Saturday, January 19, 2013

News and Notes: Saturday Edition

Get all the information you need about the Cornell Big Red's season series against Columbia: vs Columbia in Ithaca, NY, Saturday, January 19, 2013, 3 pm (NBC Sports Network) and at Columbia, Saturday, January 26, 2013, 7 pm, with The Cornell Basketball Blog's Game Preview Center.  Below, news and notes for Saturday...

  • Don't forget that today's game is televised on NBC Sports Network.  There will be no Redcast video service.
  • Harvard booster and blogger, Mike James, checks in with the Ivy League for Rush the Court.
  • Below, links to our recap sections from each of Cornell's games during the 2012-2013 season. 
    1. 11/10/12 vs. Western Michigan W 63-55
    2. 11/14/12 vs. St. Bonaventure L 68-72
    3. 11/16/12 vs. St. Peter's  L 64-68
    4. 11/18/12 at Wisconsin (Las Vegas Invitational) L 40-73 
    5. 11/20/12 at Arizona State (Las Vegas Invitational L 53-64
    6. 11/23/12 vs. Presbyterian (Las Vegas Invitational) at Las Vegas W 89-55
    7. 11/24/12 vs. Longwood (Las Vegas Invitational) at Las Vegas W 84-78
    8. 11/28/12 vs. Stony Brook L 53-76
    9. 12/1/12 vs. Colgate W 70-63
    10. 12/17/12 at Vanderbilt L 55-66
    11. 12/19/12 at Duke L 47-88
    12. 12/22/12 at Boston U. L 57-70
    13. 12/28/12 at St. Francis (PA) W 79-67
    14. 12/30/12 at Binghamton W 79-77
    15. 1/2/13 vs. Bucknell L 56-72
    16. 1/6/13 at American W 68-60
    17. 1/12/13 vs. SUNY Old Westbury W 103-84
  • Cornell RPI WatchThe RPI (Rating Percentage Index) is a measure of strength of schedule and how a team does against that schedule. It does not consider the margin of victory, but only whether or not a team won and where the game was played (home/away/neutral court). The formula is 25% team winning percentage (WP), 50% opponents' average winning percentage (OWP), and 25% opponents' opponents' average winning percentage (OOWP). (See: for a further explanation of the formula.) The RPI may be the most influential factor in NCAA Tournament seeding. Cornell's RPI rank as of January 19 is No. 233 out of 344 total Division I teams. While neither the Ken Pomeroy or the Sagarin Rankings (USA Today) are used by the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee, the site ranks Cornell No. 255 in the nation, while the Sagarin Rankings (USA Today) have Cornell at No. 246.  Both sites are predominantly used by fans and the media.

Friday, November 9
MIT 54 Harvard 69 Box Score - Recap
UMBC 75 Penn 80  Box Score - Recap

Saturday, November 10
Western Michigan 55 Cornell 63 Box Score - Recap
Princeton 57 Buffalo 53 Box Score - Recap
Yale 82 Sacred Heart 85 (OT) [SNY] [Conn 6] Box Score - Recap  
Columbia 68 Furman 47 Box Score - Recap
Maine 54 Dartmouth 67  Box Score - Recap

Sunday, November 11
Brown 58 Binghamton 49 Box Score - Recap

Monday, November 12
Yale 35 Saint Joseph’s 61 (Coaches v. Cancer) 
Box Score - Recap
Penn 69 Delaware 84 (Preseason NIT)
 Box Score - Recap

Tuesday, November 13
Harvard 64 Massachusetts 67 (ESPN Tip Off Marathon) [ESPN]
 Box Score - Recap
Penn 53 Fairfield 62 
(Preseason NIT) [ESPN3] Box Score - Recap
Northeastern 67 Princeton 66 Box Score - Recap
New Hampshire 72 Dartmouth 58 
Box Score - Recap
Haverford 40 Columbia 74
 Box Score - Recap

