Wednesday, November 28, 2012

News and Notes: Wednesday Edition

Get all the information you need about the Cornell Big Red's game vs Stony Brook, Wednesday, November 28, 2012, 7 pm, with The Cornell Basketball Blog's Game Preview Center. Below, news and notes for Wednesday...
  • A podcast of a Tuesday evening interview with Miles Asafo Adjei is available on the ESPN 1160 website.
  • According to Washington State Athletics, the oldest "continuous" college basketball rivalries in the nation are, "Columbia/Yale (112th season), Princeton/Yale (112th season), Pennsylvania/Princeton (111th season), Columbia/Pennsylvania (110th season) and Cornell/Pennsylvania (110th season). "
  • Below, links to our recap sections from each of Cornell's games during the 2012-2013 season.
    1. 11/10/12 vs. Western Michigan W 63-55
    2. 11/14/12 vs. St. Bonaventure L 68-72
    3. 11/16/12 vs. St. Peter's  L 64-68
    4. 11/18/12 at Wisconsin (Las Vegas Invitational) L 40-73 
    5. 11/20/12 at Arizona State (Las Vegas Invitational L 53-64
    6. 11/23/12 vs. Presbyterian (Las Vegas Invitational) at Las Vegas W 89-55
    7. 11/24/12 vs. Longwood (Las Vegas Invitational) at Las Vegas W 84-78
  • Cornell RPI WatchThe RPI (Rating Percentage Index) is a measure of strength of schedule and how a team does against that schedule. It does not consider the margin of victory, but only whether or        not a team won and where the game was played (home/away/neutral court). The formula is 25% team                 winning percentage (WP), 50% opponents' average winning percentage (OWP), and 25% opponents'              opponents' average winning percentage (OOWP). (See: for a further explanation of the formula.) The RPI may be the most influential factor in NCAA Tournament seeding. Cornell's RPI rank as of November 28 is No. 179 out of 344 total Division I teams. While neither the Ken Pomeroy or the Sagarin Rankings (USA Today) are used by the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee, the site ranks Cornell No. 211 in the nation, while the Sagarin Rankings (USA Today) have Cornell at No. 214. Both sites are predominantly used by fans and the media.

Friday, November 9
MIT 54 Harvard 69 Box Score - Recap
UMBC 75 Penn 80  Box Score - Recap

Saturday, November 10
Western Michigan 55 Cornell 63 Box Score - Recap
Princeton 57 Buffalo 53 Box Score - Recap
Yale 82 Sacred Heart 85 (OT) [SNY] [Conn 6] Box Score - Recap  
Columbia 68 Furman 47 Box Score - Recap
Maine 54 Dartmouth 67  Box Score - Recap

Sunday, November 11
Brown 58 Binghamton 49 Box Score - Recap

Monday, November 12
Yale 35 Saint Joseph’s 61 (Coaches v. Cancer) 
Box Score - Recap
Penn 69 Delaware 84 (Preseason NIT)
 Box Score - Recap

Tuesday, November 13
Harvard 64 Massachusetts 67 (ESPN Tip Off Marathon) [ESPN]
 Box Score - Recap
Penn 53 Fairfield 62 
(Preseason NIT) [ESPN3] Box Score - Recap
Northeastern 67 Princeton 66 Box Score - Recap
New Hampshire 72 Dartmouth 58 
Box Score - Recap
Haverford 40 Columbia 74
 Box Score - Recap

Wednesday, November 14
St. Bonaventure at Cornell [NBCSN]
 Box Score - Recap

Thursday, November 15
Brown 71 Central Connecticut State 86 
Box Score - Recap

Friday, November 16
Saint Peter’s 68 Cornell 64
 Box Score - Recap
Rutgers 58 Princeton 5
Box Score - Recap
Manhattan 45 Harvard 79 Box Score
Yale 56 Evansville 66 
(Coaches v. Cancer) Box Score - Recap

Saturday, November 17
 61 Penn 59 Box Score - Recap
Yale 63 Buffalo 59 (Evansville, Ind.) (Coaches v. Cancer) Box Score
Brown 70 Maine 68 Box Score - Recap
Marist 67 Columbia 62 Box Score - Recap

Sunday. November 18
Yale 47 Western Illinois 59 (Oakland City, Ind.) 
Box Score - Recap
Cornell 40 Wisconsin 73 (Las Vegas Invitational) [ESPN3]  
Box Score - Recap

Monday, November 19
Penn 68 Fordham 70 (Preseason NIT, Bethlehem PA) Box Score - Recap

Tuesday, November 20
Columbia 75 Villanova 57 [ESPN3] Box Score - Recap
Harvard 56 Saint Joseph’s 75 [NBCSN] Box Score - Recap
Penn 66 Lehigh 73 (Preseason NIT) Box Score - Recap
Cornell 53 Arizona State 64 (Las Vegas Invitational) [PAC-12 Sports Network] Box Score - Recap

