Wednesday, October 17, 2012

News and Notes: Wednesday Edition

Above, some of the different styled Cornell jerseys over the past 115 years of Cornell Basketball. Below, some news and notes for Wednesday...

  • Above, an analysis of Cornell Basketball from the Twitter feed of Brian Delaney (ESPN Radio 1160 Ithaca).  Read the analysis from the bottom to the top.  
  • On Friday, Jeff Foote (Cornell '10) and his Zalgiris (Lithuania) team travel to Caja Laboral (Spain) in their second game of the Euroleague. Caja's roster includes former Philadelphia 76er, Chicago Bull and Sacramento King, Adres Nocioni.


Anonymous said...

I believe that a big component of spending on men's basketball teams is scholarships for the players. Figure $50,000 for each of 14 or 15 players and you're starting off at $700,000 or $750,000 before any other cash expenditures.

The Ivy League spends money on financial aid but that expense is considered an educational outlay whose line item does not show up on the athletic department's income statement.

So it's really not accurate to compare spending between the Ivy League and other conferences without making an adjustment for scholarships and financial aid. That can be easily done by adding $750,000 to the Ivy numbers for an apples-to-apples comparison.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

My understanding is that scholarships are not included in the calculation.