Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Dagger's Ivy League Preview

Above, the Ivy League Preview from the Dagger of YahooSports. The Dagger writes that its league favorite, Princeton, has been to the NCAA tournament once [in recent years] "but they've also largely been overshadowed in the Ivy League by Cornell's Sweet 16 team in 2010."


Anonymous said...

Oh please, it's 2012, almost 2013. Will you fools please stop talking about the 2010 team. No one cares anymore.....As boring as it seems, you'd be better served to talk about the mediocre team that you'll have this year.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

The 2010 Cornell team was the best and most successful Ivy League team in the last 30 years, since the Tournament expanded beyond just 40 teams.

The current Cornell team includes 6 players from that team. In other words, the 2010 season is recent and relevant in terms of measuring all Ivy teams.

If you want to hate and remain jealous of that team, feel free to hate and be jealous.

But the Sweet 16 was only two years ago and remains the benchmark.

Anonymous said...

Jealous? Of a state school? I don't think so.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

The fact that you think you made an insult just shows your lack of intelligence. And you certainly are not very clever either.

Anonymous said...

Meiko Lyles is not on the Columbia roster.

Even with Barbour, a healthy Marc Cisco, and an experienced Alex Rosenberg, Coach Smith is going to have a tough time denting the first division of the League.

Anonymous said...

Lyles' name is actually back on the Columbia roster as of late yesterday.

If this is true, and he plays up to his potential, the Lions should be a first division team.

He ranks right there with Barbour, Bray, Cartwright, McGonagil, Morgan, and Rivard, among the league's top returning guards.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Interesting that you did not list Jon Gray of Cornell. He was All Ivy last year and is a 1st/2nd Team candidate again this year.

CBB could be wrong, but starting to consider Cornell a definite top 3 Ivy team and possibly even the favorite. Again, assuming Cornell stays healthy.

Big Red are a lot like the Houston Texans. Might not have the best player at any position, but might have the most depth and the most balance. Lots of size and athleticism and experience.

At this time, again barring injuries, would be shocked if Cornell did worse than 4th.

Columbia is solid, but lacks depth. Also, the lions are not very strong at the 3 or 4 (forwards). Lions have a very solid Mark Cisco (upper division big man) and a stud in Barbour and another good piece in Lyles. Not seeing much firepower at the 4/5 or much depth.

With a gun to the head, would pick Columbia 4th or 5th.

Happen to think Yale is 8th with a lot of people sleeping on a much improved Dartmouth team.

Would have Brown/Penn as interchangeable 5/6. But believe Penn has a greater upside than Brown and Columbia and has the potential to break the top 3.