Friday, May 31, 2013

News and Notes: Friday Edition

Above, A Date in Cornell Basketball History, a scan of the 1978-1979 Media Guide. Below, news and notes for Friday...

  • Former Cornell basketball radio voice and current Miami Heat broadcaster, Eric Reid, is mentioned in the Florida Sun Sentinel.
  • Shonn Miller reportedly had offseason shoulder surgery and is not expected to participate in the Cleveland AmPro Summer League as he did last year.  Miller was the AmPro's Defensive Player of the Year.  Other Cornell players who could potentially compete in summer leagues include but not limited to:
Jake Matthews (Pittsburgh Basketball Club ProAm)
Nolan Cressler (Pittsburgh Basketball Club ProAm)
Ned Tomic (Cleveland AmPro)
Jamal Cherry (City of Orlando/Midnight Basketball Pro-Am Summer League)
Galal Cancer (Capital District Basketball Association Summer League)
Dwight Tarwater (Rocky Top League, Knoxville, TN)


If Only I believed this... said...

Great, offseason shoulder surgery...he should come back good as new!

Anonymous said...

are we really going to have any legitimate big men next season to keep us competitive??

Anonymous said...

Approximately 41 returning Ivy basketball players showed enough on the court last year (or the year before) to make one believe that they are capable of playing effective starters' minutes for their teams during the 2013-2014 campaign.

In alphabetic order with number of players meeting the above criteria, the teams are:

Brown (5)
Columbia (4)
Cornell (2)
Dartmouth (5)
Harvard (8)
Penn (6)
Princeton (4)
Yale (6)

Experience generally counts. If we hope to be in the Bball mix next winter, compared to our competitors, it is a fact that we will have to count heavily on players who have shown little or no ability to contribute on a D-1 court.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Dumb stat. What did it say about Siyanni Chambers, Nolan Cressler, Justin Sears, Tony Hicks or Darien Nelson Henry last year?

Stats do not tell you anything about incoming frosh, players returning from red-shirts or just players generally improving.