Wednesday, November 14
St. Bonaventure at Cornell [NBCSN]
 Box Score - Recap

Thursday, November 15
Brown 71 Central Connecticut State 86 
Box Score - Recap

Friday, November 16
Saint Peter’s 68 Cornell 64
 Box Score - Recap
Rutgers 58 Princeton 5
Box Score - Recap
Manhattan 45 Harvard 79 Box Score
Yale 56 Evansville 66 
(Coaches v. Cancer) Box Score - Recap

Saturday, November 17
 61 Penn 59 Box Score - Recap
Yale 63 Buffalo 59 (Evansville, Ind.) (Coaches v. Cancer) Box Score
Brown 70 Maine 68 Box Score - Recap
Marist 67 Columbia 62 Box Score - Recap

Sunday. November 18
Yale 47 Western Illinois 59 (Oakland City, Ind.) 
Box Score - Recap
Cornell 40 Wisconsin 73 (Las Vegas Invitational) [ESPN3]  
Box Score - Recap

Monday, November 19
Penn 68 Fordham 70 (Preseason NIT, Bethlehem PA) Box Score - Recap

Tuesday, November 20
Columbia 75 Villanova 57 [ESPN3] Box Score - Recap
Harvard 56 Saint Joseph’s 75 [NBCSN] Box Score - Recap
Penn 66 Lehigh 73 (Preseason NIT) Box Score - Recap
Cornell 53 Arizona State 64 (Las Vegas Invitational) [PAC-12 Sports Network] Box Score - Recap

Wednesday, November 21
Bryant 68 Brown 61 Box Score - Recap
Princeton 53 Syracuse 73 [TIME WARNER] Box Score - Recap
Yale 52 Vermont 65  Box Score - Recap

Friday, November 23
Cornell 89 Presbyterian 55 (Las Vegas Invitational at Las Vegas) Box Score - Recap
Columbia 75 Wayland Baptist 63 (SF Hilltop Classic) Box Score - Recap

Saturday, November 24
Saint Francis (N.Y.) 76 Brown72 (OT) Box Score - Recap
IPFW 70 Dartmouth 66 Box Score - Recap
Princeton 72 Lafayette53 Box Score - Recap
Army 83 Yale 86 (2OT)  Box Score - Recap
Cornell 84 Longwood 78 (Las Vegas Invitational at Las Vegas) Box Score - Recap
Columbia 59 San Francisco 79 (SF Hilltop Classic) Box Score - Recap

Tuesday, November 27
Dartmouth 49 Bucknell 62 Box Score - Recap
Vermont 85 Harvard 78 [NBCSN] Box Score - Recap

Wednesday, November 28
Columbia 61 LIU Brooklyn 70 Box Score - Recap
Stony Brook 53 Cornell 76 Box Score - Recap
Binghamton 54 Penn 65 Box Score - Recap
Princeton 42 Wagner 48 (OT) Box Score - Recap

Thursday, November 29
Sacred Heart 56 Brown 69 Box Score - Recap
Hartford 60 Yale 51 Box Score - Recap

Saturday, December 1
Brown 50 New Hampshire 63 [WBIN/FCS] Box Score - Recap
Fordham 64 Harvard 73 Box Score - Recap
Dartmouth 61 Longwood 53 Box Score - Recap
Penn 47 Penn State 58 [ESPN3] Box Score - Recap
Colgate 63 Cornell 70 Box Score - Recap
Bucknell 65 Columbia 57 Box Score - Recap
Princeton 50 Kent State 62 Box Score - Recap

Tuesday, December 4
Dartmouth 49 Elon 71 Box Score - Recap
Harvard 79 Boston College 63 [ESPN3] Box Score - Recap

Wednesday, December 5
Yale 64 Bryant 62 Box Score - Recap

Friday, December 7
Harvard 49 Connecticut 57 [SNY] Box Score - Recap

Saturday, December 8
Yale 56 New Hampshire 64  Box Score - Recap
Drexel 64 Princeton 57 Box Score - Recap
Dartmouth 56 Holy Cross 67 Box Score - Recap
Brown 57 Notre Dame 84 [ESPN3] Box Score - Recap
Villanova 68 Penn 55 [NBCSN] Box Score - Recap