Wednesday, November 21
Bryant 68 Brown 61 Box Score - Recap
Princeton 53 Syracuse 73 [TIME WARNER] Box Score - Recap
Yale 52 Vermont 65  Box Score - Recap

Friday, November 23
Cornell 89 Presbyterian 55 (Las Vegas Invitational at Las Vegas) Box Score - Recap
Columbia 75 Wayland Baptist 63 (SF Hilltop Classic) Box Score - Recap

Saturday, November 24
Saint Francis (N.Y.) 76 Brown72 (OT) Box Score - Recap
IPFW 70 Dartmouth 66 Box Score - Recap
Princeton 72 Lafayette53 Box Score - Recap
Army 83 Yale 86 (2OT)  Box Score - Recap
Cornell 84 Longwood 78 (Las Vegas Invitational at Las Vegas) Box Score - Recap
Columbia 59 San Francisco 79 (SF Hilltop Classic) Box Score - Recap

Tuesday, November 27
Dartmouth 49 Bucknell 62 Box Score - Recap
Vermont 85 Harvard 78 [NBCSN] Box Score - Recap

Wednesday, November 28
Columbia at LIU Brooklyn, 7 pm
Stony Brook at Cornell, 7 pm
Binghamton at Penn, 7 pm
Princeton at Wagner, 7 pm

Thursday, November 29
Sacred Heart at Brown, 7 pm
Hartford at Yale, 7 pm

Saturday, December 1
Brown at New Hampshire, 1 pm [WBIN/FCS]
Fordham at Harvard, 1 pm
Dartmouth at Longwood, 2 pm
Penn at Penn State, 2 pm [ESPN3]
Colgate at Cornell, 4 pm
Bucknell at Columbia, 7 pm
Princeton at Kent State, 7 pm


Unknown said...

Saw all your twitterisms about potential. Random question: Who is responsible for the junior class in terms of recruiting? Donahue or Courtney, or neither for that matter? Seems like such a weak class. Will hinder CU this year and next. Hopefully there are some impact frosh coming. There are 5 contributing seniors this year. Maybe none next year.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Junior class was entirely recruited by Donahue, Graham, Spiker, App and Kampmann.

The way the process generally works is the assistant coach finds the talent, fosters the relationship with the kid, the parents, the AAU coach and the high school coach.

Once a relationship is formed, the introduction to the head coach takes place. If the head coach wants the kid, the congressional bill is signed into law and an offer is made.

Dom Scelfo for example was a Spiker recruit. Cornell fought Saint Louis and Tulane for him.

Jake Matthews, Manny Sahota, Dwight Tarwater recruited largely by Nat Graham.

Manny was a Cornell Elite Camp attendee. He was offered at the camp.

Cornell fought Princeton for Tarwater. He also had a walk-on opportunity at U.Tenn.

Jamal Cherry recruited Cornell, more than Cornell recruited him, which is why he walked onto the team. But the staff liked him all along. There were dozens of D-II and D-III teams that were dying to have Jamal.

To be fair--- Manny, Jake and Dom all had career threatening injuries. None of them played more than a full season of college basketball. Really unfair to say they are a weak class.

The sophomores and frosh are all Bill Courtney's.

Anonymous said...

Peck will be back as a fifth year next, won't he? I think he'll be contributing quite a bit.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Yes, Peck is coming back for a 5th, but he was part of the Eitan-Josh-Miles class.

Anonymous said...

comically bad performance. Again, maybe the coaching staff should stop doing worthless defensive slide drills and actually work on the offensive scheme...

Anonymous said...

That, my friends, is what you call an ass-kicking.

Anonymous said...

again, who gives a sh&t if we play "hectic" defense and hold teams to 60-70 pts when we struggle mightily to score 50 every game

Anonymous said...

And Jamal Cherry makes an appearance. Might as well get Mischler in there and let the frosh throw up a shot. Not like we have anything to lose.

Anonymous said...

What was the last time the league was this bad across the board?

Anonymous said...

College basketball is a roller coaster. If you don't have a short term memory, then you are better off trying something else. Go to practice tomorrow, work your tails off and move on.

Anonymous said...

The delight you take in the struggles of other Ivies is disappointing. The fact that many are doing badly does not make me any less distraught at how bad Cornell has been for the last couple of years. It simply should not be an excuse.

Cornell used its cachet after the sweet 16 run to get some of the sweetest recruits I've ever seen. Nolan. Shonn. Galal. It is a pity it has not been translated into coherent games. Even those juniors and seniors; people are talking smack about the juniors but Donahue didn't exactly have an awful track record in finding talented folk. The one with lots of hair had several division one offers, and the Canadian one was on that Canadian all-star team with that Harvard dude, and Tarwater was an extremely successful highschooler in his state. That nothing much has been made of them is a pity, but I doubt it is due to lack of inherent talent.

What rapid strangulation of our wonderful program.

Unknown said...

Where I come from that's called a beat down. Perhaps some soul searching at Teagle (or wherever the offices are these days)? I thought the Ivy's were getting relatively better, not worse.

