Saturday, May 11, 2013

Cornell Basketball in Video

A look back at videos produced by the Cornell Basketball program, including highlight videos from the last five seasons...


Anonymous said...

Best videos of any Ivy bball program!

Anonymous said...

I would rather have the best basketball program!

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Cornell does have the best program.

Right now, Cornell is the last Ivy team to go 14-0.

Cornell is the last Ivy team to go 13-1.

Cornell is the last Ivy team to finish ranked in the Top 25 in the last 30 years.

Cornell is the last and only Ivy team to reach the Sweet 16 since the NCAAs expanded beyond 40 teams.

Cornell is the last Ivy to advance to the NCAA Tournament 3 consecutive years.

Cornell may not have won the title since 2010, but these accomplishments have set the bar and no team has touched these marks--- established between 08-10.

Anonymous said...

This kind of thinking holds Cornell basketball back.

The Big Red had a magical 3 year run. Sweet 16, national ranking. DOMINANT.

But 3 years does not a program make.

But my guess is that Donahue, even in the height of that run, would not have described Cornell hoops as the best program. I think he would have said that we are having a great, great run, and is going to work his tail off to establish the kind of long-term, consistent success that defines a great program.

To state the obvious - look at the other contenders in the 3 seasons since our oh-so-much-fun 3-peat.

Harvard has won almost twice as many league games. (Actually just one game short of twice as many). Princeton has won almost 5 more games per year. Even Penn, with all their problems has won a third more games in the last three years.

Now to be fair, those are the only 3 years of relevancy (in Ivy basketball) for Harvard EVER. But 3 years from now, who will be surprised to be looking back at a couple of more Ivy titles for them.

And Princeton and Penn are, well, Princeton and Penn. Impossible for them to re-establish the duopoly they had for so long, but I think it's likely that they will both be
back competing for titles nearly every year.

And to look at Cornell with a longer lens, we have averaged 6.5 Ivy wins per year over the last 20 years. And that obviously includes the 2008-10 where we won 38 games in 3 years.

To describe this as the best program right now does a disservice to the kind of long-term effort, and on court success necessary to truly earn that label.

I am here every day as a fan, supporting that effort, and fervently hoping we get there.

I appreciate your promotion of Cornell Basketball, and all the great things the University has to offer, but without some level of objectivity we can't really measure or appreciate the long-term success we are all looking for.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

If you want to define "best program" by purely historical numbers, that is your choice. But if we are looking at historical, Harvard is at the bottom of the list.

But looking at the last 5-7 years, Cornell did what no other did and that would place Cornell at the top.

Anonymous said...

C'mon CBB, you do realize that you're talking to a fan base mostly filled with Cornell alums or current students. We're not buying this spin.