Tuesday, April 9, 2013

News and Notes: Tuesday Edition

Below, news and notes for Tuesday...

  • Athlon Sports writes, "With only one [senior] in the rotation in 2012-13, next season was supposed to be the year for Harvard to make a move. Instead, the Crimson upset third-seeded New Mexico 68-62 in the round of 64. Next season, Harvard will be the 'it' team in the Ivy League, same as Cornell was before its run to the Sweet 16 in 2010."
  • The Yale Daily News profiles a couple of Yale players committed to remaining sober and references their play against Cornell.
  • Cornell RPI Watch: The RPI (Rating Percentage Index) is a measure of strength of schedule and how a team does against that schedule. It does not consider the margin of victory, but only whether or not a team won and where the game was played (home/away/neutral court). The formula is 25% team winning percentage (WP), 50% opponents' average winning percentage (OWP), and 25% opponents' opponents' average winning percentage (OOWP). (See: CollegeRPI.com for a further explanation of the formula.) The RPI may be the most influential factor in NCAA Tournament seeding. Cornell's FINAL 2012-2013 RPI rank is No. 248 out of 344 total Division I teams. While neither the Ken Pomeroy or the Sagarin Rankings (USA Today) are used by the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee, the KenPom.com site ranked Cornell No. 265 in the nation, while the Sagarin Rankings (USA Today) ranked Cornell at No. 254.  Both sites are predominantly used by fans and the media.


Anonymous said...

Ridiculously early, but CBS Sports put out a Top 25 poll for next season. Harvard is listed at #21.

They are sneaking up on no one next season.

Anonymous said...

As I've said over and over, we must win 2 from Columbia to even think of a good season - lets try again - Go Big Red!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Harvard, Zena E. was officially admitted and posted a picture with Tommy A. in front of a Jeremy Lin's framed jersey. There's no question he will be there next year, potentially shaking up the league.

Vic Law, a top 30 kid, is visiting Harvard. They have a bunch of other high major kids in the pipeline.
This is getting ridiculous.

LODGER said...

They deserve it. They are going to be nasty next year. It's very frustrating watching them consistently get better while we continue to slide. Nobody is close to touching them right now. It should be us.

We need to step up, recognize and contend with the challenge Harvard poses! We've got the "Big 10" like campus, we've got the student body and the ra ra. No ivy is like Cornell. Let's do this!! I want to go on a recruiting trip.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Harvard is a top 25 caliber team next year.

But they are top 25 caliber because Kyle Casey and Brandyn Curry cheated on a test and sat out a year.

Anonymous said...

Even without Casey and Curry they'd be the clear frontrunner in the league. And where are we? Frustrated. All the hype about the program changing recruits at Homecoming (never happened) and Cornell's new style of play (unimpressive, to be charitable) went bust.

LODGER said...

I know they cheated on a test last year but they sat out for it. Bottom line is they keep on getting awesome recruits, high BCS level recruits, not the ones that play on bad teams in good conferences.

I don't like making excuses for why the competition is good. We just need to focus on how to compete with them in recruiting. If Amaker is drawing top level recruits, he is bringing them into our league so we can compete for those same kids.

Anonymous said...

and we got guys who pick Cornell over D3 offers.

Great start.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Cornell would have had an insane class with David O., Julian and Josh Hearily (not to mention Braxston).

Julian probably would have committed if he did not have to study for the SAT again.

Josh was in a strange financial aid place. Family made to much money for aid.

And Kevin Johnson, well, if Cincy did not offer, his hometown school, he would have gone to Cornell too. He had a lot of local pressure. He's an academic kid too--- went to outstanding high school, Summit Country Day.

Not withstanding the above, Cornell will be involved with more BCS/top 200 types in '14 and '15 classes.

Anonymous said...

Spin it all you want, but the simple truth is that recruiting quality has gone down because the team has been doing terribly and is a low-major, and the team has been doing terribly because Courtney has been a poor coach.

Good coaches have done great things with even one star kids, so I won't act like we're doomed. The problem, of course, is that Bill Courtney hasn't shown he's anything close to a good coach so far. If anything he's shown he's quite the opposite. But coaches can change and grow. Our only hope is if Courtney has a coming to God moment and changes radically, or if Courtney leaves or gets fired.

Anonymous said...

Would have, should have, could have doesn't pay the bills. Just makes the hungry hungrier.

I'm hungry and pretty sure Courtney is starving this program to its death.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

"The recruiting quality has gone down."

We can all stop reading right there.

Award for worst comment post of the month.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

In Ivy play, Tommy Amaker was 19-23 in the Ivy his first 3 seasons at Harvard.

Bill Courtney was 18-24 in his first 3 Ivy seasons at Cornell.

Anonymous said...

"Would have" doesn't get us anywhere. The bottom line is that Kevin Johnson, Julian Jacobs, and Josh Hearlihy (who is very good but more mid-major level than high major) are all going elsewhere. I don't want to bag on our kids who committed after July, as they seem like good students, etc., but I think we can agree there's a huge drop off in talent from the above names.

As for 2014, we're reportedly in the mix with some nice talent, but a couple of those kids have already publicly said they want to stay close to home (not NY). Things can change, of course, but we need to land kids of this caliber if we are going to revitalize the program.

I'm also curious about this whole not revealing names policy, because it doesn't seem like it's working to our benefit. Lots of these names are already out there, with the kids speaking publicly about their visits and offers. It was no mystery we were fighting Penn for Bunce. It was no secret Julian was deciding between Cornell and USC. And Zena's consideration and eventual commitment to Harvard was used as a PR blitz -- to their benefit, and they're still playing that up. Harvard is now in tight with top 50/100 kids and bringing them on campus, and those names are being publicly paraded around.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Hearily has a ton of BCS offers and was originally a Utah commit before an injury.