Still think that's true. Our style needs to beat other Ivy's. With no rebounding, bad asst/TO ratio, chicken-head-cut-off offense, not sure that's gonna happen, but we can dream.

Anonymous said...

Check 2003-04. League was 35-71 OOC. Hahvahd and Dahtmouth were a combined 3-24.

The league's success over the past three or four years has caused teams to schedule up a little bit. So far this year, at 15-31 against D-1 competition, league teams seem to be paying a price.

It doesn't get any easier during the rest of the pre-season schedule.

elmirajim said...

i know we have not played any important games(in conference)but i gotta tell you this team looks uncoached,freelance,clueless. i do not like courteney's style. it looks like bad mid-major mishmash. oh for the days of donahue..even the lean early years always showed potential. this group shows me nothing but bad playground ball

Anonymous said...

For some perspective, Donohue finished 7th in the Ivy League (a far worse league than the past two seasons) his first two years as head coach. He finished fifth the next two seasons.

We all recognize that this team's offense struggles and should slow down at times. Let's give it some time.

Hopefully CBB is right (and not puffing) that there are game changing recruits with high major offers in the mix for 2013. Let's see how this plays out. It's just not looking like it'll happen this year, but i haven't given up hope on league play yet. I'm also a Cubs fan, so take that for what it's worth.

br2 said...

Can we stop comparing Donahue's first few years here with Courtney's? Courtney has some major talent on this roster. Talent which Donahue didn't see right away. Courtney should be expected to be BETTER than Donahue was at this point.

Also, during last night's game in the 1st half there were some flashes of brilliant ball movement that reminded me of the Donahue era. Then, in an instant, it was gone. I had thought that maybe the team had finally learned a system, but perhaps it was all dumb luck.

We need a system. Holding teams to 60 while you score 50 is not a's called losing.

Unknown said...

So agree with br2. BC's supposed to build on past success (Sweet 16!), not start from scratch. One of the major frustrations is he has more talent on roster than Donahue ever had in beginning. Early Donahue players did more with less. Now we're doing less with more, it would appear - unless of course they all suck and we just don't realize it. But the eye test doesn't seem to confirm that. I would say though that the best players are mostly Sophs and Frosh. So maybe some learning will happen. On the other hand why haven't older players improved? Peck seems to be regressing for instance.

Anonymous said...

Technically speaking, Courtney has been better than Donohue's first years. Compare their records.

It's not intended to be a perfect comparison.

Anonymous said...

I'm frustrated that our offense seems to only fit two types of players, shooting guards and centers.

What I would do if I was BC.

1)Reduce the number of players on the floor at one time that are tempted to shoot the 3.

2)Put another player on the floor that can play as a 4 with his back to the basket. I know that BC is trying to use Miller in this way, but this is not Millers game. Miller is a roamer and slasher, is best when playing off the ball, putting another 4 in would allow for inside out/slashing game. Not sure who this 4 is since Peck, Harmon, Tarwater, McMillan look more comfortable around the perimeter then on the block, maybe Tomic?. Having another big man under the basket would help with rebounding and boxing out.

3) Take care of the ball, too many turnovers. I think BC has it correct here, MAA would be my man. He needs to protect the ball above all and look to start the play by passing. I'm a big fan of Cherry and would think he can do a great job but I think he is hard-wired to score first.

Cancer seams to have lost his way. To many turn over to much forcing shots, etc. BC is correct in reducing his playing time.

I'm sure all these kids are trying to do their best and are all talented, but BC needs to recognize quickly the individual strengths of each player and put a system into place that exploits it. The current mix on the floor is two dimensional, anyone and all shoot from the arch or Chemerinski on the block.

Anonymous said...

Agree mostly with Anon 8:10. However, Miller is a good back to basket player but has been set up on the perimeter on offense so he hasn't been able to showcase this talent. Also, I believe that increased playing time, Cancer can find his way back. He has great potential to be the floor leader.

I think that the coaches will made the adjustment. We must be patient as fans through the adjustment.

Anonymous said...

One problem I see with this team is that it's trying to run the Dribble Drive but doesn't have the personnel (yet) to do it. To run it effectively, you need good three point shooters to create gaps and spread the floor for the ball-handler to penetrate and then dish or finish at the rim. We haven't had the consistent shooting and penetration needed to run this offense, and the other players aren't cutting nearly enough for this offense to work consistently.

It's a work in progress, and I'm optimistic that it will improve. Players like Cressler and Cherry should thrive in it come league play, when Cornell won't be quite so overmatched.

We also have to keep in mind that this is a young team that's prohibited from practicing together over the summer. Why is that, anyway? What's wrong with taking summer classes to lighten the load during basketball season and getting in some good time in the gym/weight room?

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:04. Think u project very good knowledge of what's going on with this team. That's truly the way they should b playing. The lack of cutters to to basket truly hindering offense, appears to many stand around waiting 4 something to happen instead of initiating movement.... Hopefully that will improve and Big Reds offense improves with it