Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Game Preview Center: Cornell vs. Stony Brook (Wednesday, November 28, 7 pm)

Get all the information you need about the Cornell Big Red's game vs Stony Brook, Wednesday, November 28, 2012, 7 pm, right here with The Cornell Basketball Blog's Game Preview Center.

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Anonymous said...

Let's get the offense going early. Let's start the five leading scorers. Cherry, Cressler, Miller, Peck and Eitan. I don't think u lose anything defensively and Cherry is a great combo guard who can run the point or B a threat to shoot the three. This should get us out of the starting gate pretty good. Go Big Red!!!!

Anonymous said...

After 7G, the combo of Galal and Miles at the point has given us 5R, 8.5P, and 5.5A per game. That's less scoring, but more A/R than ace Ivy PG's like Barbour and McGonagil produce for their teams. Frosh Chambers' numbers look about like Galal/Miles. It's a good "problem" to have. The other four teams are still searching for PGs who can perform at this level.

There's no one right answer, but I think for now, we need to have either Galal or Miles out there at all times.

Whether it is Devin, Nolan, or Errick who come in at the first break, I think all understand that they are going to get 20-24MPG.

With this depth, the last five minutes of the game can potentially be ours every night.

BTW, did everyone notice that Cornell ranks 38th in the nation in FT shooting at 75.7%? Congratulations, guys! Your practice is showing.

Anonymous said...

Great to see improvement in FT's as it will win games - where would we be (nationally) if we shot 80% as a team? And how many games will we win because of those FT's??

Anonymous said...

I know it's a rhetorical question, but 80% would place us sixth right now, and would be first or second at the end of the season. It would be a wonderful improvement over Coach's first two seasons. The D-1 season average is only 68.5%.

On that exact subject, Harvard struggled from the line last night (65%) and dropped what otherwise appeared to be a winnable game on their homecourt against AE-top dog Vermont. It was a 2pt game with 11min left.

Tonight's game with StonyBrook has many parallels with the Harvard-UVM game. On our home court. StonyBrook is the #2 AE team, but does seem to be a half-notch below UVM. It's a sitff non-con test to see what the team figured out on the Western swing. If we are on our game, we will get a W.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Not sure how you factor Vermont ahead of Stony Brook. Vermont lost by 18 to UConn and trailed by 9 at half. It was never a game.

Stony Brook led UConn at half and it was competitive to the end, until FTs did them in and lost by 11.

Vermont is 5-1, SBU is 4-2.

Yeah, SBU lost to Sacred Heart, but UVM struggled with Siena (1-4 vs. D-I) and didn't exactly blowout Yale.

Stony Brook had a couple interesting wins over Marist and Canisius.

SBU might be the better team here.

Anonymous said...

Re: FT's - My experience is that it is a matter of practice, focus, intensity, care, and concern. Go Big Red - 80% plus for the season!