Sunday, December 9
Columbia 54 American 42 Box Score - Recap

Tuesday, December 11
Boston University 64 Harvard 65 Box Score - Recap

Wednesday, December 12
Dartmouth 50 Vermont 52 Box Score - Recap

Saturday, December 15
Princeton 60 Fordham 63 (Brooklyn Hoops Winter Festival) [YES] Box Score - Recap
Dartmouth 42 Arizona State 61 Box Score - Recap

Monday, December 17
Cornell 55 Vanderbilt 66 [ESPNU] Box Score - Recap

Tuesday, December 18
Albertus Magnus 63 Yale 112 Box Score - Recap

Wednesday, December 19
Cornell 47 Duke 88 [ESPNU] Box Score - Recap

Thursday, December 20
Rider 45 Princeton 62 Box Score - Recap

Friday, December 21
Penn 60 Delaware 83  Box Score - Recap

Saturday, December 22
Cornell 57 Boston University70 Box Score - Recap
Dartmouth 66 Bryant 79  Box Score - Recap
Holy Cross 65 Harvard 72  Box Score - Recap
Elon 70 Columbia 79 Box Score - Recap
Bucknell 67 Princeton 79 Box Score - Recap

Sunday, December 23
Brown 42 Northwestern 63 [] Box Score - Recap

Friday, December 28
Providence 68 Brown 69 [NBCSN] Box Score - Recap
Cornell 79 Saint Francis (Pa.) 67  Box Score - Recap
Yale 75 Nevada 85 Box Score - Recap

Saturday, December 29
Manhattan 58 Columbia 69 Box Score - Recap
Penn 63 Wagner 68  Box Score - Recap
Harvard 67 California 62 [PAC-12] Box Score - Recap

Sunday, December 30
Cornell 79 Binghamton 77 [TIME WARNER SPORTS] Box Score - Recap
Yale 62 Saint Mary’s (Calif.) 78 Box Score - Recap
Princeton 58 Akron 62 Box Score - Recap

Monday, December 31
Dartmouth 58 Boston College 79 [ESPN3] Box Score - Recap
Brown 50 Albany 57 Box Score - Recap
Harvard 69 Saint Mary’s (Calif.) 70 [ESPN2] Box Score - Recap

Tuesday, January 1
Yale 70 Iowa State 80 Box Score - Recap

Wednesday, January 2
Colgate 59 Columbia 66 Box Score - Recap
Bucknell 72 Cornell 56 Box Score - Recap
Penn 57 Butler 70 Box Score - Recap

Friday, January 4
Brown 47 Rhode Island 59 [OSN] Box Score - Recap
Yale 61 Holy Cross 54 Box Score - Recap

Saturday, January 5
Princeton 74 Elon 64 Box Score - Recap
Penn 57 La Salle 74 Box Score - Recap
Columbia 64 Army 52 Box Score - Recap
Rice 62 Harvard 92 Box Score - Recap
Colgate 78 Dartmouth 62 Box Score - Recap

Sunday, January 6
Cornell 68 American 60 Box Score - Recap
Florida 79 Yale 58 [NBCSN] Box Score - Recap

Tuesday, January 8
Niagara 74 Brown 75 Box Score - Recap
Columbia 69 Holy Cross 78 Box Score - Recap
Army 58 Dartmouth 75 Box Score - Recap
Lafayette 85 Penn 83 Box Score - Recap

Saturday, January 12
Daniel Webster 34 Brown 71 Box Score - Recap
College at Old Westbury 84 Cornell 103  Box Score - Recap
Oberlin 39 Yale 104 Box Score - Recap
*Harvard 75 Dartmouth 65 Box Score - Recap
*Penn 53 Princeton 65 [NBCSN] Box Score - Recap

Thursday, January 17
Colby-Sawyer 42 Dartmouth 80 Box Score
Penn 54 NJIT 53 Box Score - Recap

Saturday, January 19
Harvard at Memphis, 12:30 pm [FSN]
*Columbia at Cornell, 3 pm [NBCSN]
Saint Joseph’s at Penn, 5 pm [ESPNU]
*Yale at Brown, 7 pm


Anonymous said...

