Wednesday, November 7, 2012 Preview: WMU vs. Cornell- Four Key Players to Watch identified four key players in Saturday's game of Western Michigan at Cornell.  The four key plays selected are as follows with excerpts of BroncoBlitz's comments:

Johnathan Gray, "Gray will likely draw Bronco senior Brandon Pokley a majority of his time on the floor." 

Galal Cancer, "Sophomore point guard Austin Richie will likely be called upon to guard Cancer in most situations."

Shayne Whittington, "Bronco center Shayne Whittington will have to strike just the right balance between playing physical in the paint with Cornell center Eitan Chemerinski and staying out of foul trouble. Whittington has two solid inches on Chemerinski and that will play a large role in the Broncos success."

Devin Cherry, "Coming deeper off Cornell's bench, Cherry could present some matchup problems against less experienced Broncos Jared Klein or Hayden Hoerdemann."


Anonymous said...

WM can just pack the lane and get the win. We can't shoot from outside. We are athletic and can get to the line but cannot make free throws either.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Cornell is not a prolific outside shooting team, but it does have some solid to very good shooters.

Both Peck and Gray shot better than 40% from beyond the arc and there is no doubt that Scelfo can put up those numbers. Cressler and Cherry are also capable 35%-40% shooters.

As for the charity stripe, Cornell shot 68% as a team from the FT line (70% in Ivy play). Not great numbers, but not terrible.

The best FT team in the league in conference play was Columbia at 78%. Harvard was second at 76%. All others were 73% and below with Penn and Brown sub 70%.

If Cornell gets itself to the line, it is going to score some points and create foul trouble for opposing teams.

Further, bear in mind that this team is built like the San Francisco 49ers. Defense is the calling card.

Courtney wants to defend the basket, grab d-rebounds, run and score easy baskets in transition before the defense sets itself.

Anonymous said...

Peck is a low volume three point shooter. He will take and make a couple if given the space and opportunity. that's it. Enough to keep the defense honest.

You have no idea how Cressler is going to perform against D-1 competition.

I only see Gray and Cherry potentially being legit 3 point shooting threads...biggest issue with them is consistency.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Of course, you did not mention the best shooter on the team.

Anonymous said...

If our guards and others drive the basket, they will get fouled, and if they make the FT's we should win - perfectly good reason to practice FT to get the 80% mark. Of course, nobody is guarding them on the FT line - it's just a matter of practice.

Anonymous said...

Both the Red and the Broncs ranked in the bottom 50 teams in D-1 for 2pt shooting percentage last year, and well into the bottom half of D-1 for total points per game. The Broncos play a snail-like 64 possession game.

Cornell lost two of its best shooters in Wroblewski and Ferry. WMU lost some experienced players, too.

Free throws not withstanding, this early in the season, this game just might not get out of the 50's.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Ferry was a high volume shooter, not a high percentage shooter. Read the stats from last season.

Anonymous said...

True by the numbers. Drew Ferry was no John Jenkins, Isaiah Canaan, or Ryan Wittman, but guys who can stroke it at that level are generational in nature.

Furthermore, Drew would be first to tell you that he struggled a bit during the 2012 Ivy season, something that may be a little fresher in our memories.

However, let's put his 2011-12 season in proper perspective. When one considers both usage and percentage for 3PTrs for all of 2012, Drew Ferry ranked in the Top 75 in D-1 as a 3PT man. I don't have the stats for 2011, but his 2011 numbers suggest he would stand in a similar position. That's great stuff. People who watch Cornell basketball also know that he gave 110% every minute he was on the court.

IMO, players who contribute at this level are a definite asset to teams like Cornell. We will be a better team this year if we can find another one like Drew Ferry.

br2 said...

Ferry could fire quickly and nail the 3 ball and go on Ray Allen-esque runs from downtown like few others.

With that said he could also be colder than winter for long stretches.