance for the LDS Church. So, not accurate.