Friday, February 15, 2013

Cornell at Yale and Brown

Above, Cornell prepares for tonight's at Yale. (Photo from Cornell Athletics) Get all the information you need about the Cornell Big Red's games at Yale, Friday, February 15, 2013, 7 pm and Brown, Saturday, February 16, 2013, 6 pm, with The Cornell Basketball Blog's Game Preview Center.


Anonymous said...

Well, that confirms it: Peck is done at Cornell after this year and will seek a fifth year elsewhere. He said his appeal for a fifth year got denied. If his appeal got denied, Casey and Curry better get shot down as well.

What Peck said differs from what CBB reported earlier -- namely, that Peck's return was a financial aid issue. Either way, that's a huge, huge loss.

We need impact recruits to start filling holes at the 1 and 3.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

It was financial aid, not a denied application from Ivy Office.

Anonymous said...

Peck himself just said on Redcast: "My appeal for a fifth year got denied" and he will go to a different program next year.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

He was not denied a 5th year. He is eligible. He might have meant, his "appeal" for financial aid.

Anonymous said...

This one was all about free throws. Yale bested us in every statistical category with the exception of free throws (they were 12 of 26 for an abysmal 46.2%).

Cornell played well, but the win didn't come without a bit of luck. If the teams hopes to earn the split with Harvard and Princeton, they must play better at both ends of the floor. Period.

That being said, this was a quality road win. Brown should be an easier contest, which would keep Cornell in sole possession of third place and begin to separate them from the pack.

Anonymous said...

It might turn out to be a blessing for Errick ... I hope he gets a BCS team for some exposure, and I hope he stays healthy.

Anonymous said...

And a major blow for us. We've seen how Peck impacts games in league play. We don't have anyone with close to his talent lined up to take his place at the three.

Anonymous said...

ANON 9:49
Cornell also won the turnover battle 13-16. That was very big.

Unlike their game in Jadwin, the Dawgs were really sloppy last night. Twelve of their TO's were simply traveling or fumbling the ball away. That is terrible. Teams that give the ball away that much seldom win.

This created the chance for Cornell to score 11 more points than Yale. The Red capitalized on that.

Brown and Yale are tied in league play, just behind us. The Bears are 2-0 at home in the league. I don't see tonight being any "easier" than last night.
Brown has a short bench, and they still do not do much offensive rebounding. However, Martin puts six or seven darn good, hustling players out there.

This one will require all our attention, but we can do it.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Peck is a big loss because he is good. But he is easily replaceable.

First, let's breakdown what Errick is for Cornell.

He is a senior with a lot of experience. He is a wing that is not a pure shooter. He is a slasher, uber athletic, decent (not good) rebounder, decent (not outstanding) defender. He's outstanding in transition.

But Cornell has guys a bit smaller that can play the 3 spot. This year we used Peck and Gray. We have very good options to replace them both.

First lets talk bigs. Coming on board next year, Cornell has lots of outstanding options in terms of size and athleticism at the 4/5. Miller, Onuorah, Bunce, Lamore, Giddens, Harmon, Tomic.

These guys will be good. Bunce is getting very healthy. Onuorah is a rebounding and interior finishing beast like Justin Sears. Miller is Miller. Giddens, Tomic and Lamore are maturing and will be ready to go as juniors for spot minutes. This is a nice group.

At the 3 spot, Cornell can go small and has two very good options. Cherry for your slashing needs. And if he is not your choice... Cressler for your shooting. Those two guys along with Cancer and Scelfo will be your four guards sharing time at the 1/2/3.

A wildcard is also Tarwater. He will be a veteran senior and could offer some toughness at the 3.

The bench will be much thinner than in years past, but they can put together a 7-8 man rotation that is capable of winning a league title.

Anonymous said...

That's a thin crew for the 1-3 next year.

br2 said...

Losing Peck is a huge loss. No skirting around it. He is vital to the team and not having him will hurt.

Regardless, he is playing his heart out now and I hope these guys can somehow pull out a great season and fight to that final game in Cambridge and have it mean 11-3 tied at title. If we win out and H/P splits, then we can at least have a 3 way tie. So, get it done Peck!

Also, if he goes somewhere else, I kind of hope BC gives him a look. Would be nice for him to get an ACC year in with a coach who knows him.

Anonymous said...

Peck is not easily replaceable. Nobody on the team can do what he does. 3 guard lineups suck defensively. Miller can't play the 3. Peck is a matchup nightmare when his head is in the game. We also don't have any commits that are true 3s, and I don't see anything on the radar

Anonymous said...

Agree with Anon 4:57. Peck is a huge part of our recent success and we don't have anyone with his athletic ability and size ready to step in. It's a huge loss.

Let's put it this way: Harvard is already ahead of us this year. They lose no key players to graduation (I don't count Webster). They will probably add Casey and Curry along with Zena. Kenyatta has also changed the way their team plays and has improved their team significantly from even a few weeks ago. They will be scary if the chips fall into place for them.

We lose our second best player, along with our starting point guard, center, and shooting guard/wing. We add one power forward who is athletic and a good defensive player. We will be razor thin at guard if someone is in foul trouble or if someone gets injured. We have no true three.

We need big time talents at the 1 and 3. But it's almost March and the vast majority of big time talents are off the board.

Anonymous said...

Did that recruit who was reportedly close to pulling the trigger for Cornell a couple weeks ago go elsewhere?

Anonymous said...

Seriously. What happened to that alleged recruit?

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing it was Aram Martin, and he went to Brown.