Friday, October 19, 2012

Rant Sports Ivy League Preview

Today, we look at the Ivy League:

The long-awaited moment finally came for Harvard a season ago, as the Crimson qualified for the NCAA Tournament by way of winning the Ivy League outright. With expectations of backing that up with another trip to the Big Dance in 2013, the school, and most notably the basketball program, was wrapped in a cheating scandal that will force head coach Tommy Amaker to replace two of his expected starters.
Kyle Casey and Brandyn Curry are gone, but the Crimson still have enough talent to take the conference crown. The only problem: their window of advantage is not nearly as wide. Princeton, led by all-conference forward Ian Hummer is looking to regain the Ivy League title, while Columbia and Cornell look to provide a threat of their own.

Ivy League Predictions:
1. Harvard
2. Princeton
3. Columbia
4. Cornell
5. Penn
6. Yale
7. Brown
8. Dartmouth

First Team All-Ivy League Predictions:
G Laurent Rivard, Jr., Harvard
G Brian Barbour, Sr., Columbia
G Miles Cartwright, Jr., Penn
F Ian Hummer, Sr., Princeton
F Mark Cisco, Sr., Columbia

Ivy League Player of the Year Prediction:
Ian Hummer, Sr., Princeton

Coach of the Year Prediction:
Kyle Smith, Columbia

Newcomer of the Year Prediction:
Agunwa Okolie, Fr., Harvard

Last Team to Win NCAA Tournament Game:
2010- Cornell advanced to Sweet 16


Anonymous said...

Wow, this preview is a piece of crap.

Anonymous said...

I give these Rant Sports guys credit for choosing Harvard even after the cheating scandal. It takes a little bit more courage than the usual selection because, if Harvard blows up this season, Rant Sports will look more foolish than in a normal year.

Obviously, everybody was going to pick Harvard before Government 1310 cost them Casey and Curry. But the Crimson talent advantage was so great beforehand that a championship season is still a distinct possibility. Before accounting for injuries, it's hard to imagine anybody besides Princeton or Harvard winning. But now depth is an issue and injuries could loom large.

This will be a revealing campaign because it will require Amaker to actually do a little coaching as opposed to simply overwhelming the rest of the conference with athletic ability. This year will be his best chance to shake off his personal rap as a great recruiter and terrible coach.

Anonymous said...

Government 1310 didn't cost Harvard Casey and Curry. Casey and Curry cost Harvard Casey and Curry. That's right, the team captains who lead by example. Well done, Amaker, for setting your own example to create this embarrassing environment for your team.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Just a small point of clarification. Harvard lost 3 confirmed players to the academic scandal. In addition to Kyle Casey and Brandyn Curry, Matt Brown was also involved. A 4th player, Dee Giger also left the roster and may have been involved, but there is no public confirmation. So, we are talking about 3 and possibly a 4th member of the team.