Friday, October 12, 2012

News and Notes: Friday Edition

Below, some news and notes for Friday...

  • Cornell opens its full practices this weekend.  Early report is that Cornell's roster is in good health.

  • Louis Dale (Cornell '10) and his KAOD team of Greece can now start their season as the A1 premier league in Greece ended its one-week lockout.
  • Jeff Foote (Cornell '10) played 6 minutes, grabbed 3 rebounds and blocked 1 shot last night while shooting 0/1 from the floor as his Lithuanian team, Zalgiris, defeated Cedevita of Croatia, 90-62 in the opener of the EuroLeague.  See a report below from WENY.  Also, see a full  recap of the game and photos on the EuroLeague official website.


Anonymous said...

What's Foote's deal right now? Not playing much. Is it because he still needs to learn their system, or is he just not up to par in that league to be a starter to major player?

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

The team Foote is playing for is almost (emphasize, "almost") and NBA level team. In other words, if Zalgiris was in the NBA, it would be a bad team, but could compete on a nightly basis. However, Zalgiris would destroy any D-League team. We are talking about one of the top 20 teams in the world not in the NBA.

So, Foote is not exactly the 12th man for Zalgiris, but he is not exactly in the rotation either. Kind of a 9th/10th guy who gets spot minutes depending on the match up.

Anonymous said...

Got it, makes sense, thanks.

Lastly, any opinion on how long you think it would take Foote to break into the starting rotation there? Or, if he can basically do that would he not just try and return to the US by that time for NBA?

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

If Foote becomes a starter at Zalgiris, he belongs in the NBA as a 12th man. It is just that simple. T

The starters on the top European clubs are better than some of the deep bench reserves on NBA teams.

Is the NBA better than Europe. Yes, of course.

But the gap is not as much as the casual fan thinks.