Friday, April 12, 2013

News and Notes: Friday Edition

Below, news and notes for Friday...

  • As Ivy League rules will not permit Errick Peck to play next season as a graduate student, he must seek to find a new school for a 5th year.  Below is a marketing highlight video for Peck as he contemplates his graduate school options.

  • Eitan Chemerinski is having quite a week.  The Ivy League named him Academic All Ivy League and noted, "Eitan Chemerinski, Sr., Men's Basketball, Applied Economics & Management (Potomac, Md.)  Two-time Capital One/CoSIDA Academic All-District; ended career as the school's all-time leader in field goal percentage (.617)."  Chemerisnki was also named to the USA Senior Maccabi Games team and will be coached by Seth Greenberg. writes on the selection:
"Eitan Chemerinski, Power Forward (6'8"): Chemerinski emerged as one of the Ivy League's top offensive players down low, shooting 63 percent from the floor, ranking 2nd all-time in Cornell history. The Maryland native force completed his Senior season averaging 6 points, 3.2 rebounds and 1 steals per contest, and has been eyed my multiple top division Israeli organizations. Chemerinski posted double-digits in a series of games against Binghamton, Buffalo, Boston University and Delaware, registering 12.8 points, netting a noteworthy 22-of-29 from the floor. Ex-Cornell center Jeff Foote, who underwent a brief stint with Israeli power Maccabi Tel Aviv, and now plays in Lithuania described the 218-pounder as an athletic big with good leaping ability, a nose for rebounding and a quick first step off the dribble. Foote also noted that his former teammate is an efficient shot blocker."

  • Below is an updated list of players committed to Ivy League schools in the class of 2013 (unless otherwise noted):
Steven Spieth.(Jesuit HS) Dallas, TX, 6-6, F, Brown
Aram Martin (Miller School) Charlottesville, VA, 6-9, F, Brown
Lealand King (Brentwood School) Los Angeles, CA, 6-6, F, Brown
J.R. Hobbie (Manasquan HS) Manasquan, NJ, 6-4, G, Brown
Tavon Blackmon (Gonzaga) Washington, DC, 5-11, G, Brown
Matt Madigan (Mt. Tabor HS) Winston-Salem, NC, 6-4, G, Brown
Chris McComber (John McCrae School) Ottawa, ON, 6-7, F, Columbia
Kendall Jackson (Suffield Academy) Suffield, MA, 5-9, G, Columbia
Jeff Coby (Choate Rosemary Hall) Choate, CT, 6-6, F, Columbia
Ikemefuna Ngwudo (Milton Academy) Milton, MA, 6-5, F, Dartmouth 
Eli Harrison (Sisters HS) Sisters, OR, 6-6, F, Dartmouth 
Mike Flemming (N'field Mt Hermon, MA) Lincolnshire, IL, 6-1, G, Dartmouth 
Matt Fraschila (Highland Park HS) Highland Park, TX, 5-10 G, Harvard 
Hunter Meyers (Douglas HS) Minden, NV, 6-6, F, Harvard 
Zena Edosomwan (Northfield Mt Hermon, MA) Hollywood, CA, 6-9, F, Harvard 
Matt Howard (A.J. Flora HS), Columbia, S.C., 6-4, G, Penn 
Dylan Jones (Village HS) Houston, TX, 6-8, F, Penn 
Dave Winfield (Harvard Westlake HS) Hollywood, CA, 6-8, F, Penn 
Tony Bagtas (Westlake HS) Atlanta, GA, 5-11, G, Penn
Khyan Rayner (Jesuit HS) Portland, OR, 5-9, G, Princeton
Henry Caruso (Serra HS) San Mateo, CA, 6-4, G, Princeton 
Hashim Moore (Hun School, NJ) Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 6-5, F, Princeton 
Spencer Weisz (Seton Hall Prep) Florham Park, NJ, 6-4, G, Princeton 
Steven Cook (New Trier HS) Winnetka, IL, 6-5, G, Princeton
Pete Miller (Northfield Mount Hermon, MA) Northfield, MA, 6-10, C, Princeton 
Amir Bell (East Brunswick HS) E.Brunswick, NJ, 6-4, G, Princeton (2014) 
Sam Downy (Lake Forest HS) Lake Forest, IL, 6-9, C, Yale
AJ Edwards (South Kent School) Kent, CT, 6-5, F, Yale
Anthony Dallier (Northfield Mount Hermon, MA) Wexford, PA, 6-6, F, Yale 
JT Flowers (Lincoln HS) Portland, OR, 6-5, F, Yale
Maki Mason (Hotchkiss School), Lakeville, CT, 5-11, G, Yale (2014)


Anonymous said...

Peck is one of my favorite players ever to get on the court for the big red. Such a talent and exciting player to watch. Am genuinely sad we can't have him for another year, but look forward to watching some games of his new school, whoever that may be.

If you think he's easily that video again.

Anonymous said...

Peck is The Man. Watch his highlight vid.

Anybody who thinks Nolan Cressler and Devin Cherry can replace him is smoking crack.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Errick Peck last year averaged 9.7 ppg, 4.8 rpg, 1.6 apg, 2.2 TOs, in 24.5 mpg while shooting 44% from floor and 33% from 3-pt range.

