Friday, April 5, 2013

News and Notes: Friday Edition

Below, news and notes for Friday...

  • Jeff Foote (Cornell '10) played 8 scoreless minutes for Zalgiris (Lithuania) on April 4 in a 90-81 win over the Brose Baskets (Germany) in the EuroLeague Top 16.  Foote did collect 2 rebounds and blocked 2 shots.  Despite the win, Zalgiris was eliminated from the tournament, finishing 6-8 in the Top 16.
  • Former Cornell assistant coach, Zach Spiker tweets about his connection to two head coaches in the Final Four.
“He’s always been an intense guy,” said Courtney, a 1992 Bucknell graduate who played against Rice when he was at Fordham and later saw him at basketball camps. “But obviously, what you see on that film is shocking. You don’t expect any coach to behave that way, and what you see on that tape is almost unbelievable.”
Courtney said there is no room for physical abuse of players .
“You never put your hands on a kid, unless it’s to give him a hug or a pat on the butt or something like that,” he said. “You never put your hands on a kid or use such abusive language. You get fiery or salty at times, but you never come close to that kind of language. I can’t imagine anything that would anger me so much that I would do something like that.”
  • The Naples News writes, "It is much more likely that FGCU over the rest of this decade will join the list of 20 small to mid-major schools -- (2004) St. Joe's, UAB, Nevada; (2005) Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Utah; (2006) Bradley, George Mason (2007) Southern Illinois, UNLV; (2008) Davidson, Western Kentucky; (2010) Northern Iowa, Cornell, St. Mary's; (2011) Richmond, VCU, San Diego St., BYU; (2012) Ohio (2013) LaSalle -- that had one great run to the Sweet 16 or beyond."
  • The Providence Journal interviewed Brown's Mike Martin. On Harvard’s upset win over New Mexico in the NCAA Tournament, Martin said, “I think it’s great! I couldn’t be more happy for Tommy and his program. It was just another example for people to see that our league is getting better and better. We are becoming one of the more competitive mid-major conferences in college basketball. What Harvard did and Cornell’s run a few years ago are a good example of that.”
  • A Harvard Crimson beat writer notes, "on a number of recent occasions, Lavietes Pavilion has almost felt like a neutral court. The arena is made up of eight sections, and whenever opposing Ivy teams—especially Penn, Princeton, and, to a lesser extent, Cornell—visit Cambridge, a quarter of them are filled with supporters of Harvard’s rivals.  I believe that the obstreperous presence of Quaker fans in last season’s final regular season contest was a major reason why the Crimson’s 28-game home winning streak came to an end, and Tigers and Big Red fans always make their presence felt as well.  Of course, it’s understandable why those three schools would have the largest fan bases in the conference. The Killer P’s have been the Ancient Eight’s traditional powers; together, they account for almost 70 percent of league’s tournament appearances. Cornell, too, continues to reap the benefits of its recent three-peat and ensuing Sweet 16 run."


Anonymous said...

So, Jeff Foote?

Not exactly rocking it overseas. Odds he has any chance of another 10 day NBA contract ever?

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Jeff Foote never "rocked" it overseas. Not in Israel, Spain or Poland. However, he still landed in the D-League and earned an NBA contract.

NBA teams are not worried about Jeff's stats. He is a post player overseas. For him to get the sexy numbers, he needs to get the ball from the guards. He also needs the minutes.

He's not getting either in big doses. I think he gets another NBA shot.

Keep on mind, he is playing for one of the top 5 teams in the world not in the NBA.

Anonymous said...

But Jeff Foote is still way better than Jeremy Lin, right CBB? ;)

Anonymous said...

Peck should go to BC. They could use his athleticism, and it would be nice to play under Donahue again who actually has an offensive system

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Errick might want to return closer to home. He also has to consider playing time, the system, and the academic reputation of the school.

Boston College has a lot going for it. But Peck is not a certain starter there nor is it closer to his home. At B.C., he might be a 6th or 7th man.

Errick flourishes in open court systems that run. Boston College is not an up and down the court run and gun team.

So, B.C. makes sense in certain respects, but in others, not a perfect fit.

Anonymous said...

As others have stated previously, losing Peck is a big loss for this team. Although CBB believes Peck is "easily replaceable", that simply isn't so, and the schools interested in his services make plain that he's a high major-level player.

Meanwhile, despite all the talk about all the "game changer" recruits that were on the table as of Homecoming, we obviously landed none of them. Considering our needs and the amount of talent we need to get back to the top of the division, that's a big disappointment.

So, spin and rose colored glasses aside, this team is a serious project heading into next year. Harvard and Penn are on the rise, and we, well, we don't even have clear starters for four of five positions.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Peck is not a huge loss because the position he filled was the small forward.

At small forward, Cornell has two All Ivy calbiber options: Nolan Cressler and Devin Cherry.

Nolan is a hands down, no debate better shooter than Peck and equally dependable rebounder.

Cherry, who is a work in progress in decision-making, may be the best guard in the Ivy off the bounce in attacking the rim. He breaks ankles.

Not sure how losing Peck or Jon Gray really hurts the 3-spot. Cornell is pretty loaded off the ball with scorers.

Both Cressler and Cherry can also wing into the backcourt and play 2-guard, along with Scelfo.

The 4 spot is settled with Shonn Miller.

The center position has lots of options.

If Cornell slows things down and plays a half court offense, Bunce is the man. He can be an immediate impact, upper tier Ivy player early in his career.

When healthy, he is better than DNH.

If Cornell wants to be athletic and energetic--- Giddens and Onuorah give Cornell the rebounding, shot blocking and power finishes.

