Monday, October 22, 2012

News and Notes: Monday Edition

Below, some news and notes for Monday...

  • Now that the Red-White Game is in the books, Cornell's next task is preparing for a closed door scrimmage in Ithaca against Siena on October 27.
  • College Sports Madness picks its preseason All Ivy team and it is loaded with factual mistakes such as including a graduated player (Keith Wright).  Nevertheless, the publication names Cornell's Shonn Miller 3rd Team All Ivy with Errick Peck and Galal Cancer on a 4th Team.  
  • In alumni news, Louis Dale (Cornell '10) had 11 points, 4 rebounds and 1 assist in Greece's premier league, the A1, as his KAOD team defeated Apollon 92-89 in 2OT on Saturday.  KAOD is now 1-1 on the season.  Also in Europe, Jeff Foote (Cornell '10) did not see any game action on Friday night as his Zalgiris of Lithuania team defeated Caja Laboral of Spain in the EuroLeague.  Zalgiris (2-0) faces global power Olimpiacos of Greece on October 25.  In Mexico's premier league, the LNBP, Jeff Aubry (Cornell '99) scored 6 points and grabbed 7 rebounds on Saturday as his Halcones team defeated Abejas 77-63. Halcones is 12-3 and in 3rd place in the 16 team league.  Aubry is averaging 6.7 points and 5.3 rebounds per game.
  • The Blue Ribbon College Basketball Yearbook writes of Harvard, "To really make its mark, Harvard must do what Penn and Princeton once did on a regular basis and what Cornell was the last Ivy team to do -- put together a string of conference titles and NCAA appearances."
  • Below, some footage of Dave Lamore at the Money Ball Pro Am in Michigan over the summer.  


Anonymous said...

Lamore looked freaking legit in that video. Pumped for him this year.

Also, good to see Dale having a good game.

And, I'm still worried about Foote. He's so close to breaking through (in every way), but it's got to be frustrating sitting on the sidelines. Needs to stay motivated.

Anonymous said...

Foote seems to alternate between starting and not playing. Odd. Must be weird circumstances over there.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Don't have any real insight into the situation, but can only say that this is the most talented team he has ever played on (aside from the Hornets) and it appears his minutes depend on the match-up of the opponent.

Always thought that going to Europe was not a good idea for Jeff, but the D-League pays under $40,000 and in Europe he can multiply those numbers several times over.

Anonymous said...

how did Lamore look in the red white game?

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Take a look at who started the Red-White game. Those 10 guys are your lead candidates for rotation minutes.

Lamore started at center for his squad. It looks like he and Chemerinski (who also started) will battle for starting center position, unless Bunce comes back from injury.

The 2-guard battle looks like it is between Gray and Cherry (both started Red-White).

The starting point guard battle is between MAA and Galal (both started Red-White).

The other 4 Red-White starters were Peck, Miller, McMillan and Scelfo.

Those guys plus Bunce as your wildcard appear to be your top 11 with room for 1-2 others to push for minutes in Courtney's system.

Guys that came off the bench: Figini, Giddens, Cressler, Harmon, Mischler, J.Cherry, Tomic, Sahota, Tarwater. Bunce (injured), Matthews (injured).

This appears to be the 11-man rotation:

C Chemerinski/Lamore/Bunce
PF Miller/Peck
SF Peck/Gray
SG Gray/Cherry/Scelfo
PG Cancer/MAA/Scelfo

Could see Cressler pushing here too.

Anonymous said...

Solid team. Coach just needs to make sure they want it more than anyone else and we'll be all set.

Anonymous said...

It's early, it's a long 30+ game season and a lot can happen on a relatively young team.

Anonymous said...

We really, really need a top shelf point guard in the next recruiting class. It's getting late in the recruiting game...

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Point guards and combos are the priority right now for the staff. They are well aware of their needs.