Now let's look at Nolan Cressler, and as a frosh.

9.3 ppg, 3.7 rpg, .8 apg, 1.0 TOs, 23.1 mpg, 43% FGs, 40.3% beyond the arc.

You really think Errick is irreplaceable?

Nolan was just as productive (and more efficient shooter) as a frosh.

Instead of playing Nolan just 20 min, he can easily be bumped to 30-32 mpg (as most teams play their starters).

Devin's efficiency numbers need improvement, but there is no disputing that Devin was the best attacker off the dribble on the team last year and can defend.

Yes, Errick can be replaced by the returning personnel. Cressler and Cherry will be very good wings.

Anonymous said...

Stats mean little if you don't watch how they play.

Peck is a matchup nightmare who can score in the post, off the dribble, or in transition depending on how he's covered. Peck can also defend 4 positions and block shots.

Cressler/Cherry are two completely different players, and not nearly as versatile as Peck.

Whether you like it or not, Peck is a huge loss and we have a gaping hole at the 3 next year.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Nolan is a match up nightmare.

He's better off the dribble than Errick. He's a better scorer/shooter, period.

Errick is more athletic, stronger, but he seldom posts up.

Errick is very good in the open court and in transition, he struggles in a halfcourt/set offense. He's too small to post and not a pure shooter, but can knock down a shot if wide open.

Nolan is an outstanding secondary ball handler and can score the ball far better from mid and long range.

The only weakness in Nolan's game is his defense. But this is not worrisome as freshmen learn defense slowly.

If Nolan played 38 mpg like Siyanni Chambers, Nolan might have been rookie of the year.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recruiting update.

Any word on AJ Edwards, 6'5" G headed to Yale?

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

He is, had him on the list, inadvertent removal.

Anonymous said...

The issue isn't whether Nolan is a better shooter, etc., than Eric. It's that we're deprived of Peck's 5th year, and we have less size, athleticism, and depth because of it. He is, after all, getting high major interest. How many wings do we have coming in the class of 2013 who had high major interest? Yup, zero.

Peck is a big loss for the program, and we're worse off without him.

On a different note, I'm glad that you're coming around to the idea of Shonn playing the three so that we can get our size (and highly touted recruits) on the court at the same time. That's really the only way I see us making an impact next year, although it's contingent on Shonn improving his midrange and outside game and Nolan improving his defense to guard twos. It may not work, but it's worth a shot. It gives us the most athletic and size upside, and, frankly, we're not winning anything next year with a three guard set.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

You are missing a few points.

(1) On Shonn: I did not tweet that I am advocating him as a wing. Again, I don't think Shonn is a wing. What I reported however is that the coaches are considering placing him there at the SF and just physically dominating everyone in the league with our size.

Fact is, Cornell might be the biggest team in the Ivy next year with Bunce, Giddens, Miller and Onuorah, not to mention Lamore, Harmon, Tomic.

(2) On Errick. Granted he is a good player. But he also happened to play in a loaded position. If there was no Nolan/Devin on the team and Errick left, we would be dead in the water. But we do have Nolan and Devin. And while there is one less good player available, this issue is easily addressed. Just give all the other guys more minutes. Play Shonn and Nolan 35 minutes instead of 20-25.

Cornell is losing Errick's athleticism, but also getting Onuorah's athleticism. And then there is an improving Deion, who is also a freak athlete.

Cornell's problems last year were at PG and scoring in the post.

We look better in the post next year.

PG remains an open issue.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm glad the coaches are considering it, which if more important. I think we agree it's not ideal to have Shonn at the three, but it lets us play to our strengths (size and athleticism) How successful that lineup may be depends on a number of factors, including whether any of those three develop into reliable offensive players. That would be a terrific defensive set, but someone other than Nolan and/or Devin have to score consistently for it to work.

Anonymous said...

I really like the idea of putting Shonn at the wing. We would dominate the boards and be really tough defensively. The concern would be the offense. Nolan would be at the two, and he can create for him self best I am most concerned with the PG. The missing piece is a PG who can score and set up others with easy baskets.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

The staff thinks the PG does not need to score... just get the ball up the court, distribute and avoid turnovers. And they believe that Hatter could be that guy.

I don't love Shonn at the wing.

While the frontline would be huge and defensive minded we would be very limited scoring from the perimeter (Shonn is not a shooter).

I'd rather see Devin and Nolan flanking the point guard on either side. PG duties can be shared by Hatter, Scelfo and maybe Galal.

The 4/5 will be fine with any combo of our bigs. Use Shonn at the 4 and rotate a lot of guys at the 5.

Anonymous said...

Shonn should not be at the 4 spot in Division one basketball. He is capable at the 4/5 spot for not suited with size to play them. He needs to transition to the 3 whether or not CBB thinks he doesn't. Shonn playing the 4 is good for Ivy play only but to play and be effective against the type of BCS teams we want to beat, he needs to be a three. Shooting is learned and I am sure he can become a good enough shooter if he puts in the work.