Monday, November 19, 2012

Ivy Awards: Cherry to Honor Roll

Cornell's Devin Cherry was named to the Ivy League weekly honor roll.

The Ivy Office notes of Cherry:
Devin Cherry, Cornell (So., G - Meridan, Miss.)
14 points, 2 rebounds vs. St. Bonaventure
14 points, 7 rebounds vs. Saint Peter’s
13 points, 2 rebounds at Wisconsin


Week 1 November 12-Gabas Maldunas, Dartmouth/Will Barrett, Princeton
Week 2 November 19-Fran Dougherty, Penn

Week 1 November 12-Nolan Cressler, Cornell
Week 2 November 19-Rafael Maia, Brown


Anonymous said...

Well deserved by Cherry. Love the fire in his belly.

Anonymous said...

I called Cherry as a future star during his freshman year red-white game. Even though he did not play particularly well that game, you could see the upside. He is fearless, has an attack mentality, and incredibly quick with the ball.

Anonymous said...

Major bummer: Julian Jacobs going to USC over Cornell. Is there any good news on the horizon? It's been a rough week for the Big Red and its fans.

Anonymous said...

i hope our performance against Wisconsin didn't trigger Jacobs' decision to spurn Cornell. Would have been a huge get.

Anonymous said...

Were we really all that close to landing Julian Jacobs?

He's from Nevada, committed to then decommitted from one PAC-12 team, and then eventually committed to another PAC-12 team. It makes sense to conclude that he really wanted to play close to home.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Julian's decision came down to Cornell and USC. He had offers from Arizona St and Utah as well (not to mention many others and was offered to visit Texas this week). He took just two official visits-- USC and Cornell. He was at Cornell during Homecoming Weekend.

Anonymous said...

Losing guys like Jacobs is a kick in the gut. Of course, recruiting is a total crap shoot.

Are there other players of Jacobs's caliber still on the board for Cornell for 2013?

Unknown said...

Hmm...LA and USC girls v. Ithaca and Cornell girls...coulda been the Wisconsin game....but it sounds like a kid flattered by an Ivy League offer who came to his senses, like many of the Harvard non-gets. We have a lot of pretty decent young PGs already...

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

None of the regular Ivy bloggers have a clue on this kid, but have known about him since November 2010 (Cornell was on him for a long time).

He has a unique background that would have made him a perfect fit at Cornell.

At the end of the day, he had a lot of pressure from "others" to go to the Pac 12 (He was originally committed to Utah, so actually turned Cornell down twice). Ivy made more sense for him though.

He is a special player. There is no Ivy PG in the league that can finish at the rim like him. He is also a devastating defender. Closest thing to him in the Ivy was Ibby Jaaber, but he is 10x better than Ibby (2007 Ivy POY).

In a lot of ways, he is a more important recruit than Zena, because as a physical specimen at PG, he has the ball in his hands and can control the game flow.

This one was a tough loss. But Bill Courtney, Marlon Sears, Mike Blaine and Arlen Galloway are great recruiters (see Shonn Miller, Devin Cherry, Galal Cancer in the 1st class). There will be other studs to join Cornell.

And try to keep in mind, David Onuorah had a whole lot of BCS teams on him. He committed to Cornell in June 2012, before the camp/AAU season took full flight. He's a legit superstar Ivy talent. Vandy and Auburn were all over him.

And Cornell has yet to see its other BCS kid, Braxston Bunce, take the court.

The best is yet to come kiddies.

Anonymous said...

CBB: reading your post makes one realize this is a bigger loss than initially thought. He would have indeed been a game-changer, and I'm assume we've now lost our top target for 2013. Really, really hope there's somewhat comparable kids still on the board who are considering Cornell

Anonymous said...

Think Devin Cherry was a overshawdowed by a top 50 recruit in Rodney Hood at meridian high school in Mississippi. Mr Cherry is even now underrated, I believe he has a tremendous upside.. Time will truly tell. Hopefully sooner than later

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Hood was top 25 in some rankings and is now at Duke.