Tuesday, July 9, 2013

News and Notes: Tuesday Edition

Below, news and notes for Tuesday...

  • Gold and Black has a video interview with Errick Peck (Cornell '10) about his adjustment to Purdue.  In the video, Peck explains he first learned he could not play a 5th season at Cornell during the spring semester of his senior year.  Peck notes that he was required to graduate on time from Cornell and Ivy League rules, unlike any other conference in the country, preclude graduate student eligibility.
  • The International Basketball League concluded its 2012-2013 season.  Jason Hartford (Cornell '08) played in one game for the Portland Chinooks.
  • Per Panther Digest, Cornell's Nolan Cressler scored 11 points Monday night as his South Hills Audi team won in the Pittsburgh Basketball Club Summer Pro Am.
  • Below is an updated list of players committed to Ivy League schools in the class of 2013 (unless otherwise noted).  The Ivy League already now has four members committed for the class of 2014.
Steven Spieth.(Jesuit HS) Dallas, TX, 6-6, F, Brown
Aram Martin (Miller School) Charlottesville, VA, 6-9, F, Brown
Lealand King (Brentwood School) Los Angeles, CA, 6-6, F, Brown
J.R. Hobbie (Manasquan HS) Manasquan, NJ, 6-4, G, Brown
Tavon Blackmon (Gonzaga) Washington, DC, 5-11, G, Brown
Matt Madigan (Mt. Tabor HS) Winston-Salem, NC, 6-4, G, Brown
Chris McComber (John McCrae School) Ottawa, ON, 6-7, F, Columbia
Kendall Jackson (Suffield Academy) Suffield, MA, 5-9, G, Columbia
Jeff Coby (Choate Rosemary Hall) Choate, CT, 6-6, F, Columbia
Luke Petrasek (Northport HS) Northport, NY, 6-10, C, Columbia
Ikemefuna Ngwudo (Milton Academy) Milton, MA, 6-5, F, Dartmouth 
Eli Harrison (Sisters HS) Sisters, OR, 6-6, F, Dartmouth
Cole Harrison  (Montrose Christian) Memphis, TN, 6-11, C, Dartmouth
Mike Flemming (N'field Mt Hermon, MA) Lincolnshire, IL, 6-1, G, Dartmouth
Wes Dickinson (Peddie School) Hightstown, NJ, 6-6, F, Dartmouth
Matt Fraschila (Highland Park HS) Highland Park, TX, 5-10 G, Harvard 
Hunter Meyers (Douglas HS) Minden, NV, 6-6, F, Harvard 
Zena Edosomwan (Northfield Mt Hermon, MA) Hollywood, CA, 6-9, F, Harvard 
Matt Howard (A.J. Flora HS), Columbia, S.C., 6-4, G, Penn 
Dylan Jones (Village HS) Houston, TX, 6-8, F, Penn 
Dave Winfield (Harvard Westlake HS) Hollywood, CA, 6-8, F, Penn 
Tony Bagtas (Westlake HS) Atlanta, GA, 5-11, G, Penn
Preston Troutt (Trinity Christian) Dallas, TX 6-0, G, Penn
Khyan Rayner (Jesuit HS) Portland, OR, 5-9, G, Princeton
Henry Caruso (Serra HS) San Mateo, CA, 6-4, G, Princeton 
Hashim Moore (Hun School, NJ) Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 6-5, F, Princeton 
Spencer Weisz (Seton Hall Prep) Florham Park, NJ, 6-4, G, Princeton 
Steven Cook (New Trier HS) Winnetka, IL, 6-5, G, Princeton
Pete Miller (Northfield Mount Hermon, MA) Northfield, MA, 6-10, C, Princeton 
Sam Downy (Lake Forest HS) Lake Forest, IL, 6-9, C, Yale
A.J. Edwards (South Kent School) Kent, CT, 6-5, F, Yale
Anthony Dallier (Northfield Mount Hermon, MA) Wexford, PA, 6-6, F, Yale 
JT Flowers (Lincoln HS) Portland, OR, 6-5, F, Yale

Tyler Williams (Lakota West HS) W.Chester, OH, 6-1, G, Brown (2014) 
Amir Bell (East Brunswick HS) E.Brunswick, NJ, 6-4, G, Princeton (2014) 
Maki Mason (Hotchkiss School), Lakeville, CT, 5-11, G, Yale (2014)
Khalil Bedart-Ghani (Loyola HS) Los Angeles, CA, 6-3, G, Yale (2014)


Anonymous said...

Why is Harmon eligible for a medical hardship (I assume that is what you mean, since Ivy rules prohibit redshirting)? He played in a game in the 2nd half of the season, which is one of the three criteria for a hardship. He also appeared in 6 games spread out over time, which probably means that he suited up for at least 4 games during that stretch where he did not play. Assuming he did suit up for 10 games, that would mean that he doesn't meet another of the criteria.

