Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lindy's 2012-2013 Ivy League Preview

Above, the 2012-2013 Ivy League Preview from Lindy's.  Right click to open the image in a new tab and to zoom in on the article.


Anonymous said...

I have no affiliation with Dartmouth but I have seen their freshman guards play in high school. They are both a cut above the usual Ivy League recruits. They each played at the highest level in their states (NY&NJ)and use their size (small) as an advantage. Expect Dartmouth to push the pace and bring a different style of play to the league.

Anonymous said...

Yeah...probably not.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

If Dartmouth finishes in 6th place , Cormier deserves a $1M bonus payment. If they finish in 4th place, the school should be renamed Cormier College.

Dartmouth is lacking in depth and talent. They have a long way to go, but are headed in the right direction.

Their goal should be to finish with more than 5 wins (they have 10 combined the last 2 seasons).

hornblower said...

I have not seen their 2nd yr. players but the freshman guards are legit. Usually kids who play early on Ivy teams are postgrads. These kids are straight out of high school. The fact that they will play early is as much and indication of their skill as the fact that Dartmouth has no upperclassmen of note.