We got killed in the paint.
What happened to playing LaMore. He is the best defender in the paint by far.

Anonymous said...

That was terrible. Pressure defense that is non-existant, no help defense, can't stop the PG penetrating and dishing.That's just the defense. Offensively, no identity, justchukking up 3's and running around like chickens w/ their heads cut off. Miller lollygagging around the arc. Peck- what's happened to him, he looks like a fish out of water. Huge problems, and I seriously feel that Courtney should not be given much more rope! BTW- where is the big frosh Bunce? Did we know he was this badly injured when we recruited him? He has had an entire semester to heal- we need his height and bulk. Oh yeah, it gets worse-one, only one recruit coming in next year. I thought Courtney was a master recruiter??

Anonymous said...

Free Throws - columbia 83% as a team, cornell 43% as a team (and we are playing at home! Are we shooting with our eyes closed?

Anonymous said...

Given the way this year has been, I don't know why we were expecting different results. We have been a cupcake all year and still cannot grasp it. If things continue as they have been, I think Andy Noel should seriously consider canning Courtney at the end of this season. If three years isn't enough to figure out that what you're doing doesn't work, I don't know what is.

I'm done with the perssonel excuse. The "big man" problem has been obvious for three years; how long does it take to solve it? Also, is any player at ANY position consistent, other than Shonn Miller? No. They are inconsistent at all positions across the board because the coach is bad.

It can be difficult to disentangle if the problem is personnel or coaching, but I have trouble believing that Courtney simply happened to obtain a roster with only one decent player on it. No one is consistent because his offense isn't consistent.

And look what a difference coaching can make. If a team is a cupcake, we assume its players must just suck. But Kyle Smith took over a team ranked 300+ on Kenpom and swept Cornell with it the next year. Apparently, Joe Jones must've been one helluva recruiter because Kyle Smith and O'Shea at Bryant are now winning on the backs of his recruits. And yet under him, they were cupcakes.

Anonymous said...

Come to realize that this Coach has had half a season to come up with a half court offense. No pick and rolls , no picks for jump shooter and no cuts to the basket. What coach does not teach those basic techniques of the half court offense.

No help or rotation defense. This so called high pressure defense, where was even the attempt at it . If u have 5 or 6 guards and most with 0 or 1 fouls half way through the 2nd half somebody not playing serious D. Can't play hard D without getting many fouls called agaisnt U. Either u not playing D and don't have fouls or u playing tough D and getting a few fouls. Maybe they rather stay out of foul trouble and stay in the game!

Those are Coaching problems not player problems. Coach has to teach half court and teach defense. Players come from different systems then who is the one who brings in their system and teaches it to incorporate the players strengths.

Not bad when u can play uptempo but the last time I saw the best uptempo team ever (ShowTime LA Lakers) tthey still had a half court offense ask Boston Celtics. Oh yeah they had coaches!!!

Anonymous said...

Is it sad that it is now no longer even painful anymore when they lose? I think I've reached that stage of grief that is acceptance.

Anonymous said...

Even when he had a capable PG & center in Ski & Coury, he still lost to Kyle Smith & the team was bad. Without Coach D's guys to compensate a bit for how truly bad Courtney is, the team has simply now gone from bad to cupcake.

And whose fault is it if he has 6 bigs who've never developed and/or become consistent? Of it he's had guards who've averaged 15 to 20 minutes a game for two or three seasons without showing one bit of improvement? I am so disappointed that people like Brian Delaney are still making excuses for Bill Courtney.

