Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cornell Athletics Release on Ivy Preseason Poll

ITHACA, N.Y. – The Cornell men's basketball team was picked to finish fourth in the 2012 Ivy League Preseason media poll that was announced today. Big Red head coach Bill Courtney and the seven other head coaches spent the morning on a media conference call previewing the teams and the upcoming season, which begins on Nov. 10 when Cornell plays host to Western Michigan.

Princeton, last year's league runner-up, was the near-unanimous preseason favorite, picking up 16 of the 17 first-place votes and 134 points total. Defending league champion Harvard picked up the lone remaining first place vote and was second with 109 points, while Columbia was selected third with 90 points. The Big Red rounded out the top half with 80 points.

Rounding out the field was Penn in fifth (74 points), Yale in sixth (55 points), Brown in seventh (50 points) and Dartmouth in eighth (20 points).

Two media members from each school and one national representative voted in the poll.

Third year head coach Bill Courtney helped the Big Red improve its win total overall and in Ivy League play in 2011-12, finishing 12-16 overall and 7-7 in conference action. Now Cornell returns 10 of its 12 leading scorers from a year ago and has been picked by many to challenge for its fourth Ivy League title in the last six seasons when the year begins.

PREDICTED ORDER OF FINISH (First-Place Votes in Parentheses)

1.Princeton (16)134
2.Harvard (1)109


Anonymous said...

I agree that Princeton and Harvard should be the favorites, but the media poll gives too much credit to the Tigers. Princeton is much less than a 16/17 favorite for the title and Harvard is a much better bet than 1/17 to win.

Oddly, Princeton and Harvard are also the favorites on the women's side but there the Tigers were not given ENOUGH credit with "only" 13 first-place votes to Harvard's 4.

Compared head-to-head, Princeton's women's team is a far better bet for a championship than the Tiger men.

Anonymous said...

Princeton is going to be a nightmare to score against. Look at how long and versatile they are.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

They are long, not sure I'd call them versatile. They are not quick and not athletic (aside from Hummer). And while Cornell is not as big, Cornell is big enough (and quicker and more athletic). The teams split last year.

Anonymous said...

Dartmouth will NOT finish in last place, too many people are stereotyping them as just another Dartmouth team. 6th place at worst for the Big Green.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Could see Dartmouth in 6th if Brown/Yale have some injuries.

Anonymous said...

Cornell and Princeton did of course split last year but the Tigers really seemed to improve over the course of the Ivy season. Princeton started off 2-3 in the league and finished 8-1. Some of that was simply the impact of home and away as all the losses were on the road but just from observation, by the end of the season, Princeton may have been the best team in the conference. Certainly, they were better positioned than any other Ivy to beat Harvard on a neutral court, having done so at home and come very close in Lavietes.

My point is that saying Cornell and Princeton split last year implicitly suggests that the two teams were comparable and I disagree.

Anonymous said...

Alright, I get the Columbia in 3rd thing, and dear Bill Courtney is 1-3 against them, which is worse than BROWN, but let's not forget these dude are always 4-10 or something.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

We will see. But really like this Cornell team's chances of winning it all, not just finishing 3rd of 4th.

Anonymous said...

If Columbia finishes 3rd it'll have to be higher than they've finished in maybe a decade if not decades plural. I understand the high expectations after all their close games with league leaders last year, but I don't get the magnitude of the expected jump. What do you say about a team that played both Harvard and Dartmouth in nailbiters last year? And they didn't just lose to Brown, they were blown out by Brown 94-78. I think people are forgetting this wierd aspect about Columbia where every single Ivy team is challenging for them, seems to make no difference whether it's Brown or Harvard. I think I believe they're capable of coming 3rd, but I'll be a little shocked if they are. I do, however, expect Cornell to lose to them as per usual, since that is what Cornell does these days.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Every season Columbia gets some preseason respect, every nonconference season Columbia wins games with its creamy puff schedule, then they get exposed in the Ivy League.

Cornell won the league in 2008, 2009 and 2010. Cornell finished tied with Columbia in 2011 and ahead of Columbia in 2012. Betting Cornell does better than Columbia again this year.

Anonymous said...

Oh I meant I expect Cornell to lose the face-to-face games against Columbia in completely unnecessary ways.

As for the standings, I must confess that I don't entirely understand all the third and fourth place predictions I'm seeing. With Ski gone, who on our team is really proven? Shonn and Johnny are all-ivy but their resumes are short. Errick is mercurial and I can never predict what kind of game he will have; he's either thrilling me or killing me.

I am only really interested in Shonn's mates (Devin, LaMore, Galal), who look very promising, and I'm hoping Sir Slippery becomes Sir Consistently Slippery.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

You bring up fair points, but you could say the EXACT same things about Princeton and Harvard.

Aside from Ian Hummer and Laurent Rivard--- just who on these teams are proven stars?

So, you see, your points are valid, but Cornell is just as good as anyone else in this very down year Ivy League.

Frankly, I'll take a nucleus of what Cornell has on board and play them against anyone in the conference and will feel pretty confident.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure Princeton is entirely clear-cut as 1st place. I can easily imagine them being swept by Harvard, but then I can easily imagine Harvard losing to a couple of other teams. Although Princeton closed out the leauge on an 8-1 run, at least six of their last 8 or so games were at home. They struggled on the road like everyone else.

Anonymous said...

I think Harvard is overrated in the Pre-season poll. The 2012-13 edition of the Crimson is but a ghost of the 2011-12 league champions.

They return one starter (Rivard), three rotation players (Mondou-Missi, Saunders, and Travis), and Webster, who was good as a frosh, but struggled last year.
That's it; five tested guys, albeit from a championship team. They must fill the rest of their needs with unproven bench players and frosh. Given the level of raw talent in the program, they might be able to do it, but they don't even have known quantities to play point guard or the post. And, they've got Amaker to orchestrate it all.

Early league home games with the purported bottom-dwellers may get them off to a good start, but then the fun begins. In the end, if the Crimson keep pace with Columbia and Cornell, let alone challenge Princeton for the top spot, it'll be a near-miracle.

If the Tigers can get useful off-guard minutes from Wilson and Clement, and a solid 16-18mins/g from the oft-injured Barrett, they will be impossible to stop. Otherwise, just difficult. And, they open with five league games in Jadwin.