Onuorah is better than Justin Sears and Brown's two freshmen.

Any combo and I mean any combo of these guys--- Miller, Giddens, Onuorah and Bunce--- gives Cornell a rugged and lengthy defensive interior.

Make no mistake about it, Cornell's frontcourt defense is improved.

Off the bench, Cornell also has some skilled offensive minded forwards--- Holt Harmon, Dave Lamore and Ned Tomic-- giving Bill C. added options in his rotation.

The only position of serious concern is point guard. But this is nothing new since Wroblewski and Dale grduated.

With Galal, Cornell has an experienced, exciting, athletic, but still developing floor leader who must make better decisions with the ball.

Without Galal--- (or behind Galal)--- you have Scelfo and a pair of rookies-- Hatter and Fleming.

Clearly this is an unproven group. But the point guard is not needed to score. And the player that best takes care of the basketball will get the nod, as Miles did last year.

Overall, Cornell is in better shape than most think.

Point guard is an issue, but the other positions are pretty solid and with depth. Bunce and Onuorah are upgrades over the outgoing big men seniors. And while Peck and Jon G could score, they vacate positions that have ready replacements.

And adding Errick Peck or having Jon Gray or anyone else back would not help the point guard situation.

Cornell was bad at point guard last year, not much has changed since the close of the season.

Frankly, I think this team can be really good with a small rotation and if they slow things down.

Anonymous said...

it's disturbing that heading into courtney's 4th year we are probably looking ar a bottom 3 preseason projection ... to be in perpetual rebuilding mode with this guy says lots about his coaching & recruiting ability ... when u have four bad years you're just a bad coach, there are no excuses

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

I am ok with fans (or journalists for that matter) picking Cornell to finish poorly next season.

Fact is, none of the above have any reliable insight into Cornell's new guys.

Anonymous said...

So, CBB, what's your (very early) prediction with your "reliable insight"?

Anonymous said...

Cornell (Wittman) footage in this Jeremy Lin 60 Minutes piece.

Anonymous said...

Don't get into any insight. Earlier in this thread it was claimed that a healthy Bunce is better than DNH. DNH competed for a full season averaging 8pts and 4rbs against real competition. Bunce competed against...? You can't compare the two, but he did. And, it's comparing someone who has never played college ball against someone who has (another big oops in comparing talent).

To reiterate what others have said, Peck is a huge loss! He's going to go to a top BCS program hopefully. If we got a grad transfer from the likes of Butler or Wisconsin, the blog would be raving how they have legitimate all-ivy potential. But, Peck isn't a big loss.

Also, Onurah, who has never played a game in college, and puts up paltry numbers on (a very good) high school team will be a beast for Cornell. Let's give him his first 10 minutes and see how beastly he is then.

You get like one recruit a year who can be a stud-to-rotation-player. Last year was Cressler. The year before we might have gotten Miller, Cancer, and Cherry - but with the exception of Miller that's still kind of up in the air with the other two.

And, "reliable" insight...? High school numbers != college production. But, I guess scholarship offers are a good indicator. Dale = 0. Foote = 0. Witt = minimum. I think some kid that used to play for us named Peck got a bunch of offers...but, if we lost him that wouldn't be a big deal.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Onuorah is not a scorer. (Neither is Shonn Miller) But David O. is a rebounding and defensive force. He's high energy. His motor never stops. He's relentless on the glass. He will help from day 1 and allow Miller to drift away from the basket on the defensive end.

There is no other way to say this... but Cornell is going to block a lot of shots between Giddens, Miller and Onuorah.

Bunce is very skilled. Penn liked DNH a lot. But they liked Bunce more. BB is a good passer, comfortable with his back to the basket and facing the basket. Long and can defend.

Neither DO or BB has played a single day of college basketball, but what does that mean exactly? They can still play, and if both healthy, can be very good as freshmen.

Anonymous said...

Why do I get the feeling that, if Errick Peck were returning for his fifth year at Cornell, CBB would describe him as an experienced, key foundation for next year's team but, because Errick is leaving, he is now called "easily replaceable" and "not a huge loss"?

So at least CBB is consistent. All incoming freshmen are wildly promising, talented can't-miss players, but graduating fifth-years are merely replaceable fodder.

Anonymous said...

"Onourah is not a scorer." That'd be ok if we didn't have an offensively challenged program. We have one reliable scorer right now who doesn't turn the ball over every other possession (Cressler). Miller isn't a scorer. GIddens isn't a scorer. You acknowledge that we probably won't have a point guard who can score.

I agree we'll have better interior defense next season. But we lose two of our three best offensive players (Peck and Gray), flawed or not. Without the rose-colored glasses, I'm not seeing how this team contends next year.

Anonymous said...

What is with LaMore?
He out played the big seniors every time he hit the court, but was only used a couple of times this year.
Bad Coaching.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Again, the debate about Peck is not about whether he is good or not.

The issue is his position. Cornell has replacements in his position.

Cornell did not have replacements (point guard) for Wroblewski. It absolutely does for Peck.

LODGER said...

I love CBRF and glad that everyone has a chance to debate but I have to say, the way the news is presented is kind of like the Russian media.

Anonymous said...

The point CBB is ignoring is rather simple: We can find a replacement, sure. But this team had a terrible time finding offense last year, and Peck and Gray were unquestionably two of our best scoring options in league play. We lost them and we haven't replaced them with other scorers. We're filling holes with guys who were already playing last year.

Let's put it another way. CBB recognizes that we will get limited offensive output from the 1, 4, and 5. Who else on this team can score? Cressler. Cherry, if he can pull his game together. The rest of the roster is full of complementary scorers, not primary guys.