Anonymous said...

Not sure why anyone is surprised. This was actually a closer game than I expected, given their incredibly poor performances against Westbury, Bing, and St. Francis. The warning signs have been apparent all season. We are going to start Ivy play 0-3. Book it.

This team is lacking a true point guard. Ask Harvard if that matters.

To be fair, despite some of the extremely negative comments here about player development, I think Eitan has developed very well. I have seen positive strides from Scelfo, Cherry, and Cancer.

At bottom, this is a team that's clearly lacking an identity and is flawed in fundamental ways, but I'm willing to give Courtney and his staff time. For those who are already calling him the worst coach of all time, get a grip: you don't climb the coaching ranks at George Mason (and help take it to the final four while learning under Coach Larranaga) and Virginia Tech and not have a clue. We're all frustrated, but some of the comments on here show some posters know virtually nothing about basketball.

Anonymous said...

Bunce is redshirting, It's not like they ever throw it into the post anyway so doubt he would do much. No big man wants to run up and down the floor only to watch his team huck up a bunch of contested threes... something needs to change

Anonymous said...

The lack of improvement (in fact, the decline) while he's been here makes me hope he doesn't get extra time, even though I know he will.

Eitan has made strides, but like everyone on this roster who isn't called Shonn Miller, he isn't consistent. He isn't consistent because this run and gun nonsense & "whoever is the hot hand" business does not breed consistency. A player on this team can literally go 14 points in one game to 2 points in the next, back to 14 points again. People on other teams will occasionally have a bad game but tend to produce a steady string of oints, as did Cornell players under Donahue.

It makes sense to think that a guy wouldn't make head coach if he didn't know a thing or two about basketball. But there are such things as bad coaches. Think Armond Hill. Some coaches are just bad, for whatever reason. And when we watch all season with no improvement, and three years with no improvement, and him doing the same things, that don't work, over and over, you wonder if he is either stubborn, he is not creative about solving problems, or he has limited thinking about the team's potential i.e. he thinks this is the best that can be done.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:53: Actually, it could be an 0-5 start. Penn is a tough place to play on the road (ask the 2010 team). We should be them, but with this team, who knows...

Anonymous said...

Opposing guards are able to penetrate at will against our 40 minutes of crap defense mainly because everybody is constantly out of position and forced to scramble trying to close out. The end result is a simple drive and kick out to a shooter. Or, alternatively, they draw the foul.

It's a losing proposition. I don't care if you are able to force an occasional turnover playing this way. Long term, you are going to get burned by the opposition. Does our 5 man need to hedge so hard on every ball screen so that he's all the way out by the 3-pt line? No...that sort of thing doesn't accomplish anything except ensure that he will be out of position to recover once a couple of passes are made.

Unknown said...

Agree with all of you, and one more thing: Shonn Miller is probably the best athlete in the Ivy League, so his stats are nothing to write home about given his talent level. He's like Cornell's Rudy Gay. He could be averaging 20 and 10 and dominate games - not just flit around assembling a stat line. Yet another indictment of coaching...although Rudy has had some good coaches, and he is still a floater.

Unknown said...

Agree with all of you, and one more thing: Shonn Miller is probably the best athlete in the Ivy League, so his stats are nothing to write home about given his talent level. He's like Cornell's Rudy Gay. He could be averaging 20 and 10 and dominate games - not just flit around assembling a stat line. Yet another indictment of coaching...although Rudy has had some good coaches, and he is still a floater.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1/21 10:10 AM,

Some guys, by virtue of either personality or technical skill, can be very competent assistant coaches but have great difficulty stepping up to a head coaching job. You mentioned Armond Hill, who obviously was a flame-out as Columbia's head coach. But he has been an assistant with the Celtics for long enough now that they must consider him very competent.

So while you're correct that any head coach must "know a thing or two about basketball," that doesn't mean they're ready to step up from the second seat to the first seat. It's a different job, entailing a lot more soft skills than just knowing X's and O's.