I agree that Bunce is eligible.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Hard to understand how Peck and/or coaches would not be aware of Ivy eligibility rules until 2nd semester senior year. I suspect that really can't be true. There have been other cases in the league recently, and although a stupid rule, it's not like it's a secret.

If just by being a fan over the last 10 years I'm aware of it, the coaching staff certainly must know about it.

And given the Ivy rules, I think it's way more appropriate to refer to Harmon and Bunce as potential red-shirts. They are not even eligible to apply for a fifth year until they are seniors, and as we saw with Peck/Gore/etc., their situation/decision can't be known now.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Peck's decision came down mostly to financial aid. He did not want to pay a 5th year for an undergrad degree. Most other kids do the same--- see Andrew Van Nest.

Harmon is eligible for a 5th year.

Anonymous said...

Re Harmon: the number of games he played last year is not a problem, but that's only part of the NCAA red-shirt rule.

The second part of the rule is that the "incapacitating injury" occur in the first half of the season. He played a minute in the Old Westbury game on 1/12/13, which was Cornell's 17th of 28 games.

Even if the original injury was earlier in the season, what controls is the timing of the last game he appeared in.

Unless that box score is wrong, I don't see how he could be medical red-shirt eligible.

Anonymous said...

But how is Harmon eligible? The rule has three conditions:

1. Injury must take place in the first half of the year.

2. A doctor needs to say it is an "incapacitating injury."

3. The player can't have been healthy for more than 30% of the team's games.

Harmon played in the second half of the year. I find it very hard to believe that the NCAA will say that he had an incapicitating injury in the first half of the year and then was able to play in the second half. How does he meet the first condition? Beyond that, how does he meet the second? I do not believe that any league player has ever received a waiver after playing in a game beyond the 30% mark of the season. Can you think of anyone?

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

I am passing along what I've been told by the highest of sources.

Holt Harmon is eligible for a 5th year.

Besides, your reading of the NCAA Rules is mistaken in a few instances.

The biggest error is your counting.

The Old Westbury game was game #14. Remember, Las Vegas is a 4-for-1 event. In other words, teams that play in MTEs are not handicapped by the harship waiver rules.

Anonymous said...

So the Westbury game was 14 of 28, rather than 17 of 31.

Whew, that was almost an expensive minute.

Any comment what on Peck said about when he found out?

It does seem nearly impossible to believe that he and the coaches were unaware until his last semester.

Anonymous said...

If Vegas only counts as one game, that brings him a game or two closer to the 30 percent rule. Are you really telling me that Harmon suited up for the six games he played in, but didn't suit up for three of the eleven games that surrounded them, before his injury? I find that hard to imagine.

We'll see what happens, but I think Harmon will have to get hurt and miss another year in order to get a waiver. I assume whoever told you about Harmon is the same perso who failed to mention to Peck that he couldn't play a 5th year if he graduated.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Harmon is 5th year eligible. Whether he pursues the 5th year is another story and a long ways off. Leave it at that...

Peck's decision ultimately boiled down to financial aid.

Let us break it down again...

It did not make financial sense for his family for him to attend a 5th year, pay Hotel School tuition and only receive a Bachelor's degree. He could and did receive his BS in 4 years. Why pay a 5th for the same degree?

Peck only received the "read" (i.e. the projection) on his 5th year financial aid award over the holiday season. Once he and his family had the proposed FA award, they (and the coaches) learned that attending a 5th year was not economically feasible.

Now... if the Ivy League permitted him to pursue a Masters Degree, then the tuition would have been worth it and the family could justify paying for an education toward an MBA or a Master's in Hotel Admin.

But to ask the Pecks to pay a five figure tuition towards a degree Errick was going to receive anyway, well, it is just not reasonable.

For some high net worth families, the 5th year is an option. For a middle class or lower middle class family, definitely not an easy call.

So... what the coaches and the Pecks learned late in the process was... (1) the FA was unsuitable for just a BA/BS degree and (2) there were no academic options for Errick which were a good fit.

Obviously Errick loves the opportunity to play close to home and in the Big 10.

But he was also very comfortable and familiar with Cornell. He also was nearly guaranteed starter minutes.

If the academic program and FA award made sense, Errick would be back at Cornell.

But the Ivy League's no grad school rule ended this conversation.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for at least acknowledging that you view this as heads you win, tails I lose. Nonetheless, I will remember to bring this back up in a few years when Holt doesn't come back for a fifth year and declare myself all-knowing.

There is, of course, a possible outcome where I do win -- Holt applies for the waiver, is denied, and says something in public about it. I assume this won't happen because someone will point out to him that he isn't eligible before it gets to that. But maybe if you keep talking nobody will.

BigRed1965 said...

Unless I'm missing something, what I am hearing is that in effect Peck was punished by the financial-aid rules for finishing up all his bachelor's work on time. He was in a worse position as a potential master's candidate than he was as an extended bachelor's candidate.