The Cornell Basketball Blog only first pulled down its recruiting information during the fall of 2012.

Anonymous said...

CBB said: "In Ivy play, Tommy Amaker was 19-23 in the Ivy his first 3 seasons at Harvard.

Bill Courtney was 18-24 in his first 3 Ivy seasons at Cornell."

That's somewhat misleading. In Amaker's third season at Harvard, the team went 10-4 in league play and 21-7 overall. The trend line is completely different from Coach C.'s.

It's also incomplete in two other respects:

1. Cornell was coming off a Sweet 16 season and had all the momentum.
It didn't capitalize, and that momentum is in Harvard's corner.

2. By Amaker's second year he had pulled together a consensum Top 25 recruiting class. We haven't seen that type of success in recruiting yet.

I fully recognize that Harvard's recruiting tactics are suspect, etc., but they're getting away with it and leaving the rest of the league in their dust.

I also support Coach C., who needs more time to implement his vision and get his recruits. I'm upset because on the recruiting front we've had mixed results and our program has so many wholes. I hope that changes, and I hope I'm proven wrong in 2014. I'll gladly eat crow if we are true contenders next year.

Anonymous said...

That's weird. Hearlihy himself recently said that his offers are from Drake, Rice, Santa, Clara, Old Dom, and Elon. He said that he had interest from St. Bona, Maryland, and Pitt, but no offers. That's mid major in my book. But who knows, maybe one of those programs offered in the last couple of weeks.

In any event, that's a pretty crummy move Utah pulled on him.

Anonymous said...

Please. Shonn's class is so much better than whatever's coming in now. The recruiting quality is going down. Don't try to tell us these Div 3 kids beat the kids he brought in in the wake of the sweet 16. He got a lot of kids with multiple div 1 offers to commit early back then. Now we're getting late commitment div3 kids and you want to have us believe things are improving? Oh please. It's getting worse because Courtney is not doing well.

Oh so Courtney is on the same track as Amaker? That's rich. We can expect an Ivy co-championship by next season then.

Anonymous said...

Tommy Amaker improved from 3-11 to 10-4 over those first 3 years. His 3rd year had 10 Ivy wins and 20+ wins overall. Courtney is nowhere near this.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Cornell had no momentum coming off a Sweet 16 season. Cornell lost 8 seniors on that team.

Fair point that Amaker had an upward trend.

But numbers are numbers. After 3 seasons-- Amaker had 1 more Ivy win that Bill Courtney and that was with the help of a 2010 Harvard team that had Jeremy Lin, Keith Wright and a stud frosh in Kyle Casey.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Not sure why a particular poster keeps referring to Cornell's incoming frosh as "D-III guys."

Here is a fact.

Eitan Chemerisnki, Josh Figini, Jonathan Gray and Pete McMillan combined for a grand total of zero Division I scholarship offers. Their only D-I level offers were walk-on roles or other Ivies or non-scholarship roster spots in the Patriot League.

Dave Onuorah committed before the summer of his senior year and already had an offer on the table from Auburn with Vandy close to offering. Numerous other BCS teams were on him and he had over 20 D-I offers on the table.

Robert Hatter had a bunch of D-I offers, including from a new Big East team (Houston) and the CAA champs, Northeastern. Not too shabby for a late spring commit.

Desmond Fleming only had 1 D-I scholarship offer (New Hampshire), but that one offer was one offer more than Cornell's seniors had combined. And oh by the way, Eitan turned out to be a very solid Ivy guy, Josh was serviceable and Jon G. became All Ivy.

Columbia really liked Desmond Fleming. But they chose to go with 5'9" Kendall Jackson. We'll see who turns out to be better. I don't think Jackson is hands down better.

Anonymous said...

Bill Courtney's 1st year recruits were a richer crop than his 3rd year recruits, period. Not talking about Donahue's recruits.

As for numbers just being numbers, it's obvious that they can be presented in different ways, and you seem fond of presenting them to mean something they're not. Amaker far outperformed Courtney by his 3rd year. Courtney is nowhere near Amaker was in his 3rd year. The way you twist numbers, be it RPI or comparing Harvard and Cornell OOC wins, is why people say news from you is like some Soviet paper. It's annoying, terribly misguided, and insulting. I assure you, it is terribly misguided but at this point, it's not like you'll ever change.

Anonymous said...

Eitan, Jonny, Josh, and Peter aren't the entire senior class.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the point about momentum:

The point is that Cornell should have had momentum following a historic 2010 season, particularly in recruiting. It did not really capitalize by building a program with sustained success. We can talk about "rebuilding", but we've had three years without a winning season and have virtually no hope of an Ivy title next year.

Harvard now has the momentum. Amaker built the program up, and it is positioned to win for years to come because he has a steady pipeline of talent coming in. Their tactics, well, that's another story...

Anonymous said...

I believe that Cornell would have done way better this year if the coach would have played his young recruits. Most of them from the last 2 years could have went to other D 1 schools but chose Cornell. Look at Michigan.
David and Deon sat all year but out performed his starters every time they were played.

Anonymous said...

So, uh, please say this isn't our complete class for next year. We could really, really use a point guard who can step in right away and a swing man with size who can shoot. That may be asking too much at this stage of the game, but those are pretty glaring needs for us.

This blog mentioned another recruit was a distinct possibility. Any word on that front?

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Kansas State was at NMH yesterday for Josh Hearily. Yup, mid major.

Anonymous said...

Who cares? We didn't land him, and we're left with a thin class next year.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Think you will change your mind when you see Onuorah and Hatter.

The latter will be an immediate help/upgrade at point guard.

Onuorah has a motor like no other. If the Incredible Hulk played basketball, it is David Onuorah.